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Windlass - What Is It?

One of the most important elements of the anchor device is the windlass. This is an anchor winch with a horizontally located cargo shaft, on which there are sprockets for pulling the chain.

Anchor winch is a simple device. Its main and at the same time the busiest part is a rotating drum or reel. An anchor chain or cable is wound onto this drum when the anchor is raised. Racks of the drum or bobbin are fixed in place on the deck of the vessel.

At the ends of the cargo shaft or on the intermediate shaft, turrets are installed - these are mooring drums for working with mooring lines. Windlasses, as a rule, have an electric or electro-hydraulic drive, they are installed mainly on medium-sized ships.

But there are also manual models for small-tonnage vessels. On electrically powered models, an emergency manual anchor lifting system is usually also provided.

Windlasses with hydraulic or electric drive can serve anchors weighing up to 8500 kg with a chain gauge up to 82 mm.

Vertical and Horizontal Windlasses

By execution, there are two types of anchor winches:

  • with a vertical drive shaft - capstan;
  • with a horizontal drive shaft - windlass.

The windlass is easier to set up and maintain, but takes up more deck space and needs a strong protective hull.

Winches with a vertical shaft are very reliable and convenient, occupy a minimum of space and look aesthetically pleasing on the deck. But their installation is somewhat more complicated, they require a special voluminous anchor box.

Capstans can be manual, electric and hydraulic, the latter have smooth speed control. Typically, the capstan mechanism is located below deck. They serve anchors weighing up to 5000 kg with a chain gauge up to 57 mm.

The ship usually also has a mooring winch. It has a horizontal design and is designed to pull the ship to the berth. There are regular and automatic versions of such devices.

How to Choose

In order not to be mistaken when making a choice on your own from a large assortment of marine anchor windlasses, follow the recommendations given by the experts of the topRik team.

If the anchor winch is purchased, then the following factors must be taken into account when choosing it:

  • boat dimensions;
  • boat displacement;
  • anchor weight;
  • diameter and length of the anchor cable (chain);
  • dimensions of the existing anchor box;
  • type of drive - manual, electric, hydraulic;
  • power supply and it’s specifications.

When determining the required power of the windlass or capstan, experienced yachtsmen use the following calculation: the weight of the cable and chain is added to the mass of the anchor, and then the resulting amount is multiplied by 3. This will be the desired power, or the maximum pulling force of your future winch - calculations verified by practice.

Consider the type of the drive criteria for choosing an anchor winch. According to this characteristic, they are divided into three groups.

  1. Manual winches simply make it easier to lift the anchor by hand, reducing the amount of human effort required. The manual winch has a simple mechanism and an affordable cost. The design includes a gearbox that increases the pulling force. But it does not replace the crew - to raise the anchor, you need to manually rotate the drum by the handle. These devices are very reliable and inexpensive.
  2. Electric winches operate automatically without human intervention. Its drum is rotated by an electric motor through a reduction gear, which reduces the drive to the required number of revolutions. This is a device with free anchor release. When lowering the anchor, the drum is simply released from the brake, and the anchor sinks into the water under its own weight. But there are models that provide smooth lowering of the anchor - they do not have an instant reset function. When the anchor needs to be raised, the electric motor is turned on, which runs on batteries. And for small displacement vessels, for example, a launch boat, compact batteries are used. Small electric anchor winches have an additional emergency manual drive.
  3. Hydraulically driven winches are complex, expensive and installed on large ships. The ship's winch is driven by the pressure generated and transmitted by the working fluid of the hydraulic system.

Anchor winches are installed not only on boats and yachts. Today they are used even by amateur fishermen who have metal, wooden and even inflatable boats at their disposal, which are used in calm sheltered waters.


Most often, the windlass or capstan on a yacht is installed at the bow, less often at the transom. The same applies to smaller boats. But when installing anchor winches on inflatable boats, a transom is usually used.

Models of windlasses and capstans for yachts, as a rule, include everything necessary for their installation on a rigid frame. You just need to follow the instructions exactly, use the services of a consultant from the manufacturer or message the topRik team with any questions.

The installation of an anchor winch for a boat with a metal body must be carried out in the following order:

  • a section of the boat is being prepared on which fasteners will be installed, with the obligatory degreasing of the surface;
  • with the help of a hot air gun set to the lowest temperature, overlays are glued on it using polyurethane glue;
  • a triangular corner is fixed to resist the anchor;
  • roller and coils are mounted;
  • rope lock is installed.

Installation of an electric anchor winch (electric winch) will require a 12 volt DC auxiliary power supply. The battery must be protected to prevent water ingress and short circuits. When the winch is placed on the transom, it is necessary to raise the nose of the winch as high as possible. This position ensures normal operation of the winch motor when the anchor is raised.

If you got any questions when choosing marine anchor windlass, ask topRik consultants. They are all practicing yachtsmen who are well versed in equipment for yachts, boats and motor boats. Our experts will help you choose the windlass or capstan that exactly matches your boat's specifications and will deliver the selected windlass or capstan model to the specified location. 

BrandFNI Model45 SR
Model25 SR Rope Ø, mm4.8
Max working load, kg150 BrandLofrans
BrandLofrans Rope Ø, mm14
BrandLofrans Rope Ø, mm12
Max working load, kg150 BrandLofrans
Breaking load, kg900 BrandFNI
Deck thickness, mm25÷50 Max working load, kg500
Max working load, kg160 BrandLofrans
Max working load, kg150 BrandLofrans
Breaking load, kg900 BrandFNI
Max working load, kg100 BrandLofrans
Breaking load, kg727 BrandFNI
Deck thickness, mm20÷30 Max working load, kg200
Max working load, kg150 BrandLofrans
Max working load, kg95 BrandLofrans
Breaking load, kg385 BrandFNI
Breaking load, kg1100 BrandFNI
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