TOP 10 Best Monohull Sailboats 2024

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best single-hull sailboats (yachts) for 2024, which will be in demand on the market in the near future and stand out from other models thanks to well-thought-out and innovative solutions. All the sailing yachts we have chosen are modern in design and have all the necessary equipment on board.

Why are there 10? Because it is impossible to unambiguously single out only one best yacht. Selection criteria depend on the purpose of the sailing trips, budget and personal preferences.

If the yacht is intended for a regatta, more sporty boats with excellent performance should be considered, such as Hanse 458, Dufour 430 or X-Yachts X4³ for top regattas.

If you are going on a cruise with a large group, choose spacious yachts with four cabins. These can be the same Hanse 458 and Dufour 430, as well as Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 and Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 with four full cabins, Elan E6 is also a good choice. Yachts with such characteristics are also ideal for charters.

We based the top 10 best monohull sailboats list of 2023 on our own personal experience and opinion. So don't be surprised if your favorite brand or model isn't mentioned here - it may be just because that particular model didn’t get into our hands yet.


Dufour 430

Dufour 430
  • Deck construction: Injection
  • Overall length, m: 13.24
  • Max beam, m: 4.30
  • Engine power, HP: 49,3 cv
  • Light displacement, kg: 9700
  • Fuel tank capacity, l: 250
  • Sail area, m²: 92
  • Genoa, m²: 40
  • Hull length, m: 12.50
  • Draft, m: 2.10 (1.75 opt.)
  • Water tank capacity, l: 430
  • Mainsail, m²: 52
Dufour 430 for Sale

Connoisseurs of comfort on board buy a Dufour 430 sailing yacht for both family cruises and regattas. It is ergonomic and easy to operate. Her decks and rooms impress with spaciousness, which guarantees the safety of movement. This makes it attractive for boating with children.

Architect Umberto Felci managed to raise the saloon roof and widen the stern without adding too much weight to the yacht. At the same time, he retained the high seaworthiness and performance of the vessel, which distinguishes all the latest models of the shipyard.

>>> Full Review Dufour 430 <<<

For sailboats of this size, ideal comfort has been created for passengers and crew: cozy recreation areas, places for joint dinners, swimming, sunbathing and even solitude if needed.

The layout of comfortable spacious cabins is chosen by the buyer from two versions - for the personal ownership and for the charter:

  • with 3 cabins - the owner's cabin with a bathroom and two cabins with a shared bathroom;
  • three 2-berth cabins and an extra pullman cabin (charter option);

The first version has an L-shaped galley, while the second version has a straight galley along the wall.

The famous shipyard Dufour Yachts allows the buyer to choose the complete set of sailing equipment, depending on your sailing plans. You can choose from two ready-made solutions - standard (mainsail and genoa) or with additional options.

The deck along the sides and in the bow is free from halyards - they are located on the roof of the wheelhouse. Sheet carriage is also there. And winches are located near the control post. This layout provides easy management of the yacht by yourself.

The performance improvements of the Grand Large cruise line models do not compromise the level of comfort provided to cruisers.

You do not have to solve a complex puzzle by putting the minimum of necessary things in a suitcase - you can take everything that you are used to taking on a cruise. On deck, in the cabins and saloon, there are plenty of storage spaces - wardrobes, cabinets, lockers.

A mobile platform on the transom is a private beach for sunbathing and swimming or a way to expand the cockpit area for an outdoor party.

Beneteau Oceanis 40.1

Beneteau Oceanis 40.1
  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Overall length, m: 12.87
  • Overall length, ft: 40
  • Width, m: 4.18
  • Water tanks, l: 235
  • Mainsail type: Furling
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 34.70
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 26.90
  • Code 0 area, sq.m.: 61.10
  • Engine: 45 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 195
Oceanis 40.1 for Sale

Sailing yacht Oceanis 40.1 offers the essentials for family cruisers and charter boats - a well-organized, safe and spacious space. At the same time, this model is known for its speed and maneuverability.

