Inflatable Air Floor Dinghies Sale

Sales and Prices for New Inflatable Air Floor Dinghies

On this page you can choose and buy a boat with an inflatable air floor at a low price and with delivery. We offer rubber boats only from the best manufacturers and guarantee the warranty for each.

The sale of dinghies with an inflatable air floor is one of the lines of business of nautical marketplace

Don’t Know Which Boat With Rubber Inflatable Floor to Buy?

To choose a boat, you need to figure out how much weight you will be transporting (whether it’s people or objects), as well as the dimensions of the boat so that it is convenient for you to store and transport it.

You can ask for advice from our employees using our contact phone number or through the message form.

Here are some guidelines you may need to consider when choosing inflatable air floor dinghies for sale.

  • In addition to carrying capacity and dimensions, decide on the material of which the boat is made - polyester fabric with PVC layers, neoprene rubberized fabric or rubber. Please note that the rubber bottom must not be inflated at high pressure.
  • Choose the type of inflatable floor - high or low pressure. Keep in mind that the low pressure inflatable floor sags under pressure or during active movements in the dinghy. If you plan to hunt or fish from a boat, you should choose a model with a high-pressure inflatable floor - it is quite rigid, without the effect of a trampoline.
  • Take an interest in the thickness of the fabric from which the boat is made. Polyester or neoprene fabric with a thickness of 0.7 to 0.9 mm (1000-1100 den) is the best choice. Such a fabric, on the one hand, does not lend itself to stretching when pumped up and is resistant to significant mechanical stress; on the other hand, doesn’t negatively affect the performance of the boat.
  • The sides should consist of several buoyancy chambers. Then you will have a significant margin of safety if one of them is damaged, especially if the dinghy has an inflatable bottom.
  • Pay attention to which category in the CE system the design of the boat is marked. If it’s D - you can use it only in safe waters, if C - for coastal navigation, including as a transom boat on a yacht.
  • If you plan to use a boat for hunting in the reeds, choose a keelless model - rowboat will suffice for this. If you have long crossings planned, want to fish in coastal waters, are involved in underwater activities such as scuba diving, choose the option with a keel and an outboard motor. Such boat must have a rigid transom with a metal frame for the engine.

If you need the most stable boat, choose a model with large diameter sides. Do not forget that safety on the water depends on the diameter of the boards. The larger this size, the better the passengers are protected from the effects of side waves. In addition, the sides of the inflatable boat act as fenders when mooring to the pier.

Features of a Boat With an Inflatable Air Floor

Inflatable dinghies according to the type of floor are divided into several categories. We are now interested in models with an inflatable floor, which also has two options: a low pressure and a high pressure inflatable floor.

Low Pressure Inflatable Floor

If you need a dinghy to sail in sheltered waters, a low pressure inflatable floor is quite sufficient for this purpose. The only thing that can overshadow the trip is the moment of boarding, since such a floor sags under the weight of a person. You have to balance while moving inside the boat before you can sit comfortably and steadily on the bench. The same efforts are required when you get off the dinghy.

We do not recommend using such a boat for fishing, hunting and diving. If you are not afraid of acrobatics when boarding, disembarking and diving from the side, think about how many sharp movements, for example, a fisherman has to make. In excitement, you can forget about caution and, after the fish bites, end up right next to it in the water overboard.

In addition, such a floor is easily damaged by fishing or hunting gear, diving or spearfishing equipment.

Low pressure flooring is used in rubber boats because rubber cannot withstand high pressure inflation. But at least it can be inflated using a conventional mechanical foot pump.

In boats made of polyester fabric with layers of PVC or neoprene rubberized fabric, a high pressure inflatable floor can be used because this material does not stretch or tear when inflated using a high pressure electric pump.

Advantages of High Pressure Inflatable Floor

A high pressure floor is a practically rigid floor that has a number of significant advantages over a low pressure inflatable floor. Such a floor is inflated with an electric or mechanical high-pressure pump to the number of bars indicated in the instructions. As a rule, it consists of several sections that are not connected.

Such a floor is laid on the bottom of the dinghy and inflated into the recesses under the sides. As a result, together with the inflated sides, the high pressure floor increases the overall rigidity of the boat structure. This has a positive effect on its seaworthiness.

If such a PVC boat with increased rigidity has a keel, which can be either inflatable or made of a more rigid material (plastic or metal), it has excellent maneuverability and excellent speed, follows the given route perfectly and obeys the helm.

In addition to these features, a PVC boat with a high-pressure inflatable floor has the following advantages over a rubber boat with a low pressure or plywood flooring:

  • does not have the effect of a trampoline when boarding, disembarking and diving from the side;
  • when moving around the boat with a high-pressure inflatable floor, you do not need to balance, because it does not sag during normal walking or during active movements;
  • you won't lose your balance by hooking a fish, getting a recoil from a shot or diving from a boat;
  • with rigidity comparable to plywood flooring, high pressure flooring is much lighter, more convenient for transportation and storage than wooden flooring;
  • when inflating it between the boards, the high-pressure floor does not abrade them, unlike plywood;
  • the high pressure option provides sufficient rigidity to be a reliable base for the inflatable keel;
  • when such flooring is deflated, it does not need to be pulled out of the dinghy, it can be rolled up with the boat, stored in a special bag and transported in the trunk of a car or a yacht locker.

But despite the fact that the high-pressure inflatable floor is made of more durable materials compared to rubber (especially rubberized neoprene), a diver's sharp knife, a speargun harpoon, and a large fishing hook can still damage it. Therefore, it is better not to put all this equipment directly on it. Yet the claws of a hunting dog do not pose a danger for PVC boats, which cannot be said about rubber models.

In addition to the buoyancy chambers located along the sides, inflatable floor can always serve as an emergency inflatable raft. The main thing is to buy a dinghy that has separate valves for inflation and parts of which are not interconnected.

If you have any questions about choosing a new dinghy, contact topRik marketplace experts. The marketplace team consists of practicing yachtsmen and sailors who are well aware of the features, advantages and disadvantages of all types of inflatable and rigid boats. They will advise you on a reliable boat that will meet all your requirements to the letter. We will provide a boat with inflatable air floor at a bargain price and deliver it to the specified location as fast as possible.

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