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Sale of ring fenders for a yacht at a low price and with delivery within Europe and all over the world. Only the best quality and proven manufacturers. These fenders are used on thousands of boats and therefore we guarantee their quality.

In our catalog you will find specifications, photos and reviews of ring fenders. But, if you do not know which one to buy and how many units you need, the topRik team will help you with the choice and answer questions before the purchase.

What are Ring Boat Fenders Used For?

Original ring fenders were conceived for protecting the bow of the boat from damage when the bow anchor was weighed. For this purpose, the ring is put on the anchor spindle. When weighing anchor, the anchor can hit the bow of the boat hard and damage the stem or hit the hull. To avoid this, you can use ring fenders made of PVC by rotational molding. They act as a buffer, shock-absorbing pad between the anchor and stem. If the bow is hit, the fender put on the anchor takes on all the force of the blow, while simultaneously pushing off the bow of the boat without causing any damage to it.

And why are eyes provided on some models? And not just one - their number reaches three, and the arrangement evenly divides the "doughnut" into three equal parts. Here we move on to the multifunctionality of this device.

In addition to protecting the stem and bow from damage when weighing anchor, it also performs the usual protective function during maneuvers. Ring fenders has been successfully used as a bumper in the following situations:

  • when mooring a small boat side-to to a pier or other vessel, it acts as a side protection – in this case, it is attached using one, two or all three eyes to the mooring side;
  • during the passage of bottlenecks, such as narrow straits, old lock chambers and the like, it is fastened on both sides;
  • for maneuvering when mooring stern-to, it is mounted on the transom;
  • when mooring bow-to, they are attached to both sides of the stem.

It should be understood that the shock-absorbing and damping properties of inflatable fenders are directly dependent on their size. Therefore, such models are suitable for small boats - so far they are not available is sizes more than 33 cm in diameter. As soon as larger ring fenders appear on the market, you will be the first to know - keep an eye on our new offers.

Maintaining even the most inexpensive boat is a fixed cost. In order to somehow curb them, yachtsmen and fishermen tend to use multifunctional equipment and accessories.

If you buy ring fenders, you don't have to think about buying a buoy to locate the anchor. Choose a white fender for this purpose - and you will determine from afar where your anchor is. This will help you easily weigh it when setting sail. And most importantly, you will be able to notice the dangerous drift of the vessel in time if the anchor is not securely anchored. So buying ring fenders in the required quantity will ensure not only the safety of the boat, but also the safety of the crew.

Hunters and fishermen often anchor in ponds littered with snags and flooded trees. At the same time, the probability to lose the anchor is very high. Therefore, anchoring without tying a buoy to it is not a good idea. It is best to have a buoy with a 10-15 m long buoy on board. If the anchor is stuck and it is impossible to lift it by the anchor rope without the risk of it tearing, it is enough to pull the buoy rope and the anchor will be released.

Such fender, mounted by two eyes on the sides, can also serve as a step, making it easier to get into the boat from the shore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inflatable Ring Fenders

If we exclude the absence of a larger size ring fenders on the market, then there will not be a single item left in the cons list. And now let's look at advantages of this type of ship protection in various situations.

  1. Inflatable ring fenders have excellent cushioning and damping properties that will protect the protected parts of the vessel from damage during impacts when mooring or docked.
  2. The design of the inflatable valve provides reliable sealing of the product and maintains a constant air pressure.
  3. Paired heavy-duty eyes provide a secure fit anywhere on the bow, stern or side of the boat.
  4. Reinforced by two or all three pairs of eyes, the fenders will not sway in strong waves or wind - the bow, stern or sides will be protected in any weather conditions.
  5. They have a large enough area to distribute its force upon impact in such a way as to reduce it at the point of contact with the quay wall or side of another ship.
  6. Due to the properties of the shock absorber, the fender and the damper are multi-functional, which will help reduce the cost of maintaining the boat.
  7. Can be used as bow protection when weighing the anchor.
  8. Effective in protecting the stem when mooring bow-to.
  9. They do an excellent job with stern protection when mooring stern-to.
  10. They work as an anchor marker, which makes it easier to locate the anchor and prevent dangerous drifting of the vessel.
  11. Provide boat protection and crew safety.
  12. Manufactured from a durable, rotationally molded polymer alloy to prevent tearing when inflated by hand or any type of pump.
  13. It’s made of polyvinyl chloride material, which is specially designed for use in both fresh and sea water sailing conditions.
  14. The fenders do not deform from impacts, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, water and sea salt, do not tear when inflated thanks to the manufacturing method, which ensures a uniform wall thickness over the entire surface of the product.
  15. There are no organic impurities in the composition of the polymer, so products made from it do not mold or rot.
  16. The density of PVC excludes the germination of marine and river flora, as well as the reproduction of planktonic microorganisms.
  17. Fenders are resistant to dirt and technical oils.

Plus, these "donuts" look so elegant that putting them on the sides won't make your boat look like a towboat.

Finally, a ring fender will do a great job as a life buoy if the fisherman gets unsteady on the water and the dip is inevitable.

How to Choose a Ring Fender

When you see all these ring fenders for sale, you will certainly have a question about the selection criteria. Initially, refer to your own experience - same way you choose other products. You are dealing with a trusted company and a reliable seller. The same goes for boat equipment.

Trust experts and practitioners. The manufacturer is easy to check - its products must be the most popular among yachtsmen, fishermen, underwater sports enthusiasts, etc. As for the marketplace - just pay attention to the assortment of goods. The main products (in our case - yachts, catamarans, boats, etc.) from leading companies should be presented. Accessories for them should be presented in a significant size and price range. Quality and assortment - this is your main guideline when choosing a trading platform.

Of course, practicing yachtsmen, experts in their field, should also instruct you in choosing marine equipment.

When choosing a specific model of fenders, also consider the size of the boat. For a small boat, the best choice is inflatable models made of soft PVC. Pay attention to the manufacturing method. Be sure to check the tightness of the valve.

Yachtsmen recommend buying fenders based on the following formula: 1 fender for every 130-150 cm of boat length, but not less than 3 on each side.

If you are planning to buy ring fenders to protect the bow when mooring bow-to, you need at least two fenders. The same amount is required to protect the transom when mooring astern.

How to Store

If you have a big enough boat and use ring fenders only as a side protection against anchor hits or as an anchor marker, there will be no storage issues. The fender is stored in any place where exposure to chemicals, which are hazardous to polymeric materials, is excluded.

On a small boat when using ring fenders to protect the sides, bow or stern, they will have to be stored in deflated state. One of the fenders can be left on the anchor. And if we are talking about a fishing boat in fresh water, then you can leave them on the sides, since the traditions and aesthetics matter less in this case. In addition, you can always tell possible critics that the fenders are used as a step to facilitate boarding.

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