Reinforcement Package for First Aid Case CP4

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Wide assortment of medical supplies for comprehensive first aid

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Reinforcement package include:

- Cotton wool pack (50 grams)
- Adhesive plaster roll (5 meters x 2.5 cm) made of TNT material
- Pack of 6 safety pins
- Stainless steel anatomic tweezer (14 cm)
- Stainless steel Kocher tweezer (14.5 cm)
- Disposable sterile scalpel
- LISTER pair of scissors (14.5 cm) according to DIN standards
- Stainless steel tongue clamp
- Disposable sterile syringes in sizes: 2.5 cc, 5 cc, and 10 cc
- Four triangular bandages made of TNT material (96 cm x 96 cm x 136 cm)
- Antiseptic solution in a 250 ml container (PMC)
- Three sterile compressive pad bandages (100 cm x 120 cm)
- Twenty sterile gauze (18 cm x 40 cm)
- Four gauze bandages measuring 3.5 meters x 5 cm
- Six elastic bandages measuring 10 cm
- Two elastic bandages measuring 8 cm
- STOP HEMO pack containing 5 pads
- Pneumatic splint for leg
- Pneumatic splint for arm
- Nitrile tourniquet (46 cm)
- Two ammonium wipes
- Sterile paraffin gauze ACTIVE GRAS (10 cm x 10 cm)
- Blue empty POCKET KIT
- Two isothermic blankets (160 cm x 210 cm)
- PINOCCHIO helicoidal mouth opener
- GUEDEL sterile airways in sizes: CAL.1, CAL.2, CAL.3
- Disposable catheter NELATON
- Digital thermometer
- Three sachets of burns gel (3.5 grams each)
- Aspirator VACUUM PUMP
- Kit bag, mask, tube, reservoir
- Multilingual first aid guide

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