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Sale of Bow Spoolers for Yachts and Boats

Main task of bow spoolers is to prevent intense wear of cables and anchor chains from friction while working with them. They also greatly simplify the sailor's work with the anchor, mooring lines and other cables that are located in the bow of the yacht.

Of no small importance is the fact that raising the anchor chain and working with bow cables when passing them through the reel of bow spooler becomes much safer and more comfortable for the yachtsman. And the ability to improve maneuvering during mooring and disembarkation, and reduce the time for these operations, can play a decisive role in adverse weather conditions.

Types of Bow Spoolers

Bow spoolers are divided into types according to purpose, design, material of manufacture, method of fastening, and other parameters, including even the type of cables that can be passed through a particular bow spooler. Here we will look at several options, without dividing them into categories, we will simply select the most popular and sought-after types of bow spoolers among small fleet sailors.

Anchor Bow Spoolers

Anchor bow spooler is designed for transporting, lowering and raising the anchor either with an electric/mechanical winch or simply by hand.

It is often installed on the bow of the ship along the longitudinal axis, less often - in other places on the deck of the ship.

Such bow spoolers can be of different designs and sizes, have a different number of guide rollers, depending on the type and size of the vessel, the anchor used, the anchor winch and operating conditions.

Anchor bow spooler can be equipped with an additional platform or bracket for proper installation, as well as various roller systems for a particular type of anchor winch.

Bow spoolers of this type are often made of stainless steel with a polished surface or anodized aluminum, with lead alloy weighting; rollers are made of stainless steel or polymer material.

Anchor bow spooler is installed on the deck of a ship, usually in its bow, in such a way as to ensure reliable transportation, lowering and raising of the anchor without damaging the ship's hull by the anchor itself, the anchor chain or the anchor cord. The roller is secured to the holes in the deck with special screws, washers and nuts.

When installing an anchor bow spooler make sure that the spooler goes far enough forward, beyond the fender of the vessel, to ensure safe lifting of the anchor being used without the anchor touching the hull of the vessel.

The deck of a ship can have a complex geometric shape and for proper installation of spooler may require additional brackets or platforms. To guide the chain or cord to the below-deck winch, the spooler is equipped with a rear removable roller.

Since the anchor winch may be installed on deck, below deck, in an anchor locker or other suitable location, additional guide roller systems may be required to guide the anchor chain or line to it.

It is prohibited to use of spooler and anchor while the vessel is moving, with the exception of actions directly related to anchoring at low speed. When the vessel is moving, the anchor should be secured in spooler if the design allows for it. Do not exceed the maximum permissible load on spooler.

Anchor bow spoolers, in turn, are divided into two main types: swinging and fixed.

The fixed spooler is equipped with a rotating roller that cannot change its position during any operations with the anchor and cables.

Pivoting anchor bow spoolers have in their design a rotating element that can change its position in relation to the frame, which makes working with the anchor easier.

There are also anchor bow spoolers for a specific type of anchor, for example, for CQR, Bruce, Danforth, Trefoil, Delta anchors, etc.

Such spoolers may be equipped with stoppers, but, as a rule, they must be purchased separately; they are not included with the device.

Also, according to the manufacturing method, bow spoolers can be cast or welded.

Bow Spoolers for Mooring Lines or Ropes

Spooler used to control mooring lines have a simpler design.

These types of spoolers can have both vertical and horizontal winding depending on the needs of the yacht owner. This makes the installation much easier for working with mooring lines. These spoolers can also be equipped with locking stops.

How to Choose a Bow Spooler for Your Yacht

In the case of choosing anchor bow spooler, it should be remembered that the spooler bears not only the dynamic load of the weight of the anchor when hitting a wave, but also the load applied by the force of the winch when lifting the hooked anchor, which in some cases amounts to hundreds of kilograms. All this should be taken into account when choosing and installing a spooler and ensuring the strength of the structure as a whole.

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