Inflatable Dinghies for Sale

Sales and Prices for New Inflatable Dinghies (Rubber Boats)

The page contains a catalog with prices for new inflatable dinghies of different sizes and colors, which you can take with you on a yacht cruise or fishing on the lake. Here you will find:

  • Large recreational and small rescue rubber boats of various styles and designs to meet any need: yacht tenders, boats for diving, underwater and surface hunting, fishing, swimming.
  • Dinghies with a set of oars for manual control and with a motor mount.
  • Rubber boats with different floor types: slatted floor, inflatable floor, rigid inflatable boats (RIB).
  • Keeled and keelless dinghies.
  • Boats with different number and diameter of inflatable buoyancy chambers.
  • Rubber boats made of different types of fabric (polyester, neoprene, etc.) of various thicknesses (from 1000 den and above) with PVC or rubberized layers.
  • Dinghies with CE categories C and D: for use in coastal or safe waters.

The sale of inflatable dinghies is one of the main sections of our marketplace. Therefore, we carefully selected the best rubber boats, made a detailed review of them, gave a specification and are offering to buy them at a low price. Delivery and warranty are provided for every boat!

Need Help Choosing?

If you do not know which boat to buy, then our team will help you. Message us using the contact information on the website or read the text below, in which we give advice.

Experts at topRik are practicing yachtsmen who have handled many boats of various purposes and designs. Their advice is based on personal experience sailing in both safe and coastal waters.

How to Choose an Inflatable Dinghies and Buy It

A few tips for choosing the right inflatable boat for you.

Before choosing from inflatable dinghies for sale, you must specify the selection criteria, which can be a lot. We list only the most basic ones.

  • First of all, you must know exactly the purpose of the boat: rescue, recreational, dinghy on a yacht, for underwater or surface hunting, fishing, diving, exploring the depths, etc.
  • Having determined the purpose of the boat, you will have an accurate idea of the types of water bodies where it is supposed to be used: a closed body of water (lake), open with fresh or sea water (river, sea). The category required for your future boat in the CE system - D (safe waters) or C (coastal waters) - depends on the type of water area.
  • Rubber boat’s design directly depends on its purpose. For example, it is desirable that a boat for fishing, hunting or diving has a hard floor without the effect of a trampoline. It can be either aluminum or high-pressure inflatable floor. If you plan to hunt or fish in waters with a lot of snags, it is better to buy a keelless boat. For rescue operations, the weight of the boat should be minimal, so it is better to choose a model with an inflatable floor, rather than a metal one. If the tender or the boat for recreation is not going to carry significant cargo, you can limit the choice to a model with a slatted floor, etc.
  • Consider the distances that you plan to cover, and depending on this, choose a regular rowing model with a set of oars or a boat with a rigid transom, on which you can hang a motor of the required power.
  • Carrying capacity is one of the most important characteristics that you should focus on when buying a dinghy. Determine as accurately as possible how many people and the amount of cargo you’ll have to transport in it.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the material used. All materials must be waterproof and anticorrosive (marine plywood, stainless steel, aluminum, polymer layers, polyester fibers, etc.) Please note that dinghies made of neoprene rubberized fabric are more resistant to negative impacts than models made of polyester fabric with PVC layers. Therefore, for heavy loads in marine conditions, it is better to use the former. If excessive loads are not expected, PVC boats are an excellent and reliable choice for any destination.
  • The choice of dimensions depends on the place and storage conditions of the boat. Be sure to determine how much space you can allocate for storage on board the yacht, in the hangar, garage. Of no small importance for determining the dimensions of the future boat is the method of its transportation - folded in the trunk, on a trailer or inflated on the roof of the vehicle.

Of great importance are not only the overall dimensions of the model, but also the dimensions of the constituent parts. For example, the number and diameter of buoyancy chambers is very important. The more separate cells, the higher the safety guarantees for passengers in the event of damage to one or more of them.

The stability of the boat on the water depends on the diameter of the chambers: the larger the diameter, the higher the buoyancy of the inflatable boat, regardless of the material and design of the floor and keel.

The presence of a keel improves the maneuverability of a floating vehicle, as well as its stability during movement, and reduces the impact of a side wave.

If you plan to use an outboard motor, be sure to pay attention to the transom of the selected model. It should be rigid, made of marine plywood, with a stainless-steel frame. The transom should be tilted 4 to 6 degrees so that the engine leg is completely submerged in the water. When choosing a boat with a rigid transom and motor, consider the depths of the water area in which you’ll be sailing so that the motor leg does not hit the ground.

The choice between a fixed and fastened transom depends on how much power you plan to use. The fastened version is suitable for low power engines - up to 3.5 hp. More powerful motors should be mounted on a stationary transom.

It is advisable to choose a rubber boat with oarlocks and oars, even if you plan to use an engine. Anything can happen on the water - the engine may stall or you might run out of fuel.

The marketplace provides the opportunity to choose a dinghy in all the categories listed - all the necessary characteristics are indicated and descriptions of models are given that will help you make an educated choice.

Use the filter system on our website to buy the right rubber boat.

The Difference Between Dinghies by Type of Floor

The rigidity of the design of an inflatable boat is one of the most important characteristics you should be guided by when choosing a model for various purposes. This indicator directly depends on the type of floor used. We offer inflatable dinghies with the most modern types of floors that meet all possible requirements.

  • Slatted floor - consists of wooden or aluminum slats of the required thickness, laid by the spike-groove method on the bottom of the boat in the transverse direction. It provides the necessary structural rigidity and serves as a support for the keel. It does not need to be removed when disassembling the dinghy after deflation process.
  • Inflatable floor – can be either low- or high-pressure type. The first one does not have sufficient rigidity, it forces you to balance on it. The high-pressure floor has all the characteristics of a solid floor, does not sag under loads, does not have the effect of a trampoline. Ideal for any use - hunting, fishing, transporting people and cargo.
  • Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) - combines the best features of inflatable boats and rigid hulled craft, with rigid and reliable floor. RIBs are characterized by with a rigid hull and keel, with inflatable balloons along the sides.

Our catalog "Inflatable Dinghies for sale" is constantly updated with new models from the best manufacturers in the world. If you are not satisfied with any of the options presented, then you can call us and tell us which boat you would like to get. We will definitely find the best option for you!


TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeInflatable-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeRigid inflatable BrandPlastimo
TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeInflatable-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeSlatted-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeRigid inflatable BrandPlastimo
TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL
TypeInflatable-floor BrandG.F.N. SRL
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