Buoys for Marking

Buoys for Marking

Marketplace topRik presents a catalog with prices for buoys for marking of various sizes, designs and purposes, painted in signal colors, and also equipped with lights, reflective elements, flags, etc.

If you have any questions about the configuration of your yacht, marina or berth marking buoys, ask them to experienced sailors - experts of the topRik marketplace. Right now they will give you free professional advice as they are all practicing yachtsmen with their own boats and also oversee the equipment of our fleet and our marinas in the Mediterranean where it is based. Just use one of the contacts - quick feedback through Contacts section, phone number above or email.

What the Marking Buoys are Needed For

It should be noted right away that we are not talking about those marking buoys, the production, design and placement of which are regulated by the international IALA system. These navigation buoys are manufactured in accordance with IALA guidelines for the operation and management of aids to navigation, are sometimes enormous in size and are installed on the main and important shipping lanes of the world's oceans in regulated areas.

But sailors, as well as owners of marinas where charter fleets are located, tenants of dead anchorages, as well as organizers of regattas, competitions, entertainment and attractions on the water use other types of buoys for marking to mark:

  • an object (including an anchor) at depth;
  • a regatta route;
  • a boundary of the water area for competitions;
  • water paths;
  • overnight anchorage;
  • fairway for safe exit from a marina or harbour;
  • safe swimming area;
  • limits on jet skis and motor boats in the recreation area;
  • an area where fishing gear is located, etc.

Actually, a buoy of any design and size is a floating marker or signal that gives instructions to captains of sea and river vessels.

At the topRik marketplace you can select and buy buoys for marking of various diameters and purposes, to be used on a yacht, in small ports, marinas, inland harbors, marine terminals and other water areas in cases where the IALA recommendations for buoys and lighthouses do not apply.

Types of Marking buoys in the topRik marketplace

Our marketplace features Buoys for Marking for almost all cases of maritime practice, including navigation, anchor, restrictive and dividing, as well as equipped with lighting effects due to lanterns or reflective surfaces.

Navigational Marking Buoys for Marinas, Small Ports and Inland Harbors

Such buoys for markings can indicate a convenient exit from the marina, as well as shoals, that is, they perform the same functions as “large” buoys and lighthouses, only in the limited water area of a small port, marina or inner harbor.

Of course, for coloring all the buoys for marking uses the main signal colors adopted in maritime navigation: red (orange), yellow, white. Even buoys of small diameters with such colors are clearly visible in the waves, including in inclement weather or at night under artificial lighting.

Models that emit light or sound signals can also be used for navigation buoys.

Anchor Buoys for Marking

The main purpose of such buoys is to indicate the location of the anchor at the vessel's mooring site.

This can be a regular signal buoy for a separate yacht, which the skipper carries with him and throws out along with the anchor while mooring in an unequipped place or mooring buoys, which is a marker indicating the location of a stationary (or dead) anchor.

Simultaneously mooring buoys can also server as mooring spotfor vessels, thanks to its mooring loop. If a mooring loop is not provided on the buoy, then the lines are tied directly on the mooring buoys.

topRik marketplace has a large selection of anchor buoys of various diameters, designs and colors, since this is one of the main and most often demanded categories of marking buoys. In our marketplace you can purchase anchor buoys for marking of the following type:

  • made from a material that is resistant to water, sea salt, ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, and the germination of sea and river plankton: marine polymer mixtures that do not deform or lose color, stainless and galvanized steel with an anti-corrosion effect;
  • round, cylindrical, cone-shaped in various sizes and diameters, which allows you to choose an option for any specific application;
  • with two eyes or metal rings at both ends of the central rod;
  • with two eyes at the top of the buoy, which improves the grip of such a mooring buoy with a hook, make it more reliable and make it easier to lift the buoy with a hook from the deck of the yacht;
  • with a central through hole;
  • inflatable and solid.

Contact topRik consultants to get a free prompt consultation - they are professionals in their field, and most of the products presented in the marketplace have been tested at sea, ensuring the safety of charters of our fleet and training skippers in our school.

Marking Buoys for Divers

This is a separate category of fans of the deep sea, including not only divers, but also seabed explorers, finders of sunken objects, and also underwater hunters. This also includes divers who carry out various work at depth. All of them, both amateurs and professionals, have to stay at depth for a long time and somehow send a signal to the top that people are working (or having fun) at the bottom.

Special inflatable buoys for marking, which are equipped with a specially designed form of an inflatable flag, the topRik marketplace selected for these “inhabitants” of the depths. You can purchase just an inflatable diver buoy of a classic round shape and the required diameter with an inflatable flag of the appropriate size, or you can choose a sub float buoy with a length of 88 cm. The latter is much more noticeable on the water, moreover, when reaching the surface, it will serve as a reliable support to get to the ship’s ladder by swimming or waiting for a boat to approach you.

