Top 5 Best Yachts From 10 to 12 Meters (33-40 ft) in 2024

Let’s talk about the favorites of 2024 yachts from 10 to 12 meters (33 to 40 feet) in length, and also rate them. A difficult task, since sailboats and motor vessels, monohulls and catamarans all participate in the competition. All have a different purpose, a different level of seaworthiness and comfort on board. But everyone has something that unites them - the recognition of the community of yachtsmen from all over the world, as well as the fact that all participants in the list have prestigious titles and regalia received at the most popular yacht exhibitions of the past few years.

So, the mixed fleet regatta begins, no holds barred, and we will start immediately from the final stage of the race – the top 5 boats. Therefore, even the last ones here are the undisputed leaders among those who did not make it to our final list.


Dufour 37

  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Hull type: Sailing yacht
  • Overall length, m: 10.77
  • Width, m: 3.8
  • Draft, m: 1.9
  • Displacement, T: 6.747
  • Keel weight, T: 1.86
  • Water tanks, l: 180
  • Exterior design (Architect): Felci Yacht Design
  • Interior design: Felci Yacht Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 33
  • Jib area, m²: 25.9
  • Engine, HP: 18.8
  • Fuel tanks, l: 160

The fifth number in the regatta is occupied by our good friend from the Dufour Yachts family - Dufour 37 monohull sailboat, which became the owner of Boat of the Year 2022 award.

Dynamic lines and excellent sea performance have endowed this boat with a sporty character, despite an increased level of comfort that is not typical of sailboats that are just over 10 meters long. As always, the shipyard responded to the demands of the maritime community, this time for a comfortable racing cruiser with compact dimensions and an affordable price, yet with good seaworthiness.

The shipyard has done its job with flying colours, using its win-win technique: to select the best from previous models and to complement this best with innovations in technology and design.

Dufour 37

All the advantages of Dufour's DNA were left intact, but the changes were also significant. This is noticeable immediately from the stern. Here the platform has been reduced to fit the dimensions of the yacht, and it is now less likely to damage the transom due to its weight.

You can now enter the cockpit via two ladders from different sides of the platform, by folding the wings, which can act as additional seats. Between them is a capacious locker, in which you can place a life raft or a rolled-up inflatable dinghy.

The skipper’s position became much more convenient for the skipper at the left helm due to the folding wing. Now you can also sit there resting on your back and legs.

Dufour 37

The deck shower, a folding table, as well as the grill (or plancha) with a sink, which everyone loves, remained unchanged in the cockpit, allowing you to cook and dine outdoors. Under the sofas there’s more lockers. One of them will perfectly fit all the equipment for fishing, spearfishing, diving and other water activities.

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Yachtsmen around the world have welcomed the innovative helm station. The double steering wheels remained in the same place, but panels were installed directly on them: here the controls for all the important instruments and equipment of the yacht are displayed - the thruster, autopilot, anchor winch, anchor chain controls, etc.

Some were disappointed that the chartplotter remained in the same place - at the end of the table. But if it is really problematic to see the image on the screen at such a distance on a boat 14 meters long, then the size of the Dufour 37 cockpit eliminates this problem. In addition, there is space left on the panel for additional equipment, and a chartplotter may fit just right.

Winches are very conveniently located - at the helm and at arm's length. Winches for controlling the boom with a sheet are placed on the roof of the saloon. The choice of drive - manual or electric - is left to the buyer of the sailboat.

Dufour 37

The built-in fender was replaced by a bulwark, which was noticed and appreciated by all Dufour fans. With this replacement, the architects not only facilitated the maintenance of the boat, but also solved an important design problem - providing additional rigidity to the entire hull.

Comfort in driving and living on board has become the goal of architects and designers. They pushed it as far as possible for a 10-meter boat.

A spacious cockpit, safe decks, a spacious bow create conditions for free movement and control of the boat, relaxation with family or friends, sunbathing, and a platform is great for comfortable launching and swimming.

Increased comfort also includes access to natural light even in rooms that are below deck level, not to mention the saloon. This task is performed by numerous hatches and large windows.

This sailboat continues one of the shipyard's traditions - to allow passengers on their yachts to take on board everything that will provide them with comfort on a cruise. To do this, there are many cabinets, shelves, lockers and compartments.

The saloon offers a beautiful view not only of the sea around the yacht, but also of the sails above it. So, the skipper can continue to drive without interrupting a lunch at the convertible table. And you can cook this lunch in a well-equipped L-shaped galley.

