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Types of Yacht Air Conditioners and Their Features

Air conditioning on a yacht ensures a comfortable stay on board regardless of weather conditions. Let's explore the various types of yacht air conditioners, their primary differences, advantages, and selection recommendations:

Compact (Portable) Air Conditioners

  • Features: Small mobile devices that do not require complex installation.
  • Advantages: Ease of movement, the possibility of quick installation and dismantling, affordable price.
  • Recommendations: Suitable for small yachts or when there is a need to quickly cool a specific area.

Air Conditioners with Integrated Water Cooling Systems

  • Features: Utilize seawater or freshwater to cool the condenser.
  • Advantages: Effective cooling even in hot climatic conditions, energy efficiency.
  • Recommendations: Ideal for medium to large yachts where there's a need for comfortable cooling in various rooms.

Split Systems

  • Features: Comprised of two units - external (condenser) and internal (evaporator).
  • Advantages: Efficient cold distribution, ability to cool multiple rooms simultaneously, quieter operation compared to compact models.
  • Recommendations: Perfect for larger yachts where a comfortable temperature in multiple zones is required.

Centralized Systems

  • Features: A comprehensive solution for air conditioning throughout the yacht.
  • Advantages: High efficiency, ability to integrate with other systems (e.g., ventilation system).
  • Recommendations: Suitable for very large yachts or ships where a comprehensive climate solution is required.

How to Choose an Air Conditioner for a Yacht

Selecting an air conditioner for a yacht is a responsible task. With the right choice, you will be comfortable in any weather, and the vessel will maintain its value and serve longer. Let's discuss the key points to consider when choosing an air conditioner for a yacht.

Size and Configuration of the Yacht:

  • Determine the total volume of air inside the yacht's rooms that needs to be cooled.
  • Consider the layout: for yachts with multiple cabins or rooms, a system with several units might be required.


  • It's essential to correctly calculate the air conditioner's power. This depends on the room size, climatic conditions in the operating region, and the yacht's insulation level.
  • Air conditioners with excessive power will consume more energy and operate intermittently, which can lead to wear and tear.

Type of Air Conditioner:

  • Split systems are perfect for large yachts and provide efficient cooling in different zones.
  • Portable air conditioners are suitable for small boats or yachts and situations when you need to quickly cool a specific place.
  • Centralized systems are for large yachts where a comprehensive air conditioning solution is required.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Select a model with a high energy efficiency ratio (EER or SEER). This will help you save on energy consumption.

Noise Level:

  • In a yacht, where space is limited, the noise level becomes a critical factor. Pay attention to the noise level the device produces when operating.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Many modern air conditioners have additional features, such as humidity deficit, air filtration, or remote control capability.

Operating Conditions:

  • If you plan to sail in salt water, choose a model that's corrosion-resistant.


  • Not always the most expensive models are the best choice. Evaluate the price-quality ratio offered by various manufacturers.

Technical Support and Warranty:

  • Make sure the manufacturer has a representation or service centers in the region where you plan to use the yacht.

When choosing an air conditioner for a yacht, consider all the listed factors to ensure maximum comfort and reliable operation of the device.

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