Architect Marc Lombard turned his attention to the most popular areas for passengers - the cockpit and saloon, as well as what’s most important for the crew - sailing equipment and management organization. Not wanting to solve some problems at the expense of others, he got the best result for a family cruiser:

  • saloon - roomy and bright thanks to the hatches, with a C-shaped galley;
  • cockpit - large and wide, with steering wheels and seats for helmsmen and also high railings at the helm to protect against falling;
  • two rudder blades provide excellent control and responsiveness to steering wheel movements;
  • two handwheels made of stainless steel provide easy control;
  • options for improved handling (composite helms, First Line sports kit, etc.) expand the possibilities of the yacht.

On the transom, deck, and under the navigational seat, there are lockers where the anchor chain, rigging, raft and other equipment are placed. The hinged transom makes it easy to enter the yacht from the stern.

Bowsprit, visually lengthening the hull, high freeboard (1.4 m) and long chines are not there only for the sake of beauty. The bowsprit is an additional place for attaching rigging and bringing forward the center of sail. A high side and an elongated chine prevent waves from flooding the deck and ensure the safety of passengers. All of these details also enhance the maneuverability and performance of the Oceanis 40.1.

The interior layout version can be selected from several options depending on the purpose of the voyage. Standard is 2 cabins with 1 latrine. Version of 3 cabins + 1 latrine is also accessible, as well as with one or two double aft cabins.

The galley has plenty of cabinets and shelves, all the necessary kitchen equipment, including a 190 liter refrigerator.

Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 is an excellent family cruising yacht, at the helm of which you feel calm and confident.

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1
  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Overall length, m: 14.60
  • Overall length, ft: 46
  • Width, m: 4.5
  • Draft, m: 1.75
  • Water tanks, l: 370
  • Mainsail type: Furling
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 44.5
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 40.42
  • Engine: 57 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 200
Oceanis 46.1 for Sale

Monohull sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 was rewarded with the proud title “European Yacht of the Year” in the cruising yachts category. Winning this yacht Oscar equivalent just after the world premiere is no coincidence for Beneteau.

We know this from practical experience - after all, our SimpleSail fleet, which is serviced by the topRik team, includes about a dozen sailboats from this manufacturer. The sailing monohull Oceanis 46.1 has made it to our top list because it embodies all the advantages of a cruising sailing yacht with the maximum balance between comfort, convenient layout and impressive sea performance.

Take a look at this stepped hull design, which provides a spacious interior without sacrificing boat performance. This design takes inspiration in many ways from its predecessor, the 51.1 hull, and allows the most of the cockpit width to accommodate two helms and leave plenty of room for free movement while sailing or for relaxing and dining at the fold-out table.

Small crew is enough to maneuver the Oceanis 46.1 thanks to:

  • furling the mainsail into the mast;
  • self-aligning jib;
  • centralized connection of all halyards and sheets to each of the winches at the control stations;
  • well-equipped mast, one meter higher than the standard one;
  • an increase in the sail area by 28%;
  • Harken deck fittings;
  • deep keel with lead bulb, which reduces water resistance.

Naval architects and designers from Pascal Conq and Nauta Design have ensured a comfortable stay on board the Oceanis 46.1 for both crew and passengers.

In addition to a spacious cockpit that seats up to 8 people at the table, the yacht's inhabitants get a spacious saloon, two comfortable aft cabins with double beds and a master cabin, which are incredible in comfort and space for boats of this size. The owner's cabin has a private bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Depending on the use of the yacht, you can choose a different layout configuration - from a luxurious version of a cruising sailboat with three cabins to a charter version with five cabins and three latrines.

Reclining transom platform expands the possibilities for recreation on the water.

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1
  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Overall length, m: 15.43
  • Overall length, ft: 51
  • Width, m: 4.8
  • Displacement, T: 13.93
  • Water tanks, l: 440
  • Mainsail type: Furling
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 45
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 46.1
  • Engine: 80 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 200
Oceanis 51.1 for Sale

The sailing cruising yacht Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 is the older sister of the 46.1. Not surprisingly, with all its excellent performance, 51.1 definitely deserves a spot in our list. After all, this yacht has become a kind of testing ground for innovations, in particular, the stepped hull characteristic of both models.

Being one and a half meters longer than her younger sister, Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 loses a little in speed, because it is much heavier, but it is not inferior in the comfort of life on board, and in some places even surpasses it. For example, in terms of choice: you can equip a cabin for the skipper or place a sail storage location in this compartment behind the anchor box.

