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Boat of the Year 2022 award - this alone is enough to characterize the new sailing yacht Dufour 37 . Especially considering that it was first presented in July of the same year. A dynamic boat with a sporty character - this is how the boat dealers defined its features when it was just presented. At the same time, the model was compared with its younger sister - Dufour 32 . Continuity of the best plus innovation - this is the formula for the success of the Dufour Yachts shipyard.

Review Dufour 37

The shipyard remained true to its ambitious aspirations to provide all lovers of sailing cruises with relatively inexpensive maneuverable yachts of various sizes and with the most comfortable layout in different variations.

Dufour 37 continues the best traditions of its predecessors in this size range (from 9 to 11 meters), which are the sailboats of the shipyard 350 and 360 . According to the architects and designers of Felci Yacht Design, they carefully preserve Dufour's DNA, on the basis of which they introduce innovations dictated by the requirements of yachtsmen and time. Time usually dictates the need to change technologies. The commitment of the design team to the new resulted in significant upgrade of the hull, the replacement of obsolete materials with innovative ones, and a more comfortable distribution of space.

However, enough with boring enumerations, since there are eyewitness accounts who were able to see, touch and steer the new Dufour 37 sailing yacht. After all, topRik team experts never offer something that they themselves have not experienced in practice.

Features of Dufour 37

Review Dufour 37

  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Hull type: Sailing yacht
  • Overall length, m: 10.77
  • Width, m: 3.8
  • Draft, m: 1.9
  • Displacement, T: 6.747
  • Keel weight, T: 1.86
  • Water tanks, l: 180
  • Exterior design (Architect): Felci Yacht Design
  • Interior design: Felci Yacht Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 33
  • Jib area, m²: 25.9
  • Engine, HP: 18.8
  • Fuel tanks, l: 160
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Dufour 37 Review by topRik Team

Let's start right away with the fact that there is no error in the technical specifications above. The length of the boat is actually 35 feet, that is, a little more than 10.5 meters. We did not try to get into this yacht with the whole team in order to check the shipyard's application for a capacity of 8 people. It so happened that Dufour 37 was examined by two members of the topRik team, and the giants from our crew were not with us this time.

Innovation from the Get-Go

We noticed some changes from far away. The transom platform has been lowered and is much smaller than its predecessor models. On the one hand, this size is more in harmony with the size of the yacht, and on the other hand, it eliminates the excessive load on the hinges and the transom, and, consequently, damage done to them.

Review Dufour 37

Entrance to the Dufour 37 is possible from two sides of the platform, and not just one, as in the 360 model, thanks to the fact that both folding seats in front of the helms open the entrance to the cockpit. Between the seats there is a locker for a rolled-up raft or inflatable dinghy, which is covered by a raised platform. And since the platform is shortened, it is exactly flush with the seats in height, that is, they do not have a back. But under each one there is a dry locker.

We sat down in a corner, each opposite his own helm - it’s convenient - there is something to rest against with your back, there is place to rest your legs also, and besides, you have an excellent view of the whole boat. Yet in the model 360 sitting with such amenities at the helm on the port side was not possible. And this is already the third excellent solution that we come across from the get-go.

We will not be distracted by keeping score further on, but will simply mention that under the folding panels there are necks for refueling water (on the port side) and fuel (on the starboard side).

The deck shower remained in its place - perhaps this is part of the Dufour's DNA code. As well as the folding table in the cockpit and the sink with grill or plancha next to it. But even here you can find an update - under the reclining seats of the sofas, located on both sides of the table, there are lockers now.

One of them holds a huge amount of cargo and has access not only from the cockpit, but also from the bathroom.

The helmsman areas have changed significantly. They've got panels that house a variety of instruments - a tachometer, a thruster control panel and an autopilot, which brings the Dufour 37 closer to the shipyard's 430 and 470 models, which are over 12 meters long.

By analogy with the same models, the chartplotter is placed on the end part of the table, turned towards the helms. It is thanks to a smaller size of the boat and, accordingly, the cockpit that such placement is justified. The image on the screen is perfectly visible from behind the helm, which cannot be said about boats that are 13-14 meters long. There, you really want the chartplotter to be on the panel even if you have eagle vision. So, we weren’t sure whether one should attribute these panels to Dufour's DNA code or to innovation. Probably, these are the innovations that grow into the code more and more confidently.

