SX-400 VHF Handheld Radio

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Dual and triple watch functions for monitoring multiple channels

USB charging capability and versatile power source compatibility

Water-resistant design with floating and flashing capabilities

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-15°C to +55°C
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The SX-400 handheld VHF is a versatile and reliable communication device designed for marine use. It is compatible with both European and USA-Canada regions, offering flexibility for boaters in different areas.

With a power output of 5 Watts and a frequency range of 156-163.425 MHz, the SX-400 provides clear and reliable communication. The included 1750 mA Li-ion battery offers a runtime of approximately 12 hours, assuming a usage pattern of 5% transmit, 5% receive, and 90% watch.

The handheld VHF features dual and triple watch functions, allowing you to monitor multiple channels simultaneously. It also includes a weather function with 10 channels (USA only), keeping you updated on weather conditions.

Instant access to Channel 16, the international distress channel, ensures quick and easy communication in emergencies. You can also program your favorite channel for easy access.

The SX-400 offers an ATIS mode specifically designed for inland waters, complying with the necessary regulations.

Charging the VHF is convenient with the USB charging capability, and both 12V and 220V adapters are included. This allows you to charge the device using different power sources.

Even in dimly lit environments, the user-friendly backlit keys and a spacious LCD (measuring 35 x 25 mm) with backlighting provide excellent visibility and effortless usability.

For added convenience, an optional hand speaker/microphone (ref. 67575) is available, providing an alternative way to communicate with the VHF.

The SX-400 is designed to withstand marine conditions. It floats and flashes when immersed in water, with a sound alarm and flashlight to aid in retrieval. The automatic water draining function helps evacuate water from the loudspeaker, ensuring proper functionality after exposure to water.

Additional materials

Certificate (67440_DEC_SX400.pdf, 308 Kb) [Download]

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