The Oceanis 51.1 has become a bestseller in its class right away - almost a hundred hulls were sold in the first year. Two double cabins can be accommodated in her voluminous bow, which is impossible for 46.1. If you really need 4-5 cabins, definitely choose the 51.1.

By the way, this fairly large sailboat is easy and fun to drive, which is a given with Beneteau at this point. Sure, tacking is not as easy as the 46.1, but don't forget that we're comparing the best with the great, so you can't go wrong either way.

But you can always take it to the next level by adding an optional aluminum mast and a pair of electric winches to the standard version with an automatic jib and furling mainsail. By the way, the developers offer more than 700 customization combinations, so you can refer to our calculator, which you can find on the Sale of Oceanis 51.1 page – by using it you can estimate the cost of your own version of this yacht.

The cruising sailboat Oceanis 51.1, of course, received its solid portion of nominations and titles of prestigious yachting awards, including the European Yacht of the Year, British Yachting Awards, Barca dell’Anno and others. One of the defining characteristics for the members of the jury was an unprecedented balance of excellent sea performance and a high level of comfort for both the crew and passengers of the vessel.

Dufour 61

Dufour 61
  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Overall length, m: 19.22
  • Overall length, ft: 62
  • Width, m: 5.48
  • Draft, m: 2.8
  • Water tanks, l: 880
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 104
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 66
  • Engine: 180 hp
  • Fuel tanks, l: 780
Dufour 61 for Sale

Another specimen with a pronounced Dufour's DNA in our ranking is the performance offshore cruiser Dufour 61. This design project by Felci Yachts is the representative of the range of cruising sailing yachts of the Dufour Yachts shipyard with a significant size range. At over 19 meters long, the Dufour 61 exhibits a unique ease of sailing and maneuvering for its size.

The full crew of topRik took participation in testing of the boat and found that the handling of this yacht is almost instinctive, with the stern grill and imposing transom beach platform being just a few of the many extras.

Another specimen with a pronounced Dufour's DNA in our ranking is the performance offshore cruiser Dufour 61. This design project by Felci Yachts is the representative of the range of cruising sailing yachts of the Dufour Yachts shipyard with a significant size range. At over 19 meters long, the Dufour 61 exhibits a unique ease of sailing and maneuvering for its size.

The full crew of topRik took participation in testing of the boat and found that the handling of this yacht is almost instinctive, with the stern grill and imposing transom beach platform being just a few of the many extras.

The comfort, that is unparalleled for yachts of this size, is provided on Dufour 61 thanks to:

  • a large number of seating areas on deck, which are located in the cockpit, bow and on the roof of the saloon;
  • moving the mainsail attachment, which freed up the passage between the gangway and the cockpit, expanded the space for convenient movement of the crew;
  • the ability to choose the configuration of the galley and its location - move it to the port side from the gangway or integrate it into the saloon;
  • aft and overhead portholes that provide natural light and ventilation of the saloon and cabins.

In addition to choosing the configuration and placement of the galley, the future owner can choose the option of organizing the space below deck, which depends on the usage of the Dufour 61 - for active yachting, for sailing alone or in a small company, with a family, as well as for organizing charters.

If you want to practice configuring your yacht right now, go to the Dufour 61 for sale or review pages and use the built-in calculators. Choose from two aft cabins and a large forward master cabin with independent entry, en-suite bathroom and walk-in shower, and plenty of storage space, essential for long cruising.

And if you are planning the number of passengers and crew of more than 6-8 people, choose a layout with 4 cabins. In both cases, it is possible to turn the folding table in the saloon into extra beds for 2 people.


  • Brand: J/Boats
  • Overall length, m: 6.93
  • Overall length, ft: 23
  • Width, m: 2.25
  • Draft, m: 1.5
  • Displacement, T: 0.794
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Genoa
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 11.47
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 9.55
  • Engine: outboard
  • CE Certification: C
J/Boats J/70 for Sale

After our warm review of this boat, topRik team's preference for this boat cannot be hidden. We have repeatedly participated in J/70 class regattas, we learned of all the features of the yacht in practice in different weather conditions and believe that it’s a must in our list.

