Quadro shunt and tank module SCQ25T - 25A

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BrandSimarine Shipping fromCroatia
Dimensions, mm
183 x 91 x 34
MaxPower Current, A
Voltage, V DC
6 - 35
Operating temperature
-20 to +70°C
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A true innovation on the market! Quadro low-amp shunt modules are here for appliance monitoring.

With them you can monitor the current flow of the 4 individual appliances. The SCQ25 allows a maximum continuous current of 25 amps per channel and the SCQ50 allows a maximum continuous current of 50 amps per channel.

If you need more than 25 amps per channel, you can wire the appliance in parallel across two channels and configure this setting in PICO to monitor these two channels as a single device, thus doubling the continuous current limit (2×25 = 50A).

What about the SCQ25T module? This is an innovative combination of SCQ25 and ST107 tank level and voltage module. It combines the functionalities of both modules.

Connection possibilities:

– 4 appliances (consumers and/or generators)
– 1 alarm signal relay

The alarm signal relay’s voltage limit is 60V and the current limit is 1A.


  • You can wire the shunts to either the LOW (-) or HIGH side (+), unless the system’s voltage exceeds 35V. In this case, wiring the shunt to the LOW(-) side is mandatory.
  • You can also mix the shunt wirings, by connecting some to the positive and some to the negative side, or even to the same module.
  • Convenient for wiring on retrofitting for existing boats and campervans.
  • Multiple shunts can be daisy-chained together or linked to our other expansion modules.


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