Dufour 41 Review

They managed to surprise us again. We're talking about Felci Yacht Design - team of naval architects and designers, who were invited by the shipyard Dufour Yachts to work on a new sailing cruiser Dufour 41 . This time the Umberto Felci’s team joined forces with the group of interior designers Ardizio Design.

The best boat of 2022, Dufour 37 ( Review ), continues its glorious rise after the stagnation period in the world of sailing and business associated with restrictions due to the pandemic. While she wins more and more awards and breaks sales records, fans of sailing cruises and racing are looking forward to the release of the 12-meter monohull announced at the exhibition in Düsseldorf Dufour 41.

Dufour 41 review

TopRik team, that was present at the reveal of the new sailboat by Dufour Yachts, is also looking forward to getting into the cockpit of the new Dufour, testing it thoroughly from mast to engine room, deck to cabins, transom to bowsprit, and out to sea under its sails.

And to brighten up this expectation, we will conduct a virtual test of the Dufour 41. To do this, we used all the materials that the shipyard has provided to date for yachtsmen and dealers present at the presentation of the yacht, which was held as part of one of the largest closed exhibitions of yachts and boats in the world Boot Dusseldorf 2023: videos, booklets, detailed layouts, etc.

Let's start with the main technical characteristics.

Features of Dufour 41

  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Hull type: Sailing yacht
  • Overall length, m: 11.88
  • Width, m: 3.96
  • Draft, m: 1.82
  • Keel weight, T: 2.6
  • Water tanks, l: 250
  • Exterior design (Architect): Felci Yacht Design
  • Interior design: Ardizio Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Engine, HP: 50
  • Fuel tanks, l: 250
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Dufour 41 Review by topRik Team

First, we immediately evaluate the exterior, that is, we determine those changes in the contours of the hull, dimensions and other details that affect seaworthiness and comfort on board.

First Look

The raised stern is the first thing you notice. This is an understandable innovation - it was necessary to reduce the area of the wetted surface, which was formed by increasing the length of the yacht. In this way, due to the innovative design of the waterlines, the maneuverability of the boat, its performance and speed characteristics under various sailing conditions are improved.

Dufour 41 review

And if the increase in the dimensions of the boat caused trouble for naval architects, then this increase in size provided the designers with the opportunity to provide the yacht with additional side windows. This not only gave the exterior dynamism, but also added natural light to the cabins.

A characteristic feature of the Dufours - a significantly protruding bowsprit - remained in place. This is a decoration of the boat and at the same time a utilitarian detail - the anchor chain passes through it, excluding damage to the hull when raising or lowering the anchor. But its main task, like any bowsprit, is to increase the yacht's sail area by moving the sail center forward. This improves the maneuverability and stability of the sailboat, and increases the speed it can develop.

It is not surprising that we compare the new model with its predecessors and, of course, first of all with the Dufour 37. Because at first glance at the stern we see a lot in common with this model. We were pleased that the folding wings remained on both sides. This not only makes it easier to climb into the cockpit - on the 360 model, the absence of such a wing on the port side was an inconvenience when steering. It was impossible to sit down in a corner, resting comfortably on your back and legs. Now you can do it both for the right and for the left helm.

It is difficult to assess by eye how the width of the yacht has changed - according to the manufacturer, another 10 cm were added to the width (already quite large) of the previous model 37. It is interesting what naval architects will achieve, providing maximum comfort in such small yachts as latest Dufours.

And if we turn to the statements of the shipyard, it is worth noting one more thing before boarding. A single rudder is connected to two cockpit helms – this solution was designed to reduce hydrodynamic drag and make the boat easier to steer and has already become part of the Dufour Yacht's DNA. We can safely say this, since the topRik team visited almost all the latest shipyard models with such management organization - 360 , 390 , 412 , 430 , 470 , 37 .

Well, let's summarize the exterior of the Dufour 41 in comparison with the Dufour 37:

the dimensions are increased along the length and width of the body, and, consequently, along the height of the interior;

the center of the sail is also moved forward due to the bowsprit, which allows you to increase the speed under sail;

raising the stern and other changes in the design of the waterlines are aimed at improving seaworthiness;

two handwheels and one rudder blade make the control easier;

additional side windows provide additional natural light.