Just two numbers are enough to confirm our choice: almost 2000 yachtsmen in 30 countries of the world own the offshore racing sailboat J/70 and their number continues to grow every year. It’s never late to join us!

Immediately after its world premiere at the Düsseldorf show, this boat from the American manufacturer J/Boats received the title of European Yacht of the Year 2013, collecting nominations for the best boat of the year in the US and UK.

We warn you right away that this 7-meter sailboat is not for comfortable cruising in luxurious surroundings. Everything here serves performance, including the modest design below deck, where you can only count on a V-shaped sleeper for two.

But the cockpit, spacious for racing monohulls, compensates for this with enough seats so that the regatta team can comfortably move around to control the boat.

The advantage of this sailboat is that, with the necessary experience, it can be easily handled even in a solo voyage. And if your family prefers active recreation on the water, you can arrange fun races where only the wind will become your rival, and you do not have to strive for record speeds. By the way, our experience shows that those are achievable even with a crew of two people, if the wind speed allows.

In terms of innovation, the J/70 is J/Boats' first lifting keel racer. This design ushered in a new era in organized world sailing. Here we should also mention the carbon fiber mast, which is based on carbon fiber nanotubes. It is very easy to mount and when assembled does not exceed 25 kg together with the stepped base. The rigging includes a square-topped mainsail, a roller-furling jib and a retractable bowsprit gennaker.


  • Brand: J/Boats
  • Overall length, m: 10
  • Overall length, ft: 33
  • Width, m: 3.4
  • Draft, m: 2.1
  • Displacement, T: 3.9
  • Water tanks, l: 100
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Genoa
  • Engine: 20 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 50
  • CE Certification: A
J/Boats J/99 for Sale

J/99 offshore racing cruiser caught came to our attention because J/Composites marine engineers managed to create a sailboat that is stunning in performance and has surprising comfort on board, which allowed it to win every award possible in year of its release. It was named the best boat of the year by the SAIL jury team, the best crossover by Sailing World, and the best yacht according to the British Yachting Awards.

But the attention of the topRik team was attracted mainly due to the description of the yacht from the manufacturer: “Fast, Fun Offshore Speedster". Why is a regatta boat named speedster? We think you already know if you have read our reviews of J/Boats’ yachts. The shipyard's naval architects are developing their Sport range so that monohull sailboats of this series can be effectively used by both regatta lovers and fans of solo sailing or family sailing activities.

Therefore, the future owner can literally assemble a J/99 yacht exactly according to their needs. You can do it right now, on the page of our marketplace dedicated to this model. Use it to select standard and optional elements, choosing the version you need:

  • steering wheel control;
  • tiller control;
  • with one balanced rudder or with two rudders;
  • keel option - convex or simple;
  • configuration with berths designed for a crew of 2 to 4 people;
  • version for a crew of 8 to participate in a regatta or for charters;
  • a symmetrical or asymmetric version of the spinnaker, etc.

During the testing and subsequent operation of the sailboat J/99, the topRik regatta team was convinced from their own experience that the boat is indeed fast and fun. She couldn't be any different with this rig and a custom-designed extended mast with a stiffer section, a fixed carbon fiber bowsprit and a low keel with a vertical center of gravity that gives the yacht unparalleled stability. The design of the keel and rudder allows for quick and easy tacking in accordance with changing wind conditions.

topRik's experienced skipper with only one crewmate proved that this is an easy-to-handle speedster that offers the solo yachtsman an exciting connection to the ocean.


  • Brand: J/Boats
  • Overall length, m: 11
  • Overall length, ft: 36
  • Width, m: 3.29
  • Draft, m: 2.2
  • Displacement, T: 4.25
  • Water tanks, l: 100
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Genoa
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 37
  • Engine: 21 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 70
J/Boats J/111 for Sale

Another topRik team favorite from J/Boats is the 11-meter offshore racing sailboat J/111. With all its excellent offshore performance as a racing yacht with a crew of up to 8 people, it is also an easy speedster to handle even one experienced skipper.

This is now normal for the Sport range. No one is surprised anymore that in the regattas of the IRC/ORC division, a racing crossover J/111 wins prizes or is in the lead. At the same time, the number of applications for this yacht in the version for a solo yachtsman or a family holiday is still not decreasing, but tending to grow. Active (sometimes even very active) sailing is becoming more and more attractive, and the boats of the J Class series are the most consistent with this trend.