Review Dufour 37

The control panel for the anchor winch and the control of the anchor chain is also placed directly behind the helm. Here, at arm's length, there are 4 winches for controlling sailing rigging. Very comfortable.

We warmly welcomed the replacement of the built-in fender with a bulwark. It due to the fact that the amount of work to care for the yacht has decreased. And of course, we appreciated the additional rigidity that the bulwark gave to the structure due to the innovative method of gluing the hull to the deck.

There are also two winches on the deckhouse roof to control the boom sheet. They can be operated manually or, if desired, you can install models with an electric drive.

Small Boat on a Big Voyage

You do not risk losing comfort when going on a sea cruise on Dufour 37. The cockpit makes it clear that it is convenient to manage the boat and comfortably relax, sunbathe or dine outdoors, using a grill (or planch) for cooking.

Review Dufour 37

There is enough space on the deck not only for the skipper's movements, but also for those who like to sunbathe in the bow, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings when you are anchored off the coast, or in the endless expanse of the sea. The bowsprit gives dynamism to the hull, and together with the roller serves to set sails for downwind. This is basic equipment - the boat is sold with a bowsprit and roller already installed.

The skipper in the photo below is almost above the chain box - access to the box from the deck is not possible. But on the deck behind the skipper you can see the buttons for foot control of the anchor. And let's not forget about the anchor chain control panel located in the cockpit.

Pay attention to these numerous hatches, as well as to the large side windows of the cabin. This provides the interior of the yacht with sufficient natural light. This not only saves power, but also protects your eyes from the harmful effects of artificial light sources.

Review Dufour 37

The standard sailing equipment includes an automatic jib - in the photo above you can see its travel trail. Genoa a possible option. Discuss all the features of sailing rig with topRik experts - they will advise you in detail and help you choose sails and rigging according to your requirements.

We look around in the cabin and make sure that there are not so many changes here - the designers armed themselves with the “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”. Only a large floor cabinet appeared, and the scale shrank a little - basically, due to the toilet room (entrance on the left in the photo below).

For us, people of slightly above average height not on the heavy side, it did not seem cramped. In the toilet room there is a washbasin, a toilet bowl, mirrors and shelves behind them, also a hand shower. And behind the door there is a very spacious vertical niche where you can place a washing machine, diving or fishing equipment, an inflatable boat or a raft, and even all this combined.

Review Dufour 37

In the cabin, we see another tradition of the shipyard - no matter how small the boat is, you can take on it everything that will provide you with a comfortable life on a cruise. And for this, the salon and cabins (as well as the cockpit, as we have already seen) are equipped with a large number of all kinds of cabinets, lockers and other places to store this everything that you cannot do without. Except for your car, unfortunately.

Review Dufour 37

And you can see how much light enters the cabin from the side windows and deck hatches. And what a wonderful view of the sea, sky and sails opens up over your head when you are sitting or lying in a cozy lounge!

Comfortable sofas with soft cushions are perfect for relaxing with family or friends. And for a pleasant meal there is a table that unfolds and becomes three times wider. Its dimensions do not even suffer from the fact that a carrier rack passes through one of its sides. Like all furniture, the table also provides pull-out compartments and niches for storing cutlery, water and wine.

All this splendor is complemented by a well-equipped L-shaped galley, which seems to have been transferred here from the Dufour 360. A spacious top-loading refrigerator, a large and deep sink with an additional small compartment, a stove with a 2-burner hob and an oven, a trash can compartment, lockers above the galley - this is an incomplete list of galley items and equipment in the saloon.

Review Dufour 37

The electrical panel in the saloon is influenced by the new owners of the shipyard - Fountaine Pajot. There are very convenient large keys instead of the touchpads that were previously installed on the Dufours. We clicked them with pleasure and were convinced that this is a wonderful and justified replacement.

Review Dufour 37

For interior trim and cabins, the designers offer natural oak and mahogany veneer - at the choice of the buyer. We looked at the boat, that was finished in bleached oak, but we have experience living on yachts and catamarans with mahogany veneer. We think that for this size, a light finish is preferable. But for lovers of yachting classics, of course, we will deliver an option with an interior according to your taste and choice.

By the way, about the cabins. They should be given a special section, although on the Dufour 37 they exceeded all expectations for comfort in a boat of this size. Especially the owner's cabin…

My Cabin Is My Castle

Once again, we are reviewing the 2-cabin version of the Dufour 37, where the owner of the yacht automatically becomes the sole owner of the bow cabin. The huge (really huge!) bed is amazing here. Unlike the bed of the predecessor yacht, the Dufour 37's bow cabin bed is not divided into three narrow sections.