Well, after the first glance, you should take the first step. It can be done, as on the 37th model, by folding the narrowed platform. On the new yacht, the sparing dimensions of the platform were also left, designed to keep the hinges and the transom itself intact. We could see the same set of amenities as on the predecessor: a small stainless-steel ladder for launching into the water, a locker for a raft, folding wings that transform into seats when lowered, and wide steps that provide easy access to the cockpit even for people with large feet.

First Step

And complete déjà vu, as we remember very well how, during testing of the Dufour 37 we were welcomed by folding wings on both sides. We quickly appreciated that this improved the comfort of the helmsman at the left helm.

Dufour 41 review

And of course, no one was left indifferent by the innovative panels on the steering wheels, which housed the tachometer, autopilot and thruster control panels. But, I remember, our cheers subsided somewhat when we saw the location of the chartplotter on the end of the table in the cockpit. We thought that was a bit far and could have been placed on this new steering panel, where there was enough room for at least a 7-inch screen.

And what about the Dufour 41? Yes! They did it! Take a look: the chartplotter can be placed on both panels, and the screen size, is not limited to 7 inches. You can quickly display maps of the route while standing at the helm, and your assistant at the left helm can monitor the state of the seabed and the presence of fish if you intend to go fishing. And if you have a more powerful echo sounder, you can look for sunken objects.

Dufour 41 review

Of course, the brand and size of the chartplotter is an option, the owner of the yacht can order the model that he is used to. The topRik marketplace provides a large selection of nautical displays. Our experts will select you a chartplotter that will exactly match all the parameters and tasks you specify.

Everything else - with the exception of the size of the cockpit itself - is practically unchanged. Two pairs of winches are in the same place: behind the helms and on the roof of the wheelhouse along the sides. The halyards and everything connected to them pass through the winches in the wheelhouse and return to them, a position from which they are all perfectly well controlled, remaining protected in the cockpit. Nothing hangs, sticks out or gets under your feet or hands.

And pay attention to that large bench that is formed from the wings, including behind the helmsman. If you wish, you can even lie down here if the sofas on the sides of the table are occupied. By the way, the sofas around the table have also changed in shape and size. The table is just as big and just as folding. If necessary, this cockpit will freely accommodate 10 people, as the shipyard claims.

During real testing at this stage, we usually check the operation of the grill, that is, we sit down with the whole company at the laid out table in the cockpit and have lunch before going to sea. And after testing the boat under sail, we rest in the cabins...

To Cabins Through the Saloon

And once again - YES! The developers took into account the regret of many yachtsmen about the uncomfortable, in their opinion, shape of the galley in the Dufour 37 – L shape. Part of the topRik crew also agrees. To their delight, the Dufour 41 has a linear galley in the saloon along the starboard side. It has this configuration and location in all versions. Here, without bumping into each other, two people can move around while cooking. And the table will accommodate a company of up to 10 people. Judging by the configuration of the table and its powerful "leg", it transforms into a bed for two people.

Dufour 41 review

The table is surrounded by sofas on three sides, with a soft bench on the fourth. It looks very compact and cozy.

Interior trim with natural wood veneer offers options for lovers of the classics and those who prefer a lighter interior. Bleached oak and mahogany are the choice of designers for this purpose and the rest depends on the buyer’s taste.

Dufour 41 review

The salon is filled with light through the side and ceiling windows. This natural lighting, the view of the sea and the view of the sails overhead is a very good solution, which we appreciated in previous models. It's great that such a saloon solution is becoming an integral part of Dufour's DNA.

We pass from the saloon to the owner's cabin in the bow of the yacht.

Dufour 41 review

The developers did a great job with the increased space and volumes. This small yacht is offered in four different cabin layouts. In any of them you will have two aft cabins, a large saloon with galley and dining area, storage and technical rooms.

Layout 1

  • Berths 8
  • Cabins 3
  • Heads 3
  • Utility Room Yes
  • Kitchen Fore-and-aft

Dufour 41 review

Layout 2

  • Berths 8
  • Cabins 3
  • Heads 3
  • Utility Room No - instead of her separate toilet
  • Kitchen Fore-and-aft

Dufour 41 review

Layout 3

  • Berths 10
  • Cabins 4
  • Heads 2
  • Utility Room Yes
  • Kitchen Fore-and-aft

Dufour 41 review

Layout 4

  • Berths 10
  • Cabins 4
  • Heads 2
  • Utility Room No - instead of her separate toilet
  • Kitchen Fore-and-aft

Dufour 41 review

As you can see, you can choose from extra storage space, an extra shower room, or a full toilet.

