IC-GM1600E VHF Handheld Radio

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Compliant with European MED standards and GMDSS rules

Anti-shock body with JIS7 water resistance rating

Ergonomic design with adjustable backlighting and LCD contrast

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Compliant with European MED standards (ETS 300 225, third edition) and meeting the GMDSS rules for lifeboats, the transceiver requires the specific lithium battery 5550234. This adherence to regulations is essential, as outlined by the Solas convention, which mandates the inclusion of GMDSS (Global Marine Distress and Safety System) equipment for ships operating in international harbors.

Its anti-shock body ensures durability and reliability. With a water resistance rating of JIS7, it remains completely sealed to prevent damage even when immersed in water. A new speaker protection system prevents water from entering the device, ensuring its integrity. The transceiver provides consistently excellent audio quality, even in adverse weather conditions.

Engineered for professional use, the transceiver boasts an ergonomic design and features large keys that facilitate easy operation, even when wearing gloves. The LCD offers a wide reading angle for maximum visibility, even in low-light environments. The backlighting is adjustable across three levels, and the contrast can be adjusted in four different ways to suit individual preferences. A high-intensity LED indicator shows the transceiver's broadcasting/reception status, making it easily locatable in various weather and lighting conditions.

The transceiver includes a battery charge indicator and offers two options for power-saving settings. It conducts a self-checkup upon switching on to ensure proper functioning. Additionally, it features a flexible rubber antenna with an SMA connector and provides a socket for an external microphone/speaker. The package includes 7.2V batteries to power the device effectively.

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