There is also enough natural light, which penetrates both through the portholes and through the hatches. As you can see even in the photo, there is a large margin of height. A great place for solitude and relaxation after a night watch or at an anchorage.

Review Dufour 37

The second cabin in this version is designed for two berths. If we take into account the possibility of organizing sleeping places in the cabin, with this configuration, 6 people can be accommodated on the yacht. The second cabin is located aft of the yacht. It is also increased in size, which made it possible to increase the 2-seater bed. The area of the bed can be slightly increased due to special poufs. Under the mattress there is a large place for storing the bedding and there is also a wardrobe.

Review Dufour 37

In the three-cabin version of the Dufour 37, the master cabin remains unchanged, two cabins are added in the bow, each with 2 berths. It's just that the forward cabin is divided by a partition and two double beds are installed in each section. In this case, the yacht can accommodate up to 8 people, if you arrange sleeping places in the saloon.

Advantages of Dufour 37

By tradition, before listing the advantages, let's talk about what the disadvantages seemed to be. We immediately warn you: what we considered shortcomings does not affect the seaworthiness, as well as the management of the yacht. Rather, it concerns comfortable driving conditions and stay on board.

For example, we appreciated the plastic helms, which are lighter than carbon, which is important for a boat of this size, or rather, for its autopilot. But the black color in hot weather will surely absorb the sun's rays with pleasure, and the steering wheel will become hot. Gray, beige colors would be more optimal here.

And again, about the throttle handle - it seems out of place, and you constantly trip over it as it catches you either by the calf or the knee. For people who have it on knee level, it is especially inconvenient to bend to use it. The appearance of an additional panel on the helm gives hope that the throttle stick in subsequent models will move closer to it and be located at a higher distance from the deck.

It is always easy and pleasant to talk about the merits, especially when it comes to a sea sailing ship with traditions. We highlighted the following features of the cruising sailing yacht Dufour 37:

  • the use of innovative technologies, high-quality materials and equipment, which ensures the reliability of the yacht, the comfort and safety of being on board and managing the boat;
  • double comfort – in the management of the boat and in life on board;
  • excellent seaworthiness due to the new hull shape, similar to the hulls of offshore racing yachts;
  • improved steering feel due to the new body shape;
  • increased yacht power by lengthening the mast to increase the sail area;
  • single rudder and twin steering wheels improve the responsiveness of the steering;
  • replacement of the built-in fender with a bulwark and a new method of gluing the deck and hull, which increased the rigidity of the structure and had a positive effect on the maneuverability of the yacht;
  • purpose versatility - family, racing or charter yacht;
  • excellent solution for the distribution of space on deck and below it;
  • comfortable outdoor life with natural light;
  • well thought-out interior providing convenience for life and work on board.
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Reviews of Dufour 37 from Professionals

An event such as the appearance of a new model from Dufour Yachts could not go unnoticed among sailing and business professionals. Here are just two of the many reviews that the industry media has unleashed onto sailing and travel aficionados.

In a review dedicated to the Dufour 37, the author of Sailing Magazine Robert H. Perry has traditionally subtitled the summary: "This midsize cruiser has options to suit all types of sailors." And he immediately admitted that he had a soft spot for Dufour boats.

An experienced yachtsman and well-known journalist noticed that in the new model, designers and architects continued the race for useful internal volume. The author confirms that the team won this race. Robert remembered his Esprit 37, which seemed very comfortable and spacious. But he assures that all of it would fit freely in the Dufour 37, and there would still be free space.

Review Dufour 37

At her review named «Dufour 37, a design focused on outdoor living for family cruising» Chloé Torterat included in the title the basic concept of the shipyard for developing this model. It was noted that the new yacht has replaced the 360 model and contains the design features of the Dufour 470. Various layouts are provided, offering up to 3 cabins for 8 passengers.

The new 10-meter sailboat, as the reviewer notes, is evidence that the shipyard intends to develop its lineup from the bottom line of sizes, releasing a new cruising yacht with an overall length of only 10.77 meters. The Italian studio Felci Yacht Design was invited to develop the 37, who worked on all the previous models that became the basis for this boat - Dufour 360 and 470.