The charter option is distinguished by the absence of a large owner's cabin. Instead, in the bow, you can have two cabins for two berths each.

I remember we wondered how in the model 37 the developers managed to make such a large and comfortable owner's cabin. But what they've done with the Dufour 41 is incredible. The cabin contains not only an island double bed, but also a large bathroom with a shower, washbasin and toilet, as well as a spacious wardrobe for storing clothes. Under the bed there is also a large storage space for bedsheets. Small things and books can be arranged on shelves and wall cabinets or on a special tray.

Finish of the cabins, as well as the saloon, is available in two tones - natural bleached oak or mahogany veneer.

Dufour 41 review

And now let's walk along the deck, which in many ways resembles the previous model, yet the side decks are, of course, wider. This will add safety when moving from stern to bow and back, although we did not find it difficult to navigate the decks on the previous model.

The length of the Dufour 41 made it possible to place additional lockers in the bow. Access to the anchor box is still from the inside. Same as in 37, we remember that a control panel for the anchor chain is located near the helm.

And of course, I'm very glad that they abandoned the solid side fender, replacing it with a bulwark - it took a lot of time to wash this element before. Although this replacement was made not so much to please lazy sailors, but to connect the deck to the hull.

It is clearly visible that part of the running rigging is hidden - this not only provides greater safety for movement and unloads the deck, but also protects the hidden halyards from the effects of sea salt and moisture.

Dufour 41 review

Pioneers in the field of fiberglass hulls for sailboats, Dufour have remained true to themselves in the new model. This makes it possible to provide smooth hull lines and excellent aerodynamic characteristics, which in turn improves the performance of the boat.

Mast placement is the same as previous models. The center of the windage is moved forward, which is possible thanks to the bowsprit. This allows you to increase the sail area, in particular, by installing downwind sails. Bowsprit and rollers are usually already installed on the Dufour.

Since the automatic jib’s travel trail is visible on the layout, it can be argued that it is provided in the basic equipment. Discuss all the features of sailing rig and rigging with our experts before buying a Dufour 41. All of them are practicing sailors and will give you comprehensive qualified recommendations.

With this, we finish our virtual test.

Advantages of Dufour 41

From what we have been able to find out from reliable sources, the Dufour 41 largely repeats the main characteristics of its predecessor, so that all of them can be written down as the merits of the new boat.

  1. Reliability and safety due to the production of the hull by infusion, the use of high-quality materials for all parts of the hull and other parts of the boat: fiberglass, resin, stainless steel, etc.
  2. Quality through careful selection of instruments, motors, tanks, electronics, textiles, etc. from the best manufacturers of marine equipment and accessories .
  3. Multivariance due to the ability to customize the configuration of the yacht to your own taste, ranging from the choice of finishes in bleached oak or mahogany to the configuration of cabins with a choice of 6 to 10 beds.
  4. Multifunctionality due to the formation of an internal space that can be designed for a lone nature lover, a small family, a group of friends who love speed under sail or the organization of charters.
  5. Thoughtful comfort on board for life as a passenger or skipper.
  6. Transformations for ease of steering the yacht, including a convenient location of the helms, the appearance of tool panels on them and even folding wings that convert into comfortable seats.
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But the Dufour 41 will also have a number of changes that we would attribute to the advantages of this particular model, even compared to the 37th:

  • the most spacious cockpit for boats of this size, which improves movement and, in addition to additional comfort, makes it easier to control the yacht, opening up easy access to the winches on the saloon roof;
  • moving the chartplotter to the helm;
  • increasing the volume of living space in all 3 dimensions.

Dufour 41 review

Reviews of Dufour 41 From Professionals

The shipyard has released a virtual presentation of the Dufour 41 under the motto "Instinctive sailing". And immediately stated that the new design provides a comfortable life on board in the open air.

