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Superwinch for Sale

In addition to the anchor and clew winches, the yachtsman needs a winch to lower or raise the yacht into the water or load it onto a trailer for further transportation. If the boat is small and you do not often use a trailer to transport it, then a manual winch installed on the trailer drawbar is quite sufficient.

But if you travel between land and sea routes, with a boat on a trailer, or simply have to frequently launch and lift your yacht out of the water, as well as drag it into a boathouse, then it is better to use an electric winch. Yes, they are more expensive than manual models, but they are much more effective and free you from the need to make quite noticeable physical efforts. If you've had extensive sailing practice before, the prospect of cranking the winch handle for an extended period of time can be disheartening.

In this section, the topRik marketplace presents Superwinch winches. Although this American manufacturer, which has been leading the market for half a century, needs no introduction. The legendary American winches, which previously could be admired by lovers of active recreation on wheels - from ATV drivers to SUV drivers - are now being actively mastered by yachtsmen.

Particularly attractive to yacht owners is the Terra series - the latest Superwinch development with time-tested traditional technologies and complemented by modern innovations.

Benefits of the Superwinch Terra Series

The TERRA series is the flagship among Superwinch products, as stated by the manufacturer itself. The entire line is distinguished from standard analogues by a number of design solutions.

The winch is made with a multiple safety margin:

  • a motor with thicker windings operates and cools more efficiently;
  • the gears of the gearbox are designed for increased load;
  • the steel drum is not subject to deformation and expansion by the cable;
  • all important components are provided with IP67 dust and moisture protection.

Particular attention is paid to work safety in extreme conditions. The force of more than 2 tons doubles when using a block - this is enough not only for the heavy ATV for which this series was originally developed, but also for a small SUV. And subsequent maritime experience showed that they are ideal for yachts.

Maximum towing force of all Superwinch Terra models develops on the first layer of cable winding on the drum with the following indicators for each model released to date:

  • Terra 25 – 2500 lbs / 1150 kgf;
  • Terra 35 – 3500 lbs / 1590 kgf;
  • Terra 45 – 4500 lbs / 2040 kgf.


The model is equipped with high-quality synthetic cable from the Dutch brand Dyneema.

In addition to the winch with synthetic cable, the package also includes:

  • monosolenoid;
  • aluminum fairlead;
  • wired control panel;
  • steering wheel button;
  • hook with hand protection tape;
  • installation site;
  • connection wires;
  • thermal relay;
  • fastening kit;
  • instructions.

Superwinch Terra Installation Features

According to the operation and safety requirements, Superwinch Terra must be installed on a special mounting platform, which, in turn, must be secured with at least 4 M10 bolts, two bolts on each side. Deformation of the platform and distortion of its plane are dangerous due to the distortion of the components of the winch itself.

Free access to the free unwind mode switch must be provided. If necessary, it is possible to move the switch with the gearbox rotated relative to the support up to 90 degrees in each direction with partial disassembly of the winch.

When connecting Superwinch Terra to the circuit, positive power cable must be connected to the positive terminal of the battery through a special disconnector (positive switch). It is strictly prohibited to use a winch with a positive power cable connected directly to the power source. The negative power cable must be connected directly to the negative terminal of the battery.

Superwinch Terra Maintenance

The technical condition must be checked independently each time before starting work. Maintenance must be carried out in service centers authorized by the manufacturer at least once every 12 months, and in case of intensive use - at least once every 6 months.

If the water tank has been under water for even a short time, or there is a suspicion that liquid or abrasives have entered its components, as well as if any extraneous noise, odors or interruptions in operation occur, it is necessary to immediately carry out unscheduled maintenance.

The maintenance procedure includes the following work and operations:

  • completely disconnecting the power supply to the winch from the battery and removing the device from the vehicle;
  • checking the condition of electrical wiring and electrical contacts in the control unit;
  • dismantling and checking the condition of the winch cable, its hook, checking the condition of the cable termination points - if necessary, replace the cable and hook with new ones;
  • washing and cleaning the winch from external contaminants;
  • disassembling the winch into the main units: electric motor with sidewall, drum, drive shaft, gearbox with sidewall;
  • checking the condition and cleaning of the electric motor and its parts - stator, rotor, brush assembly, rotor support bearings;
  • checking the condition of the drum support bushings and the drive shaft;
  • complete disassembly of the gearbox and brake mechanism, washing and troubleshooting of brake and gearbox parts, replacement of lubricant;
  • replacement of damaged or heavily worn winch parts;
  • assembly and installation of the winch.

If you have any questions about the characteristics, configuration or operation of Superwinch Terra of any model, contact the experts of our topRik marketplace for a free consultation.

Model45 SR Rope Ø, mm6.5
Model25 SR Rope Ø, mm4.8