Vulcan 9FS

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Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy navigation

Comprehensive chartplotter with multiple cartography options

Seamless integration with B&G Radar for enhanced situational awareness

Customizable interface and adjustable split-screen views

TripIntel™ technology for vital navigation information and planning

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Model numberVULCAN 9FS Display size, inch9 BrandB&G Shipping fromCroatia
Manufacture number
Voltage, V DC
Weight, kg
Operating temperature
-15°C to +55°C
Main features
Model number
Display size, inch
With transducer
Sonar module
Installation height, mm
Installation width, mm
Sea Charts
C-MAP REVEAL, C-MAP DISCOVER, Navionics+, Navionics Platinum+, NV Charts
Radar capable
Operating mode
Touch screen
Ethernet / Network
Nautical chart support
Tablet control
Technical data
Resolution, mm
800 x 480
Brightness, nits
Viewing angle, °
Power consumption, W
NMEA2000, ports
CHIRP / Fishfinder, DownScan, SideScan, ForwardScan
Broadband 3G, Broadband 4G, Halo
Card slot
2 x microSD
Autopilot operation
Dimensions, mm
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Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, the VULCAN 9FS provides a user-friendly experience that will feel instantly familiar to smartphone and tablet users. With simple gestures like tapping, pinching, and dragging, you can effortlessly create waypoints, zoom in and out, and smoothly navigate across charts. The home screen and menu layouts are designed for easy accessibility, presenting clearly-captioned icons that are easily recognizable and actionable.

As a comprehensive chartplotter, the VULCAN 9FS supports a wide range of cartography options, including C-MAP® MAX-N, Navionics®, Insight®, Insight Genesis®, and NV Digital® Charts. Whether you're navigating close or far destinations, you can confidently choose the charts that best suit your needs and location. Managing waypoints is a breeze, allowing you to mark them with a simple touch and assign meaningful names for easy reference, regardless of the number of waypoints you have stored.

For an expanded view of your surroundings, the VULCAN 9FS seamlessly integrates with B&G Radar devices. With plug-and-play connectivity to B&G Broadband 3G™, Broadband 4G™, and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems, you can navigate through crowded harbors, ensure safe navigation in low visibility conditions, monitor distant weather cells, and identify potential fishing areas by observing feeding birds. The radar overlay combines radar data with navigational charts, providing an easy-to-interpret representation of your surroundings.

Customizability is a key feature of the VULCAN 9FS, allowing you to tailor the interface to your vessel and preferred on-water activities. You can personalize the home screen with shortcuts to frequently used features and choose your preferred wallpaper. Additionally, adjustable split-screen views and customizable panel layouts enable you to have all the necessary information at a glance, regardless of the activity you're engaged in.

Equipped with TripIntel™ technology, the VULCAN 9FS empowers power boaters with vital information for planning safe and enjoyable days on the water. This functionality incorporates the representation of fuel range on charts, convenient availability of current and upcoming tide levels, and a comprehensive record of past journeys, encompassing the route followed and performance measurements of your vessel.

Streamlining the navigation process, the VULCAN 9FS offers automatic routing functionality, akin to in-car navigation systems. By selecting a destination, the display suggests the shortest and safest route, considering the draught and dimensions of your vessel. Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts provide access to Navionics Autorouting, while Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N+ charts offer Jeppesen Easy Routing, allowing users to take advantage of this convenient functionality.

With its built-in 10 Hz GPS receiver, the VULCAN 9FS ensures accurate and real-time position tracking, making it ideal for fast-moving RIBs and powerboats. The smooth and continuous movement tracking enhances the display's responsiveness, providing a seamless tracking experience. Please note that in metal-hulled vessels, an external GPS receiver, such as the B&G ZG100, may be required.

Designed specifically for power boating, the VULCAN 9FS includes a unique Cruise Charting view that consolidates crucial navigation data and charts into a single, easily readable display. You can customize the on-screen data items to prioritize the information most relevant to your cruising style and on-water activities.

The VULCAN 9FS has the ability to link with different NMEA 2000®-enabled devices on your boat, including outboard and inboard engines, fuel level and flow meters, speed, heading, and water temperature sensors, and more, thanks to its NMEA 2000® compatibility. This allows you to create customized digital instrument displays, bringing a wealth of information to your dash while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.

Monitoring your depth is made simple with the built-in sonar capability of the VULCAN 9FS. By connecting a compatible sonar transducer, you can accurately track real-time depth information. The scrollable depth history view enables you to trace back your route and easily set waypoints for potential anchorages. Additionally, the StructureScan Imaging™ combines DownScan and SideScan sonar, providing a detailed view of the underwater environment.

Enhancing your confidence while navigating shallow or poorly-charted waters, the VULCAN 9FS supports the optional ForwardScan™ Sonar. ForwardScan™ is an innovative sonar technology that provides a distinct two-dimensional visual representation of the seafloor ahead of your boat. By continuously updating in real-time and offering a forward-facing perspective that extends up to eight times the depth you are currently in, ForwardScan™ facilitates safer navigation even in difficult and risky environments.

Designed to enhance your fishing experience, the VULCAN 9FS offers a range of built-in sonar technologies. By adding a suitable transducer, the display functions as a powerful fishfinder with CHIRP-enabled broadband sonar, ensuring clear detection of fish throughout the water column. The VULCAN 9FS offers the possibility of using either an HDI or TotalScan transducer, which enables the inclusion of StructureScan® HD sidescan imaging. This feature allows for a comprehensive visualization of the underwater structures where fish gather, providing a clear and detailed view underneath and around your boat.

For those who appreciate music on the water, the VULCAN 9FS seamlessly integrates with the Simrad SonicHub®2 marine audio system. By connecting via Bluetooth®, you can stream music from tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Alternatively, you can play MP3 files from a USB flash drive or enjoy the built-in AM/FM radio of the SonicHub®2. This integration eliminates the need for a separate stereo head unit, providing complete control of your audio entertainment directly from your VULCAN 9FS display.

The VULCAN 9FS is GoFree™ Cloud-enabled, featuring built-in Wi-Fi for convenient access to GoFree cloud services. You can easily download maps wirelessly, receive software updates, and enjoy other cloud-based services. No matter if you are using your home Wi-Fi while your boat is on a trailer, connected to your marina's Wi-Fi, or using your smartphone's connection while on the lake, you have the ability to access GoFree cloud services from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. On the water, GoFree allows you to mirror your display's screen on your smartphone or control it remotely using the GoFree Controller app on your tablet.

The pack contains the following items: a protective cover for the Vulcan 9 Sun, a bezel for the GO9 XSE/Vulcan 9 Edge, a dash mount kit for the GO9 XSE/Vulcan 9, a power cable with a 4-pin connector, a bracket, caps for connectors, a fuse, and a fuse holder.

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