At over 12 meters in length, this innovative yacht has a cockpit that is comparable to that of the aft area of a much larger boat.

The shipyard claims that the experience of the developers who are passionate about sailing makes it possible to guarantee excellent sailing thanks to the know-how implemented.

The Dufour 41 retains the DNA of the Dufour brand . This is an updated vintage that brings modernity, an abundance of light and many innovations. The new cruising sailboat offers a well-organized space that makes it easy and safe to move around on board. Reliable and efficient, the Dufour 41 will deftly cross seas and oceans.

The shipyard claims that the new model is multi-variant: buyers can choose from three versions, two cabin layouts and even different styles due to the change in interior trim.

“With this boat, we have gone even further in developing a new concept started with the Dufour 37: to offer high performance sailboats with wonderful volume”.

"Dufour 41 is the new French cruiser (12m) with an Italian touch" – that’s the title of the review from Dusseldorf interdisciplinary designer Doi de Luise.

The author noted that Boot Düsseldorf 2023 was the perfect opportunity for Dufour Yachts to launch a new model in the range with dimensions of 12.75 x 4.30 m. The new Dufour 41, according to Doi De Luise, will be a worthy successor to the previous models 390 and 412, which, along with the Dufour 37, continue the selection of Dufour's DNA , keeping the best and adding innovations that improve the brand.

The author noted that the new yacht promises comfort for living, since ¾ of the above-deck space is given to the spacious saloon, and the cockpit is huge and ergonomic. At the same time, the developers did not leave aside the seaworthiness and sporting qualities inherent in the brand. The new model really caters to all tastes, especially when you consider that the model range of this yacht is presented in three versions: Adventure, Ocean and Performance.

Doi De Luise thinks that the concept of the shipyard is perfectly embodied in this model, which was developed by Felci Yacht Design (naval architecture) and Ardizio Design (interiors). The team was able to create a 12.75 m yacht that satisfies the growing market demand for high performance yet comfortable cruising sailboats.

As a result, the exterior and interior have been redesigned to increase above and below deck space with a large cockpit and roomy cabins and saloon, making life on board much easier.

The author expressed the hope that the replacement of diesel engines with electric ones also fits into this concept, as the shipyard constantly demonstrates a growing attention to the environmental issues.

Video Reviews of Dufour 41

Here’s some videos which demonstrate the progressive design and new interior solutions of the model 41.

More rendered exteriors and interiors:


During the review, we noted not only the excellent seaworthiness of the boat, which is important for fans of high-speed sailing, but also the comfort of life on board. This is definitely an urgent requirement of the market - you can be ironic as much as you like about yachtsmen who are prone to maximum comfort, but you can’t argue with facts. Dufour Yachts was one of the first to notice this trend and began to create boats that meet the requirements of those who want to combine sailing romance with comfort on a long cruise.

The latest model is no exception, on the contrary, thanks to increased volumes and intuitive and easy operation, Dufour 41 is suitable for everyone who:

  • loves speed under sail;
  • seeks to retire, be left alone with nature;
  • prefers family holidays on the water in comfort and safety;
  • wants a reliable and high-speed cruiser for traveling with friends;
  • rents out boats, organizes charters and other types of business related to sea travel.

Among the experts of our marketplace there are all the above categories of yachtsmen, so when choosing Dufour 41 for sale, you will always receive the most comprehensive recommendations on choosing a yacht configuration for the purposes you specified.

Where to Buy Dufour 41 at a Bargain Price

TopRik marketplace provides all types of services related to the delivery of sailing and motor yachts, inflatable boats, related marine equipment and accessories. You only make a choice, we do the rest:

  • we advise on all issues that arise when choosing, buying and delivering a yacht;
  • we select Dufour 41 in exactly the configuration you declared;
  • choose a convenient and profitable payment method that suits you;
  • deliver Dufour 41 to the agreed point within the time specified by you;
  • we provide the yacht with additional equipment, textiles and accessories;
  • if necessary, we conduct a training course at yachting school SimpleSail for the IYT certificate Yacht Training Course "International Bareboat Skipper".

Dufour 41 review

When you decide to buy Dufour 41, contact our employees using the feedback function of the marketplace, call or leave us a message - all contacts are listed on the website. We are happy to continue helping our clients for many years after the first purchase.

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