First Aid Bag - Tab. A

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IP67-certified waterproof and dustproof design

Comprehensive contents for effective first aid support

Complies with medical device standards for safety

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The A-First Aid Bag Nautical Kit is designed to meet the requirements of the new law D.L. 01/10/2015, featuring a certified IP67 waterproof and dustproof design to protect its contents from the elements. The bag is made of durable PVC material and features a secure closure with a top edge velcro and two locking clips for added protection. It also includes straps for easy transportation or securing the bag on a boat.

This first aid bag complies with reference standard D.M. 10/03/2022 TABLE A and the products within it meet the standards defined for medical devices under MDR 745/2017 dated 05/04/2017, ensuring their safety and quality.

The contents of the First Aid Bag Table A include:

1 bottle of oxygenated water (250ml)
3 disinfectant bottles (1 liter each) containing benzalconium chloride
1 adult resuscitation ball
1 adult oronasal mask (size 5)
1 adult oronasal mask (size 2)
1 Guedel cannula (size 3, 90mm)
1 Guedel cannula (size 2, 80mm)
1 Guedel cannula (size 4, 100mm)
1 Guedel cannula (size 0, 60mm)
1 plastic toad
10 sterile syringes (10cc)
1 NITRILE dish lace
1 latex-free hemostat belt
10 hemmed bandages (10cm high)
2 instant ice packs
1 envelope of hot imine
5 adhesive plasters (10x6cm)
1 gold/silver isothermal blanket
8 compressed cotton (125g)
1 Lister scissors (14.5cm DIN)
1 Lister scissors (19cm DIN)
10 sterile hydrophilic gauze (18x40cm)
10 sterile hydrophilic gauze (20x20cm)
3 packs of vinyl gloves (4 pieces, size L)
10 pairs of sterile copolymer gloves (size M)
1 pack of 50 surgical masks
1 mini needle recovery container
1 sphygmomanometer with sounding
1 stethoscope
2 aluminum/sponge splints
1 digital thermometer
Copy of DM with a list of medicinal specialties that can be purchased at the pharmacy by the end user

With its waterproof and dustproof design, comprehensive contents, and compliance with medical device standards, the A-First Aid Bag Nautical Kit provides reliable and efficient first aid support in marine environments.

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