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Sale of Fenders Covers for Boat

In this section, the topRik marketplace offers you to choose and buy fenders covers made of 100% stretch polyester. We sell fenders covers, which are suitable for dampers of any size in diameter and length, as well as round, cylindrical and flat models.

If you have any questions about choosing fenders covers for your yacht, ask our experts right now. These experienced sailors are well aware of the properties of all the equipment and accessories that are offered in the marketplace, since they took part in testing them at sea. All consultations are free and easily accessible. Use the online contact form, phone call or email ([email protected]) to get in touch: links to all contacts are right on this webpage.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to paint, varnish or polish a yacht hull? Of course, you know - it's expensive. And why are we asking these questions in the section where the topRik marketplace offers you to buy fenders covers? Because some people mistakenly believe that the function of such covers is to protect fenders. Deep misconception! topRik experts will tell you why it is really necessary to cover fenders properly.

Benefits of Using Fenders Covers

It must be admitted, and many skippers have experienced this in practice, that fenders, when mooring or while anchored, can cause scratches on the polished surface of the side. They are made of rigid polymers, otherwise they would not be able to withstand the force of impacts against the wall of the pier or the side of a neighboring yacht. And while moored, the yacht is not at rest; under the influence of waves, it constantly rubs its moored side against the wall of the pier or the sides of neighboring boats. Scuffs of varnish or paint occur from the contact of the sides with the fender, which undoubtedly protects the boats from more serious damage.

So, if the hull of your ship is covered with varnish or expensive paint, its repair will constantly require financial investments. Scuffs are especially dangerous because the metal casing may suffer from corrosion where the unpainted metal comes into contact with seawater.

For a fiberglass boat, this is even more dangerous, since this material is not resistant enough to abrasive friction. As a result of the interaction of the hard surface of the fenders with the hull, abrasions are formed through which sea water is absorbed through the microscopic voids of the sandwiches from which such yachts are made. And this can already lead to osmotic phenomena and complete destruction of the body.

Did you understand that fender covers, first of all, serve to protect the surface of polished, varnished or expensively painted sides from the fenders themselves. That is, they maintain the integrity of the protective layer on the surface of the sides.

Fenders covers are made of non-abrasive fabric that does not damage the decorative or protective layer of the yacht's sides during friction or impact.

Another important function of fenders covers, in addition to saving your finances, ensures a comfortable stay during layovers. All yachtsmen know this unpleasant creaking sound that accompanies any yacht at anchor when the polymer surface of the transom comes into contact with the pier wall or the sides of neighboring yachts.

So, having bought fenders covers, the boat owner receives the following benefits:

  • extends the service life of the decorative and protective layer of the sides, stern and bow of the yacht;
  • significant savings on hull repairs - just compare the cost of restoring the decorative and protective layer or eliminating damage due to osmosis with the price of a set of even the most expensive fenders covers;
  • provides a more comfortable night's sleep during moorings for everyone on the yacht.

Best Materials for Fenders Covers

We are already accustomed to thinking that natural materials are preferable to synthetics. Probably, if we are talking about clothing for people, this is so, although fabrics have already been created that are not inferior in their properties to natural ones, but they also do not wrinkle and are easily washed.

But as for the “clothes” for fenders covers it’s all about synthetic materials, preferably fleecy and stretchy.

What are the advantages of synthetic fabrics? Just imagine the process of caring for them. Washing and drying covers made from natural fabrics will require a lot of effort, strong detergents and considerable time. In the case of synthetic fabrics, these disadvantages do not exist.

In addition, natural fabrics have a significant abrasive effect due to the type of weave of thick fibers, and 100% stretch polyester is a soft but durable material of a uniform, smooth knitted weave, in this case with a small pile.

Marketplace topRik has selected fenders for you covers made of 100% stretch polyester. This is one of the most popular materials for use at sea, which is ensured by the following properties of this excellent synthetic:

  • high friction and tensile strength of polyester fibers;
  • the strength of polyester increases when wet - it is the only known fabric with this property;
  • does not fade from exposure to water, including sea water, which means it will not leave stains on your yacht;
  • resistant to ultraviolet radiation, will not lose color even after prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • completely non-abrasive, the sides of the yacht will not be damaged in contact with those “dressed” in covers made of 100% stretch polyester fenders;
  • easy to wash with almost any detergent for synthetic fabrics (without bleach!), including in a washing machine at a water temperature of 40°C, does not fade when washed;
  • dries quickly due to low water absorption - water practically rolls down the fibers during the drying process, rather than being absorbed into them;
  • does not deform, shrink or stretch after washing, drying or getting wet;
  • moth larvae, fungi, mold, and pathogenic microflora do not live on this fabric;
  • very elastic, which makes it easy and quick to put on the stretch cover polyester on the fender.

100% stretch polyester is a combination of 85-95% polyester and 5-15% elastane. An important advantage of these fenders is that they are affordable.

How to Choose Fenders Covers for your Yacht

When choosing fenders covers you should focus on the size and shape of the fenders that you use on your yacht. The set can consist of cylindrical fenders on each side (at least three), a pair of round fenders on the stern and bow, as well as a flat fender on the stem. Depending on the size of the yacht and the preferences of the owner, the set may be different, but the shape of the fenders remains the same in any case.

That is, you need to find fenders covers for round and cylindrical flanges of a certain diameter. Typically, manufacturers offer both single fenders covers for dampers of any shape and size, as well as complete sets.

In the topRik marketplace you can buy fenders covers for both cylindrical and round fenders.

Pay special attention to the diameter if you need covers for round models. This section of our marketplace presents options starting from Ø 39 cm. Do not forget that round fenders also have a linear dimension - its height.

And of course, when buying covers for cylindrical fenders, you will also choose them based on the dimensions - diameter and length.

For cylindrical fenders, the choice of covers starts from Ø 22 cm.

When choosing covers, also focus on the design of your damper - with one or two eyes.

Covers play a big role in creating a spectacular or elegant exterior of a yacht - we are talking about the color scheme. The topRik marketplace offers an assortment of colors, in both light and dark tones.

On fenders covers made of 100% stretch polyester logos are perfectly applied in different ways: stamping, stickers, paint, etc. This can be used for a variety of creative projects, including advertising for sponsors and charter company owners.

We recommend choosing models of fenders covers equipped with special fixation devices.

All models presented in our marketplace are equipped with a self-locking mechanism that prevents the loss of fenders covers and makes it easier to put them on.

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