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What Are Inflatable Ladder/Steps Fenders Used For?

Comfortable and versatile inflatable ladder fenders are designed primarily to protect various parts of the boat from damage. The cause of damage can be both unsuccessful mooring, and a blow against the side of a neighboring ship when docked side by side, as well as maneuvering errors during passage through a narrow lock.

Due to their shape, such models can be used to protect not only the sides, but also the bow and stern of the boat, if mooring is done bow-to or stern-to. In this case, they perform the role of flat fenders, differing only in the material they are made of.

Like all PVC inflatable models, ladder or step fenders demonstrate sufficient cushioning and damping effect, reducing the force of impact and reducing the amplitude of the boat's vibration. The main thing is to buy inflatable ladder fenders in the required quantity, depending on the size of the boat. The number of steps depends on the main purpose of the purchase.

After all, inflatable stairs fenders have additional functions - they can serve as an additional ladder. If a boat with a high side is going to stand at the pier for a short time, it makes no sense to lower the heavy gangways, it is enough to throw an inflatable fender in the form of steps over the side. At the same time, the fender performs its main function - it protects the ship's side from damage when it comes into contact with the berth wall. Also, such fender provides a comfortable climb from the berth to the deck and back.

The inflatable ladder fenders will also come in handy when moving from one boat to another boat while docked. Especially if you need to board a boat with a higher side or go down to the deck of a boat with a lower deck.

Such model will help to safely move from the pier to the bow platform if mooring is done bow-to.

The use of these fenders as a ladder has practically no restrictions in sea navigation. They can be used to descent into the water from a swimming platform or ascent from this platform to the cockpit, they will help you get off a motor boat directly onto the sandy shore and even lift a person who fell in the water back on board if necessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inflatable Ladder/Steps Fenders

As usual, let's start with the disadvantages. We saw only one in this model. As a rule, inflatable fender ladder/steps are attached by two eyes. If they are hanging in crooked way, then after constant use cracks may appear at the attachment point of the eyes. The good news is that this can be easily avoided if you hang the step fenders correctly so that the load is distributed evenly. Exceeding the loads that are specified in the operating instructions should also be avoided.

Let's move on to the pleasant part of the section - the benefits of inflatable stair fenders.

  1. Multifunctionality: they serve as shock absorbers, fenders and dampers, protecting various parts of the boat from damage, and also as an additional ladder, facilitating the transition to the deck from a pier or other vessel, as well as from the deck to a pier, shore, etc.
  2. Can be used (as flat fenders) to protect any part of the boat - sides, stern, bow.
  3. Having on board fenders with a different set of steps, you can get rid of heavy metal ladders, which even when folded take up much more space.
  4. You don’t have to remove all the ladder fenders from the sides after sailing, as is customary with other types of fenders. This partially solves the problem of storing them on the boat.
  5. The design is able to withstand significant loads. This is facilitated by reinforced fastening rings, as well as the manufacturing method. These models are made through rotational molding. This technology provides a uniform wall thickness of the hollow product, which eliminates ruptures during inflation. To strengthen the structure, stiffeners are added to eliminate gusts in vulnerable places.
  6. Made from a special polymer - soft polyvinyl chloride. This guarantees a long service life without special care. PVC inflatable fenders are not deformed by long-term exposure to sunlight, temperature changes, sea salt and moisture. The material is resistant to mechanical stress. Due to the absence of organic matter, PVC does not rot or mold. Plankton does not spread over its surface, marine flora does not grow through it - the density of the material is too high for that.

How to Choose Ladder/Steps Fenders

Before you buy a stairs fender, you should clearly define how they will be used during your trip. You can determine what size and how much protection is required based on the boat’s size.

It should be remembered that one fender is required per side for every 250 cm of side length, but not less than three fenders overall. Moreover, their number depends on the size of the vessel and the fenders themselves. So, for cylindrical models, for every 130-150 cm of the length of the boat, 2.5-3 cm of the diameter of the fender should be considered.

For example, we calculate the required fender diameter for a boat 10 meters long: 10 : 1.5 x 3 = 20 cm. That is, for a boat 10 m long, fenders with a diameter of 20 cm are required

Cylindrical fenders have a higher damping effect than flat fenders, but in this case the impact area is also higher. So, the same calculation can be used. Which, by the way, is also not strict, as can be seen from allowed leeway in the formula.

When determining the number of steps, be guided by the fact that the length of the fender should cover at least 2/3 of the freeboard. It's okay if the inflatable stairs are hanging in the water. The main thing is that they do not float.

If you have any doubts when choosing a particular model, go in favor of increasing the size.

When choosing, you may be confused by insufficiently thick walls, weak eyes, lack of stiffeners and other negative points. Therefore, give preference to trusted manufacturers and Internet websites. Such sellers usually have a very wide range, including different variations of one model - for example, one inflatable ladder fender with a different number of steps.

How to Store

The list of advantages of such products did not include the convenience of storing them, since this topic was moved to a separate section.

Like all soft PVC inflatable models, the fender ladder/steps are easy to store when deflated, folded into a locker or storage on the boat. But there is one unpleasant moment - they will have to be inflated each time before mooring.

But since the ladder fenders are flat, they look more appealing than the cylindrical ones if, after setting sail, they are simply thrown on the deck from the board.

In addition, some of the ladder fenders can be left outside the board - this will not violate the unwritten traditions of sailors who prescribe the use of dampers only when mooring, weighing anchor and docking.

If the fenders are stored in the inflated state, their pressure should be monitored at least 2 times a year. The pressure in inflatable fenders of various designs should be 0.15-0.2 bar. Try to find more information on this in the instruction manual.

If you follow all the above tips from the topRik team, the ladder fenders that you buy will be just right for your particular boat and will be used in the most efficient way.

If you still have questions, ask our experts - and you will receive comprehensive answers.

Inflatable Fender/Ladder - 1 Step, Length, cm: 36
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Inflatable Fender/Ladder - 3 Steps, Length, cm: 75
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Inflatable Fender/Ladder - 4 Steps, Length, cm: 95
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Inflatable Fender/Ladder - 2 Steps, Length, cm: 55
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