Dufour 37

In the toilet room of the saloon there is a washbasin, a toilet bowl, a hand shower and shelves with mirrors.

Despite the small size of a monohull sailboat, you can choose from two cabin options:

  • version with two cabins, one of which is a master cabin in the bow of the boat with a full double bed, and the second is a guest cabin in the stern for two berths, the area of which is increased with the help of poufs;
  • the three-cabin version includes a master cabin in the same design, as well as two forward cabins with 2 berths each.

Thus, the capacity of the boat is up to 6 people, and if you use a transforming table in the saloon for a bed, then 8 passengers can settle here, although, of course, it will be cramped. The cabins have ample headroom, natural light and plenty of storage space.

Dufour 37

You can also choose finishes - designers offer natural mahogany or white oak veneer.

The basic configuration of the Dufour 37 already provides for an installed bowsprit and rollers, which not only give the hull swiftness, but also make it possible to increase the sail area by shifting the center of sail. This allows active use of downwind sails. An automatic jib is also included in the standard sailing equipment, but the genoa is an optional item.

Dufour 41

  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Hull type: Sailing yacht
  • Overall length, m: 11.88
  • Width, m: 3.96
  • Draft, m: 1.82
  • Keel weight, T: 2.6
  • Water tanks, l: 250
  • Exterior design (Architect): Felci Yacht Design
  • Interior design: Ardizio Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Engine, HP: 50
  • Fuel tanks, l: 250

Here comes another representative of the Dufour family - the latest racing cruiser produced by the Dufour Yachts shipyard. The Dufour 41 monohull sailboat develops a range of cruising sailboats of various sizes. This model is a little short of 12 meters in total length, but its width is almost 4 meters. It was these dimensions that made it possible to make an unprecedentedly comfortable cruiser out of a 41-foot racer.

To combine these qualities, naval architects used early designs and introduced a number of innovations. The latter include a decrease in the area of the wetted surface of the hull due to the raised stern.

Dufour 41

For the same purpose, the capabilities of the bowsprit were used. Moving forward the sail center of the boat allows you to increase the area of sailing rig. The bowsprit and rollers allow you to set sails for downwind, which increases the speed of the boat.

The folding fenders at the entrance to the cockpit remained unchanged, which received general approval from yachtsmen on the previous 37th Dufour model. This ensured the convenience of steering the helm on the port side.

Naval architects remained committed to the single-feathered rudder on the Dufour, which, when brought to both helms, makes it easier to steer the boat by reducing hydrodynamic drag.

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The increase in the size of the boat has affected the level of natural light in the interior due to the increased number of side windows. This has also resulted in a level of comfort that is unbelievable for a 12 m monohull sailboat.

The developers have heard the wishes of yachtsmen, and on the Dufour 41 we see chartplotters located directly on the steering panels, and not on the end of the table. The choice of brand and screen size is up to the buyer.

The location of the winches behind the steering wheels and on the cabin roof has not changed, since it is optimal. The ropes do not get underfoot; an experienced skipper can handle the controls alone.

Dufour 41

The very roomy cockpit is designed for 10 people, who will find a place behind two helms and on benches around the table, which, when unfolded, triples in area.

The grill with a sink remained in the same place, so even the skipper can have a bite to eat without looking up from the controls.

For a more substantial meal, you will have to go down to the saloon, where the linear galley is located. This is also an example of what the developers have heard from boaters and their dissatisfaction with the L-shaped galley layout. Few people will not bump into each other here. The rest, while waiting for dinner, will be seated at a large folding table. Ten people can eat here. And the table, if necessary, can be converted into a double bed.

Soft sofas and a bench, natural veneer trim add coziness to the cabin, and it is all filled with natural light that comes through the windows. By the way, the ceiling porthole is also a source of fresh air, as well as an opportunity for the skipper to control the sails without leaving the company of diners.

Thanks to the expanded volumes of the Dufour 41, you can now choose from 4 options for completing the cabins, the diagrams of which are presented below.

Dufour 41

In different options, in addition to the number of cabins and beds, you can choose how to dispose of the additional space - leave it for storage or equip a shower room or toilet there.

Due to the increased size of the sailboat, additional lockers are provided in its bow.

It remains to be hoped that the shipyard has forever abandoned the solid side fender, in the 41st it was also replaced with a bulwark, increasing the rigidity of the overall structure of the boat, which improves its maneuverability.