The opinion of topRik team, based on practical experience, and numerous fans of the boat is confirmed by the recognition of professionals: J/111 is a nominee for the most prestigious yacht awards Best Boats Award and Boat of the Year.

Unique carbon nanotube technology used when making a particularly strong, rigid and extended mast is already firmly established in the DNA of the J Class boat. This helps to use a solid sailing wardrobe with a total area of over 200 m² with a furling mainsail, genoa and an asymmetric spinnaker.

The single spade rudder is steered by a cockpit helm with a diameter of more than 1.5 meters. The keel of the boat is a fin with a bulb, equipped with a seaweed cutter.

Immediately behind the helm and on the roof of the cabin there are winches with easy access. The helm station has foot rests on both sides of the helm, which makes it easier to manage the yacht from a sitting position.

This is one of the most comfortable boats in the series, although fans of luxury yacht cruises may be disappointed. But we warned: the boat is sharpened for speed, so the level of comfort corresponds. There is an isolated place to rest - a cabin with a large double bed. More sleeping places can be equipped in the saloon: one for two people - under the stairs and a single bed on two sofas.

You can choose a configuration with an equipped galley, which includes a refrigerator, grill, sink and cabinets for food storage.

Dufour 37

Dufour 37
  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Overall length, m: 10.77
  • Overall length, ft: 35
  • Width, m: 3.8
  • Draft, m: 1.9
  • Displacement, T: 6.747
  • Water tanks, l: 180
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 33
  • Engine: 18.8 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 160
Dufour 37 for Sale

Certainly not a single rating dedicated to Monohull Sailboats , can not ignore the racing yachts of the Dufour shipyard Yachts . And to include the Dufour 37 in our rating, it is enough that it is recognized by Boat of the Year 2022. And the topRik team's own experience highly appreciates the sporty character of this boat with increased comfort.

Having tested this boat, we acknowledge that the shipyard has achieved success in fulfilling its ambitious plan. Its developers have provided an opportunity for all fans of sailing cruises to get a yacht with excellent sea performance and the most comfortable living conditions on board at an affordable price. Moreover, the future owner can configure these conditions based on their preferences. And you can do it right now on any of the Dufour 37 pages using the built-in calculator.

It has become a tradition to compare the new boat with its predecessors. In case of model 37 they are great - these are the Dufour 350 and 360 with their formidable sales records. And the Dufour 37 also has nothing to complain about in this regard - hundreds of applications testify to the success of the model, which immediately followed the world premiere of the sailboat.

Of the innovations, improvements and simply changes compared to its predecessors, we note the following:

  • change in the design of the stern with the addition of two dry lockers;
  • reduction in the size of the transom platform;
  • carbon helm have been replaced with lighter plastic ones;
  • panels with instruments and sensors appeared at the control posts;
  • the fender is replaced by a bulwark;
  • to strengthen the rigidity of the entire structure of the yacht, the hull is glued to the deck in a new way;
  • the space below deck has been increased, which allowed to increase the height and area of the master cabin.

But the main characteristics of Dufour 's DNA were preserved. Almost unchanged, the aft galley with a sink, grill or planche was moved here. The same folding table in the cockpit just got a chartplotter on the side facing the helm.

The layout below deck is also inherited from the older brother - Dufour 470:

  • the two cabin version includes a master cabin in the bow with bathroom and closet and a cabin with a double bed;
  • version with three cabins - this is an option with a division of the area of the master cabin into two ordinary ones;
  • two additional beds can be equipped in the cabin by folding out the folding table. This will make it possible to increase the number of passengers in the first option - up to 6, and in the second - up to 8 people.

Sailing monohull cruiser Dufour 37 is CE certified A, which, together with excellent seaworthiness and comfort level, allows it to be used for family offshore sailing, long distance sailings in a large company or in speed competitions, like mixed regattas.

New Yachts for Sale Brokerage Yachts and Boats


Bavaria C45

The shipyard opened the construction of the C-Line series with this 45-foot yacht, using the vacuum infusion method for the first time. This method of applying a binder under pressure during the manufacturing process of a fiberglass hull eliminates osmosis processes, and also reduces the weight of the boat.