The hull is made using the infusion method. The design of the nose section of the Dufour 37 ensured its maximum volume. The rounded lower part of the hull improves seaworthiness and reduces noise in the interior of the yacht. To increase productivity, the mast was lengthened, which made it possible to increase the sail area to 60 m².

Like many yachtsmen and reviewers, Chloé also noticed the details that have already become common to the Dufour range. They are noticeable at first sight: the lines of the hull, the deck windows, the single rudder.

But the two steering wheels at the rear of the cockpit will soon also become a common part of Dufour sailboats. The keen eye of the author did not miss two folding benches that make it easier to get out of the cockpit (in the previous version, as we remember, only one bench leaned back).

Like most shipyard fans, the reviewer gave credit to the cockpit, which is huge for a boat of this size. She noted that it is designed not only for sailing, but also for a comfortable stay.

The unfolding transom platform opens the box for the raft and is equipped with a ladder for launching into the water. Behind the steering wheels there is a seat for multiple people. If you pick it up, you will find a plancha and a shell.

The central folding table and two benches near it can be used as a resting place or an outdoor dining area.

Inflatable cockpit upholstery provides additional comfort. The front deck completes the exterior.

The author of the review dwelled in detail on the layout of the internal living space. She noted the presence of a large master cabin in both versions. And especially focused on the very large bathroom, desk and external wardrobe offered by the first version of the Dufour 37 with 2 cabins. Six beds in this case are possible if the table in the salon is converted into a double bed.

The second option provides for accommodation on board of 8 people (by dividing the aft cabin into two doubles).

The kitchen is located the same in both versions. Lighting in the salon and cabins is provided by large portholes in the hull, as well as hatches. The author noted that the headroom has been increased in the cabin.

Video Reviews of Dufour 37

Now we provide you with some good videos about the yacht so you can fully understand what you are going to experience if you buy the model 37.

Beautiful trailer by the creators of the yacht themselves:

Here’s a great review by Yachting World – a lot of details both about seaworthiness and comfort on board:

Short review of the model 37 from Seaside Yachts, silent yet useful:

Full tour, also by Dufour Yachts, with explanation and demonstration of various features:

Condensed info about the boat if you don’t want extra details:


Based on all the facts above, we can safely say that the sailing yacht Dufour 37 is waiting for triumphal popularity among many lovers of sailing romance and business.

  • Maneuverability, ease of handling, easy management of sailing equipment makes the yacht attractive among fans of the regatta and speed yachting in general. Of course, it is not designed for professional races, where you need to squeeze 30 knots at least, but for amateurs it is very good.
  • If you add to the listed qualities comfortable living conditions in spacious cabins, safety of movement on deck, large saloon, cockpit and bow areas, you must admit that the Dufour 37 is an ideal boat for family trips and cruises in the company of close friends or a corporate party in the sea.
  • If you want to retire and be alone with the sea, sky and wind, such a safe and easy to manage boat will become your safe haven.
  • It is precisely because of this versatility that the Dufour 37 has attracted the special attention of entrepreneurs who are engaged in renting boats or organizing various types of charters.

Review Dufour 37

Dufour 37 sea sailing cruiser suits everyone who is in love with the sea and sails, as well as those who also know how to make money on their hobby. We sincerely wish everyone success and offer ideal conditions to those who decide to buy yacht.

Where to Buy Dufour 37 at a Bargain Price

TopRik marketplace is designed to shorten the distance between the manufacturer of the Dufour 37 and those willing to purchase it. You just need to contact our experts through the website, call or message us - everything else will be done by the marketplace employees:

  • we’ll provide a specific proposition for a complete yacht in strict accordance with your requirements;
  • offer the most convenient payment system and the cost of Dufour 37 that suits you;
  • inspect the yacht proposed by the manufacturer, providing all the necessary equipment;
  • deliver the sailboat to the specified location;
  • provide all related accessories and equipment that are not included in the main and additional list of equipment: transom boat, raft, watermaker, fenders, cables, bedding, dishes, etc.;
  • if needed, will provide an IYT Yacht Training Course "International Bareboat Skipper" at SimpleSail yachting school.

Review Dufour 37

All topRik employees have extensive practical experience in yachting and are practicing yachtsmen. We know a lot about sailing and motor yachts and other types of boats, as well as the necessary marine accessories and boat equipment. Feel free to contact us with any questions - we will be happy to provide comprehensive professional advice.

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