Boat performance is also benefited by the manufacturing technology of Dufour, pioneers in the use of fiberglass for yacht hulls. Now improved technologies are being used to minimize the effect of osmosis - filling sandwiches with special resins under pressure.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

  • Architect: Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design
  • Length overall, m: 11.93
  • Beam overall, m: 6.63
  • Displacement unloaded, T: 9.5 (approx.)
  • Draft, m: 1.21
  • Sail area, m²: 59
  • Genoa area, m²: 36
  • Standard Power, HP: 2 x 20
  • Option Power, HP: 2 x 30 HP
  • Fresh Water, l: 2 x 265
  • Fuel, l: 300

The middle of the list is occupied by a 40-footer from Fountaine Pajot - Isla 40 sailing cruiser. She is a cat that’s far from the average. This model made a splash on the day of the presentation and continued the shipyard's glorious tradition in the production of sought-after cruising 40-foot (12-meter) catamarans, including such bestsellers as the Lucia 40 and Lavezzi 40.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

If we compare the new cat with its predecessors, then the continuity is already noticeable from the cockpit. In Isla 40, this area is still considered the largest in terms of area among all the cats of this size. A life raft and a davit occupy their traditional places there.

The dining area is still cozy and comfortable with this L-shaped sofa around the table, a large aft sofa and a comfortable lounger. Almost all the seats have lockers where you can hide all the equipment for fun on the water and underwater.

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Transformer table for 10 people or a regular table for 6-8 diners, grill or plancha - this choice is left to the buyer and depends on the purpose for which the yacht is purchased. The catamaran with its comfort is perfect for both family cruising and traveling with friends, as well as for commercial use.

You have to climb several very wide steps to get to the control panel.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

The helm is located on the hull of the control station, here, in direct access there are 4 winches, which can be either electric or manual, depending on the wishes of the future owner of the yacht.

On the panel, there are screens of measuring instruments and a radiotelephone, control of some equipment is also displayed here: a thruster, an autopilot. An optional small screen chartplotter is also located next to the helm.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

See the roof cutout to the left of the chartplotter? This is done for a better view of the bow of the left float.

But the interior of Isla 40 is completely refurbished. Here the usual location of the skipper's place has been changed, and now it is a loft living room , with the same luxury and comfort. The entire loft is divided into recreation, cooking, dining and work areas.

The large galley includes all the necessary equipment for storing and processing food. In the recreation area there is a large modular soft sofa with pouffes and a low table. It easily transforms into a dining room and then the recreation area also becomes a dining area.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

The skylight in the cabin roof can be opened, providing, in addition to natural light, ventilation and the ability to control the sailing equipment of the cat.

There are 4 options offered to the future owner regarding the cabin layouts on the Isla 40: two Maestro and two Quatuor. Their features are shown in the diagrams below.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

Maestro versions include a mother cabin for the owner with a private bathroom and 2 double cabins with 1 or 2 bathrooms.

Quatuor version is 4 double cabins with bathroom options - there can be 2 or 4.

For charters you can order an option with a separate cabin for the crew. It will be located in the bow, the entrance is from the deck.

The master cabin contains a real island bed, plenty of storage for clothes, shoes, books and other belongings that will provide the necessary comfort on long passages. All cabins have natural light and the possibility of ventilation.

Fountain Pajot Isla 40

Lagoon 40

  • Brand: Lagoon
  • Hull type: catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 11.74
  • Width, m: 6.76
  • Draft, m: 1.35
  • Displacement, t: 10.885
  • Air draft, m: 18.4
  • Water tanks, l: 300
  • Exterior design (architect): VPLP design
  • CE Certification: A: 10 - B: 12 - C: 16 - D: 20
  • Mainsail type: square top
  • Jib type: self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, m²: 80
  • Jib area, m²: 32
  • Code 0 area, m²: 63
  • Engine: 2 x 29 HP
  • Fuel tanks l: 2 x 200

Sailing catamaran Lagoon 40 is said to be the most comfortable 40-foot double-hull vessel. It is no coincidence that it takes the second place in our list. 40-foot yachts are one of the most competitive sections of the market. Yet the Lagoon company and the VPLP bureau involved in the development coped with the task so successfully that they were able to block the dubious success of the Lagoon 39 and equal the triumph of the Lagoon 42 catamaran. If the latter had not exceeded 12 meters in length, it would have taken this place in the ranking.