Reducing the weight of the hull made it possible to bring its width to 4.5 m, which, with a length of 14.25 m, provides significant space. Along with this, the high freeboards give the Bavaria C45 a powerful look.

Bavaria C45

The expansion of usable space allows the shipyard to offer a new generation monohull yacht for both personal use and commercial voyages. It is ideal for a large family with children, for a group of friends and for a charter as there are three cabin layouts to choose from:

  • with three cabins - for the owner in the bow with all amenities and a double bed and two large aft cabins with a common latrine and a separate shower room;
  • with four cabins - a separate berth is added in the bow compartment through a partition;
  • with five cabins - the bow compartment is divided into two double berths.

The shipyard offers comfort and safety on the one hand and excellent driving performance on the other. The yacht can be steered from two control stations in the rear cockpit, with 4 winches adjusting the sail setting. From the helm there is an excellent view of the course, sails and all navigational equipment.

A wide deck, a roomy cockpit, a light-filled saloon, a huge bathing platform, cozy cabins with a variety of layouts - everything is designed for comfort and safety for a large number of passengers and convenience for the crew.

You can choose from three options for the Bavaria C45 monohull sailing yacht: Holiday, Style or Ambition.

Hanse 458

The monohull Hanse 458 does not have a free-standing mast. The main bulkhead is a carbon-enhanced composite structure. It provides a rigid and direct connection to the mast keel. This makes the design of the yacht somewhat aggressive, while at the same time turning it into a kind of loft.

Hanse 458

But not only this makes it ideal for family racing and sea travel. Quality, performance and comfort - these are the three directions in which the creative imagination of the designers and builders of the shipyard moved.

Hanse 458 allows you to choose from two layout versions. They include six to eight cozy beds, plus extra beds in the spacious saloon if there are too many guests.

The standard Hanse 458 living arrangement includes:

  • 2 aft cabins with double bed and storage space;
  • saloon with L-galley and dining area aft, living room with chart table and shower on the port side;
  • master cabin with island double bed, storage room and separate shower.

There is a large dining area with sofa and navigation console on the port side, plus a galley that caters for all your worries. Shower room and toilet are also located on the port side.

For Hanse 458, there are two medium layouts. The first one is standard. The second one gives you the division of the mother-cabin into two with two berths. In this case, access to the shower and bathroom with toilet will be available from the sleeping area or the main cabin.

Huge cockpit with twin steering wheels at the stern. All cables run aft under the shelter, exit next to the ladder and lead to the winches at the entrance to the cockpit. Together with the hatches that do not protrude, this produces safety when moving on deck and cockpit.

X-Yachts X4³

The X4³ monohull sailboat is the result of X-Yachts' designers and architects' desire to combine the strengths of their sporty and cruising models, the XC Cruising and XP Performance. The result is the X4³, a yacht that offers high performance, excellent maneuverability with ease of handling, as well as a comfortable living environment thanks to the organization of space on board.

The model was highly appreciated by yachtsmen - its 43-foot hull under sail can be found in the seas of the whole globe. This is due to its versatility - it feels great in regattas and is an excellent option for family trips or charter flights.

In the hull manufacturing process, a technology is involved that has successfully proven itself on previous models. The safety and strength of the design is ensured by the vacuum infusion method that prevents osmosis, as well as the integration of a powerful steel frame into the body.

Maneuverability and performance are improved with the following innovations:

  • changing the contours of the hull due to its lengthening and expansion of the aft sections;
  • extension of the bowsprit, allowing you to take out the sail further;
  • increase in mast height and sail area.

The helms have footrests, which improves visibility for the helmsman and makes it easier to maneuver.

X-Yachts X4³

The cockpit and the deck as a whole have additional protection against water ingress - a wind fairing on the pit and coaming. You can choose a cockpit table variation: a large table with built-in storage or a folding one.

Excellent ventilation and lighting of saloon and cabins is provided by 12 deck hatches and 11 portholes.

You can choose from 4 layout options for cabins and bathrooms: 2 double cabins and 1 bathroom; 2 double cabins and 2 bathrooms; 3 double cabins and 1 bathroom; 3 double cabins and 2 bathrooms.