Buoys for Marking Regattas

In order to mark the regatta route, special markings are used buoys in large sizes. These are inflatable cylinders made of marine polymer, which is used to make RIB, because its collision with at least one sailboat during competitions is inevitable. To determine turns, cylindrical buoys are also used, but of a smaller size.

If you are organizing regattas, contact our experts who are excellent at doing this for our guests. We will select a regatta set for you buoys for all stages of the race: start, turns along the course, finish, etc.

Glowing Buoys for Marking

Almost any marking buoy can be equipped with luminous elements, if the need arises - for example, worsening weather during competitions, use of buoys at night, etc. To do this, simply buy reflective film from our marketplace and place it on buoy for marking according to instructions.

But please note that in this section of the topRik marketplace you can also buy marking buoys with high visibility LED lights. A special advantage of this model is recharging using solar energy.

This is an excellent opportunity to equip a fairway in your own marina. And if you have not yet become the owner of a marina, then marking buoys with LED lights keep your yacht safe when moored overnight in a marina or other open coastal area. Although in a crowded marina this can also be a great solution to prevent collisions at night.

Fishing Marker Buoys

These are indispensable attributes both for those who fish in the coastal sea zone, and for those who fish in rivers or closed reservoirs.

This is an excellent solution for those who fish with a net or set up lines. Typically, for this type of fishing, cylindrical floats of the required diameter are selected, which are strung on a cable. In this way, the location of the network is marked over the entire area or only on some sides.

Fishing marker buoys can be equipped with reflective strips or flags to improve visibility in low light conditions.

Buoys for Marking for Water Competitions and Entertainment

To limit the water area where water festivals and competitions are held, you can also use float buoys. The marketplace offers options of different shapes - round and cylindrical, as well as various diameters.

Such a “garland” can be used to mark paths for swimmers, and large-diameter models can be used to limit the area where entering is difficult for jet skis, canoes, motor boats, boats and other types of vessels that pose a danger to vacationers on an equipped beach.

Advices For Installing Marker Buoys

Typically, to install buoys for marking for various purposes requires its reliable fixation. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right cable or rope that will be used for this purpose.

topRik experts advise choosing a cable for mooring buoys with the same responsibility as you approach the choice of anchor or mooring rope. That is, the first rope that comes across, which is determined by the eye to be strong, will not be suitable.

For installation of all types of marker buoys, and especially mooring buoys, you need to choose a cable made specifically for use in marine conditions. That is, the manufacturing material should not be natural fibers, but special polymers developed specifically for sea vessels: polyamide, polypropylene, polyester.

If marker buoys are equipped with an eye, the cable is tied with a special marine knot. If this is a model with a through hole, then the stopper will be a large knot that does not pass through this hole when wet and under the influence of external force. Mooring buoys are attached to a dead anchor through another end.

Divers, underwater hunters, explorers of the deep sea have their own peculiarities of attaching a buoy, which you should also learn before going under water.

Mooring Anchor Buoy Ø 32 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 32
Save 20%
TypeFor anchorage BrandG.F.N. SRL
155.28  124.22 
You save: 31.06 €
Mooring Anchor Buoy Ø 32 cm with Long Shaft, Diameter Ø, cm: 32 - long shaft
Save 20%
TypeFor anchorage BrandG.F.N. SRL
192.97  154.37 
You save: 38.60 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 40 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 40
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
117.73  94.18 
You save: 23.55 €
Mooring Anchor Buoy Ø 50 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 50
Save 20%
TypeFor anchorage BrandG.F.N. SRL
200.84  160.67 
You save: 40.17 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 30 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 30
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
87.33  69.86 
You save: 17.47 €
Delimitation or Signalling Buoy 20 cm, Length, cm: 20, Diameter Ø, cm: 20
Save 20%
TypeFor delimitation or signalling BrandG.F.N. SRL
26.88  21.50 
You save: 5.38 €
Diver Buoy Ø 37 cm
Save 20%
TypeFor diving BrandG.F.N. SRL
14.48  11.58 
You save: 2.90 €
Regatta Buoy Ø 80 cm - Yellow
Save 20%
TypeFor competitions BrandG.F.N. SRL
84.69  67.75 
You save: 16.94 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 50 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 50
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
139.81  111.84 
You save: 27.97 €
Market Float for Swimming Pools 6 cm
Save 20%
TypeFor pools BrandG.F.N. SRL
4.71  3.76 
You save: 0.95 €
Regatta Buoy Ø 80 cm - Orange
Save 20%
TypeFor competitions BrandG.F.N. SRL
84.69  67.75 
You save: 16.94 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 60 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 60
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
194.45  155.56 
You save: 38.89 €
Delimitation or Signalling Buoy 13.5 cm, Length, cm: 17.5, Diameter Ø, cm: 13.5
Save 20%
TypeFor delimitation or signalling BrandG.F.N. SRL
21.80  17.44 
You save: 4.36 €
BrandFNI Diameter Ø, mm280
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