Differences from its predecessor are noticeable at first glance: the roof is more inclined towards the deck, and the freeboard has lost its former massiveness due to the portholes built into the hull niche. The yacht not only looks lighter, faster and more modern, it really has become more maneuverable and easy to manage. This is not surprising, since the converted catamaran has become almost a ton lighter than its predecessor.

Lagoon 40

Of course, not only the efforts of architects, but also technologists, who developed innovative sandwiches made of polyester and balsa to manufacture the cases, affected the "weight loss". But the architects preferred to leave the bottoms of the structures monolithic, and remove some of the modular structures. A careful approach to the selection of equipment also made it possible to free the cat from excess weight, and without any loss of comfort.

The ability to increase the sail area by more than 5 m² also influenced the improvement in maneuverability - this makes a difference on sharp courses.

The shift of the mast towards the stern widens sail’s angle of attack, increasing the response of the catamaran to the actions of the skipper due to increasing the lift and facilitating the control of the sails.

Excellent ergonomics are inherent in all areas of the catamaran, and this commitment of the shipyard architects is evident from the moment you enter the cockpit. From the very transoms to the saloon and beyond, the deck has no ledges or steps. There is no platform, and there is no need for it - the cat has very wide steps of two ladders, along which you can go down to the water.

In place of the platform there are davits for an inflatable motor boat, which can be hung there and transported unassembled. There is also room for a folding bike. Under the sloop there is a niche for a life raft and a pump.

Lagoon 40

The cockpit accommodates 10 people at the table, if you add additional seats in addition to the sofas, which are located on both sides. The entire cockpit can be protected from sunlight and rain by a bimini, a detail typical of the Lagoon that the designers have kept intact.

From the cockpit and from the deck you can climb to the control station, raised by several very wide steps. The skipper can simultaneously control the catamaran and communicate with family or friends in the cockpit. And those, on demand, can serve a cooling drink to the helmsman.

All running rigging is concentrated at the control post, which is very convenient. But to view the bow on the port side, you will have to get up from the seat.

Lagoon 40

In the cabin, the windows overlooking the cockpit are shifted, through which cooked dishes can be passed. The saloon's L-shaped galley is thoughtfully equipped with all the essentials and yet is compact.

In front of the cabin there is a navigation table with the appropriate equipment. Sitting in front of it, the skipper can turn to the dining table to take part in a family or friendly feast.

The electrical panel and fuses are located under the skipper's table, which guarantees its safety from accidental presses by passengers during rolling.

There are two opening portholes above the soft sofas in the panoramic windows of the saloon, which provides this area not only with natural light, but also with fresh air.

Lagoon 40

The upholstery, textiles and accessories are chosen with great taste and at the same time are quite practical for a marine vessel.

The shipyard provides the opportunity to choose from several versions of the cabin configuration:

  • The owner's version includes a comfortable master suite fully given over to port float with island bed aft and forward bathroom, work desk, extra sofa and a set of furniture to store clothes and other things, as well as two cabins in the starboard float, each - with a separate toilet room;
  • The 4-cabin version has two cabins with shared bathrooms in each float.

Lagoon 40

In the bow, you can organize an excellent large solarium, if you lay out mats and sun loungers here, using the deck area and two trampolines.

Lagoon 40

Fountain Pajot MY4.S

  • Brand: Fountain Pajot
  • Hull type: catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 11
  • Width, m: 5.1
  • Draft, m: 0.8
  • Displacement, t: 13.5
  • Water tanks, l: 350
  • Exterior design (Architect): Daniel Andrieu
  • Interior Design: Pierangelo Andreani Studio
  • Engine: YANMAR 2x150 hp
  • Optional engine: YANMAR 2x250 hp
  • Fuel tanks l: 2x600

The leader of our conditional regatta turned out to be the catamaran MY 4.S - the most inexpensive and compact sea cruiser from the entire line of this brand from Fountaine Pajot. The shipyard launched its production in 2021, meeting the needs of yachtsmen for a motor catamaran of increased comfort at an affordable price. Yes, yes, you understood correctly: this is a motor yacht, and no sails. As we said, we have a mixed fleet regatta without a handicap.

Renowned naval architect Daniel Andrieu has significantly redesigned the previous model MY 37, in particular by removing the flybridge. Some yachtsmen took this with hostility, but a flood of applications poured in from countries where they have to pass under bridges while sailing.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

Length of MY 4.S is 11 m (36 ft), draft is 0.8 m, hull made of fiberglass.