Elan E6

A hallmark of the E Line sailing yachts over the years has been their dual purpose. The E6 single-hull sailboat from the Elan Yachts shipyard was no exception. It can please both an ambitious racing team and those who love comfortable cruising. No wonder this monohull was nominated for the Performance Yacht of the Year at the 2022 British Yachting Awards.

Among people involved in creation of sailing cruiser-racer model E6 are:

  • Humphreys Yacht Design specialists, who achieved even greater performance and agility;
  • industry-leading specialist Gurit provided high-tech composite technology and pushed it to the next level;
  • Italian automotive designers from Pininfarina company developed exterior and interior aesthetics.

This great team has gone to great lengths to ensure that the E6 is easily handled by not only experienced crew, but just a well-trained couple. Quality of life while handling the yacht is facilitated by three pairs of winches, located so as not to interfere with fast movement. Their set and functional distribution were tested by the Olympic yachting team.

Elan E6

Boom-sheet carriage is accessible from the bottom of the cockpit. The mainsail cables are fed into special boxes on the sides of the cockpit.

The cockpit can be extended with two sizes of bathing platforms to choose from. There is also a grill, a refrigerator, a sink and several lockers of different sizes.

The number of cabins below deck depends on the selected E6 layout option. There can be three or four of them, supplemented by two bathrooms.

Cabins and saloon finish is natural oak veneer with additional elements of solid wood. Optionally, you can order furniture with a unique okoume tropical wood finish.

To date, the E6 monohull sailboat by Elan Yachts has collected 6 awards and nominations, including, in addition to the above mentioned, the European Yacht of the Year and three design awards.

Hallberg-Rassy 40C

The 40C monohull sailboat for the Hallberg-Rassy shipyard was designed by the team of renowned Germán Frers from Naval Architecture & Engineering. We could just leave it there and end up with a very short review this way, since the ingenious developments of Germán Frers are beyond comments and ratings.

Here the architects and designers were faced with the task of combining the characteristics of a racer and a cruiser in one yacht. Every time before that Naval Architecture & Engineering did a great job and the 40C was no exception.

Hallberg-Rassy 40C

Having obtained the expanded dimensions of the hull (width up to 4.18 m and length up to 12.3 m), the engineers used this space to build in two large lockers on the cockpit. The transom can be expanded with a choice of two sizes of bathing platform, which is attached to the hoists, which saves energy consumption.

There are several options for planning aft cabins:

  • standard with two separate beds - double and single with a comfortable sofa between them;
  • optional with king size bed, sofa and dressing table;
  • an optional version that includes, in addition to a different layout of the cabin, a thruster, which greatly facilitates maneuvering when mooring, even in strong headwinds;
  • all versions come with two large storage lockers in the aft area.

You also have a choice of mahogany or oak interiors, a standard or larger galley with a variety of equipment options, a cockpit windshield with a folding shroud or a more robust hard top guardrail.

Every detail is aimed at ensuring high driving performance, including the vertical bow. The bowsprit, due to moving the sail forward, made it possible to increase its area and provide sufficient windage even with a light wind.

Dual compliant helms provide excellent control and maneuverability, and these qualities are enhanced by a heavy lead keel with a low center of gravity.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410

Marc Lombard and his team at Marc Lombard Design, in collaboration with Jean-Marc Piaton at Piaton Yacht Design, have created another masterpiece for the Jeanneau shipyard, the Sun Odyssey 410 monohull sailing yacht. Designers and architects have combined the powerful hull of racing yachts and the comfortable living conditions on board - feels almost like a house. Thus the Sun Odyssey 410 cruiser racer was introduced to the sailing world.

Being on board this sailboat, you can forget that it is primarily a high-performance, maneuverable, high-speed vessel - its space is that comfortably organized, its interior is that thought out and elegant.

Jeanneau gives the future Sun Odyssey 410 owners more freedom of choice:

  • in three versions of keel types: with deep, shallow or lifting keel;
  • in 4 cabin layouts: 2 cabins and 1 bathroom, 2 cabins and 2 bathrooms, 3 cabins and 1 bathroom, 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms;
  • in two wood versions for furniture and finishes: teak or gray cedar;
  • in two engine types: Standard - Yanmar 40CV/23kW Shaft Drive, Optional - Yanmar 45CV/33kW Shaft Drive.

