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In this section, the topRik marketplace offers you to choose and buy buoys for all occasions at sea: mooring, rescue, marking, specialized. The price catalog for all types of buoys will be of interest to both yachtsmen-drivers and underwater hunters, as well as organizers of regattas, sports competitions, owners of dead-anchor moorings and other businessmen who use buoys of various types in their work.

Having trouble choosing? Contact our marketplace and you will receive a professional free consultation. All topRik experts are experienced sailors, including regatta organizers and specialists from our charter fleet located in Mediterranean marinas. All links to contacts are displayed on this page: you can contact us through Contants section, call us or send an email ([email protected]).

How and Where are Buoys Used in Navigation, Types of Buoys

Buoys are a type of marine equipment whose purpose is difficult to summarize in one phrase, as they are multi-functional. It is according to this category - functionality, purpose - that they are divided into several types, including:

  • navigation buoys, whose function is to mark safe passage through canals and waterways for ships;
  • mooring buoys – indicate safe mooring areas for yachts and serve to fix the vessel at a certain point;
  • marker buoys - mark the danger under water for passing ships: reefs, shoals, sunken objects, etc.;
  • anchor buoys – mark a place for safe mooring of yachts.
  • distress buoys - signals a ship in distress, is painted in a bright color to enhance visibility at sea, can be supplemented with a signal flag, sound signal, and other types of signaling that can be noticed by rescuers.

Each of these types of buoys have a certain color, corresponding dimensions and design, which are specified in the documents of the IALA system (The International Association of Lighthouse Authorities).

Of course, all sailors should be able to recognize all these types of buoys, but yacht owners, organizers of regattas, water sports games, owners and tenants of marinas, ports and harbors in their daily maritime practice also deal with smaller and regulated representatives of the huge family of buoys.

Some types can (and should!) be had for personal use, including on board, and the topRik marketplace presents the largest possible range, including the following popular types:

  • inflatable mooring buoys of various diameters for organizing dead anchorage;
  • metal anchor buoys with a long central rod;
  • inflatable buoys for regatta;
  • signal buoys with a through hole;
  • boundary buoys with a through hole;
  • biconical and pear-shaped mooring buoys of different colors made of marine plastic;
  • buoys with LED lights powered by a solar panel;
  • inflatable diving buoys of various sizes with a flag.

How to Choose the Right Buoy

First of all, you should decide why you need a buoy and in what conditions it will be used. The choice of dimensions, general configuration and design depends on this.

In any case, the buoy you choose must be made of materials that are specifically designed for use in offshore conditions. All metals in the structure must have durable anti-corrosion properties, such as stainless marine steel, galvanized steel or anodized aluminum. Typically, buoy rods and loops are made from such metals. This part of the structure must withstand regular lifting of the hook from the water to install the mooring lines, if we are talking about mooring buoys.

A bright and durable anti-corrosion paint must be applied to the metal surface of the buoy.

If the buoy is made of plastic, it must be a special marine polymer composition that does not change color in the sun and does not deform from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, sea salt, constant exposure to water, or mechanical stress. The quality of the polymer material does not depend on the design of the buoy. Marketplace topRik offers both inflatable plastic buoys and models made from a single piece of polymer with a through hole, as well as stuffed with special foam.

All models presented in the topRik marketplace are made of materials that effectively resist harmful environmental influences.

If the manufacturing materials are practically common for most models, then the shapes of the proposed buoys vary depending on their purpose.

All mooring and anchor buoys are equipped with holes for threading cables and ends. These may include metal single loops, single but reversible ear hooks, or double loops on the top side in addition to a single loop on the bottom of the buoy. Many yachtsmen have already become convinced that a double loop can be grabbed more reliably and quickly with a hook.

Please note that although most buoys are painted with special bright paint, their visibility in the dark or in bad weather can be improved by using reflective film.

If you are interested in diving, spearfishing, or searching for sunken objects, signal buoys specially designed for divers with an inflatable flag and a pocket for additional ballast will be right for you.

Inflatable buoys with LED lights can be used to navigate inside the marina. These buoys are made of polyethylene, filled with polyurethane, and the shaft and swivel are made of stainless steel. The advantage of this buoy is that power is provided by a solar panel. Of course, this buoy is not IALA certified and cannot be used on major sea or river routes.

If you want to fence off part of the water area for an event or divide part of the beach into swimming lanes, floats with a through hole are perfect. They are also indispensable in fishing practice - they will do an excellent job of keeping the net afloat, and at the same time they will work as markers, especially if they are equipped with beacons or reflective elements, if this is permissible in the part of the water area where the net is cast.

Special inflatable buoys are used in water racing. Regatta buoys are distinguished by their significant size and bright coloring, since they must be visible from afar. After all, they determine the main stages of the regatta - from start to finish, and also mark turns along the course. Since during the races it is possible that boats will collide with the regatta buoys, they must be made of durable and waterproof material. Very desirable qualities: UV resistance, since regatta buoys is used for more than one season. In our marketplace you can buy regatta buoys made of PVC boat fabric in several bright colors of various sizes for all types of water races: regattas, competitions on jet skis, jet skis, canoes, motor boats, etc.

You already understand that the topRik marketplace specialists have provided for your need for buoys for any maritime situation. Carefully review the assortment, formulate your requirements for the buoy, compare the requirements set for it with the size and weight of the yacht, and if you have calculated everything correctly, you will definitely find a suitable buoy among those put up for sale in this section of the topRik marketplace.

Mooring Anchor Buoy Ø 32 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 32
Save 20%
TypeFor anchorage BrandG.F.N. SRL
155.28  124.22 
You save: 31.06 €
Mooring Anchor Buoy Ø 32 cm with Long Shaft, Diameter Ø, cm: 32 - long shaft
Save 20%
TypeFor anchorage BrandG.F.N. SRL
192.97  154.37 
You save: 38.60 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 40 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 40
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
117.73  94.18 
You save: 23.55 €
Mooring Anchor Buoy Ø 50 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 50
Save 20%
TypeFor anchorage BrandG.F.N. SRL
200.84  160.67 
You save: 40.17 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 30 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 30
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
87.33  69.86 
You save: 17.47 €
Delimitation or Signalling Buoy 20 cm, Length, cm: 20, Diameter Ø, cm: 20
Save 20%
TypeFor delimitation or signalling BrandG.F.N. SRL
26.88  21.50 
You save: 5.38 €
Diver Buoy Ø 37 cm
Save 20%
TypeFor diving BrandG.F.N. SRL
14.48  11.58 
You save: 2.90 €
Regatta Buoy Ø 80 cm - Yellow
Save 20%
TypeFor competitions BrandG.F.N. SRL
84.69  67.75 
You save: 16.94 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 50 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 50
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
139.81  111.84 
You save: 27.97 €
Market Float for Swimming Pools 6 cm
Save 20%
TypeFor pools BrandG.F.N. SRL
4.71  3.76 
You save: 0.95 €
Regatta Buoy Ø 80 cm - Orange
Save 20%
TypeFor competitions BrandG.F.N. SRL
84.69  67.75 
You save: 16.94 €
Inflatable Mooring Buoy Ø 60 cm, Diameter Ø, cm: 60
Save 20%
TypeMooring BrandG.F.N. SRL
194.45  155.56 
You save: 38.89 €
Delimitation or Signalling Buoy 13.5 cm, Length, cm: 17.5, Diameter Ø, cm: 13.5
Save 20%
TypeFor delimitation or signalling BrandG.F.N. SRL
21.80  17.44 
You save: 4.36 €
BrandFNI Diameter Ø, mm280
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