Dimensions, excellent sea performance and an unprecedented level of comfort on a vessel of this size make it possible to use a motor catamaran for long passages with all the amenities. Its design, equipment and safety level are designed for long cruising in a close family circle, even with young children or in the company of best friends.

An example of the variability of the layout jumps at you immediately on the approach in the cockpit. The electric platform has several modifications: movable, fixed and with dinghy davits on it. Platform management is both stationary and remote.

The cockpit is covered with natural teak. On the starboard side there you can find a stern shower with hot and cold water. Opposite is a small grill.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

The entrance from the platform to the cockpit is blocked by stainless steel gates. The cockpit can be completely covered with an awning with windows.

The table in the cockpit is not stationary, it can be removed and installed if necessary.

The lack of stairs to the missing flybridge allowed to significantly expand the cockpit compared to the already mentioned predecessor. At first glance, just the standard sofas are located here. But these have folding backs, and as a result you get an option of very comfortable beds.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

On the port side of the cockpit is the engine compartment with good access and soundproofing, two Yanmar 250 hp engines , a water boiler and an autopilot drive. Further along the deck there is a locker with a life raft for 8 people, a pump and fire extinguishing equipment.

A sliding transparent door leads from the cockpit to the saloon, which unites both areas into a common large space.

On the port side is a well-equipped linear galley. For a 37-foot boat, it has a considerable size and a convenient approach for several people at once. Cabin furniture has rounded corners.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

Above the galley of MY 4.S are large spacious wardrobes, since its lower part is the ceiling of the owner's cabin.

Between the galley and large soft sofas there is a folding table. Sofas and individual seats are located throughout the starboard side of the saloon. The entire interior is flooded with natural light, which enters through the glazing around the perimeter. This opens up a great view from the cabin.

A large overhead window adds light and space to this rather large cabin.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

A control panel is situated in front of the central windows. In front of the helm and the working panel there is a comfortable chair for the navigator and assistant with lifting seats, which allows you to control the yacht both sitting and standing.

The steering wheel itself is more like a car steering wheel, only more powerful. The panel, of course, looks beautiful in this black color, but the prints remain on it quite easily. The panel contains the entire standard set of instruments that controls the yacht's equipment: engines, autopilot, electrics, etc. There is also a marine display that combines a chartplotter and an echo sounder. So, it is a “smart yacht” system by analogy with a “smart home”.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

In the cabin there is a USB and AUX connection panel, an HDMI socket block and an electrical equipment control unit.

Motor yacht MY 4.S can be chosen from two options:

  • three cabins - the master cabin, which is given over to the entire port float, with a separate bathroom and two full-fledged guest cabins in the starboard float with a large shared bathroom;
  • four cabins - two cabins in each float with bathrooms for each pair of cabins.

The master cabin resembles a compact comfortable apartment with a bedroom and a living room (do not forget that we are on a catamaran!) A high ceiling, a comfortable double bed 1.6x2 m with a locker, a panoramic window, shelves - this is how the sleeping area of this “apartment” looks like.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

In the living area there is a soft sofa and a wardrobe for outerwear. It also has natural light through the porthole.

At the entrance to the bathroom, you can see cabinets and shelves. The shower and toilet are quite comfortable to use.

The forward guest cabin has a smaller bed but plenty of storage space and natural light through the porthole. The aft cabin has the same size bed as the master cabin.

In addition to a shared bathroom with a shower and toilet, guests in the guest cabins can use a freezer for ice cream or drinks.

The huge space on the foredeck fully compensates for the lack of a flybridge. With plenty of reclining mattresses and loungers and a table with recesses for glasses and bottles, this sunbathing area is a great place to spend time with family or friends.

Fountain Pajot MY 4.S

Under the mattresses there is a large locker, which acts as a chain box and contains a water tank, you can also store a cockpit table here. The perimeter railings are made entirely of 22 mm stainless steel tube, which provides additional safety for the passengers of the motor yacht MY 4.S.

It is an ideal catamaran for family cruising due to its stability, safety and the ability to reach 800-1000 miles at 7-8 knots.

Congratulations, MY 4.S, for winning in our list too, additional to all the international acceptance. And if you got this far through the article, you should congratulate yourself too: you are a real yacht enthusiast - make sure to not miss out on our next top 5 list then.

Fair winds and following seas to you!

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