Free movement on deck and free access to the cockpit are the basis for a comfortable stay on board, which was provided by the developments of architects. These areas are free from lines, halyards and sheets. All those go to the winches through the deckhouse roof and coaming.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410

The low position of the boom makes it easier to access the sail, which also allowed for a larger sail area. You can see in this example how developers use features to create maximum comfort without sacrificing performance.

A minimum crew is required to sail the yacht. Convenient and simple control is supported by two sensitive steering wheels in the cockpit. There are also benches, lockers and a folding table. A transom bathing platform helps to expand the space.

A soft ladder from the cockpit to the salon unites two spaces for working, relaxation, dining, swimming and sunbathing with pleasure - in general, living a full and harmonious life on board.

Oyster 495

A perfect Oyster from stern to bow with the shipyard's signature elegance and the combination of comfort and style with high seaworthiness. This is a monohull sailing yacht Oyster 495, which continues and develops the tradition of the shipyard. This time - in the niche of 50-foot sailing yachts for the high seas.

Oyster 495

With high performance, it demonstrates the convenience and ease of operation not only by racing yachtsmen, but also by trained family crew.

The Humphreys Yacht Design team and Oyster's in-house design studio have built on all the achievements of previous designs and added significant innovations:

  • the clear lines of the hull have been preserved, the contours have been improved, which ensures excellent stability and excellent driving performance;
  • the double rudder configuration has been retained, while its sensitivity and obedience have been increased, resulting in easy control even in the most difficult maneuvering conditions;
  • a number of technologies have been added to facilitate the regulation of sailing equipment, such as push-button control of sails, which can be carried out from the helm station, etc.;
  • The navigation station is located in the aisle next to the engine room.

The raised saloon, traditional for boats of the shipyard, is still there. The Oyster 495 has a high freeboard, which, combined with slight protrusions in the bow and stern, provides a blocky hull with a perfectly straight sideline. As we said - style and elegance.

But not only the appearance guided the architects: the high freeboard is the safety of passengers and crew, including a dry deck and reducing the possibility of falling overboard.

The salon is designed for two pairs of adults with the possibility of organizing a mini-cabin with two berths for children in the bow. Two cabins are provided with separate shower cabins.

Sailing monohull Oyster 495 has been nominated for the Oscars of boat building - the European Yacht of the Year 2023.

Solaris 40

The Solaris 40 is a stylish and high performance monohull sailing fiberglass cruiser for warm latitudes designed for Solaris Yachts by Javier Soto Acebal, as are many of the shipyard's latest models. This is an even more advanced version, which affected both the life comfort on the ship and its seaworthiness.

Solaris 40

Much attention has been paid to the improvement of the hull:

  • a light, floating shape of the bow was chosen, with a thin chine, ending in the middle of the hull;
  • the lightness of the bow is balanced by a wide stern, the stability of which is ensured by twin rudders, including during tacking process;
  • bowsprit brings the sail far forward, which allowed to increase its area;

Balanced rigging (mainsail, automated jib and furling gennaker) allows you to accelerate up to 7-10 knots.

Full-length steering racks are located in the cockpit, which provides excellent visibility, including ahead, even with a significant roll. The designer explained this decision and the elimination of side decks at the rear of the cockpit as a desire for helmsmen to feel the same benefits as when driving a racing yacht. He succeeded to the fullest.

From the cockpit you can climb to the deck via a ladder of several steps.

The Solaris 40 has a choice of 30-60 hp engines. For comfortable daily trips, a 350-liter drinking water tank, as well as a 200-liter fuel tank are designed.

You can order one of 2 cabin layout options: three cabins with two bathrooms or two cabins with two bathrooms and a separate shower room. The owner's cabin benefits greatly from the extra width in the bow area.

Natural lighting in the cabin is provided by six windows. To the left of the gangway in the salon is an L-shaped galley with the necessary kitchen equipment. There is also a corner sofa and table. To the right of the ladder are a chart table and a straight sofa.

The Roseo Design team designed interiors for the Solaris 40 monohull sailboat in light-coloured natural wood veneer.

And again - this is just our personal take on the top 10 best monohull boats. At the end of the day, the choice is always up to you. Take care!

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