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France, Bordeaux, 162 Quai de Brazza, 33000.

Lagoon shipyard began in 1984 when the company started as a racing division of the Jeanneau shipyard. The same year, it built a trimaran for the film "Waterworld" and until the mid-90s, Lagoon created a whole line of cruising catamarans 18-20 m (55-67 feet) long. After buying Jeanneau, Beneteau Group placed the development of Lagoon under the control of CNB in 1996.

The production base of Lagoon consists of three factories: in Belleville-sur-Vie, Le Poiré-sur-Vie in the west of France and CNB in Bordeaux. About 1,000 employees are employed in production.

2004 saw the launch of the Lagoon 440, the first flybridge catamaran under 14 m (45 feet) in length. This model has been sold in a record run of over 420 ships. After 2 years, the shipyard produced the first cruising catamaran with a hybrid engine Lagoon 420 Hybrid. Another bestseller was the Lagoon 620, which sold 60 copies. In 2014, the company launched the production of motor catamarans, launching the Lagoon 630 MY series, and then in 2017, sales of models over 24 meters long, Seventy 7 and Seventy 8, started.

The company has an extensive network of dealers around the world and today the Lagoon shipyard offers customers serial sailing and motor cruising catamarans in composite hulls and up to 80 feet (24.3 m) in length, in the company's model range there are 13 models from 11 m (36 ft) to 24 m (79 ft) long. The shipyard builds catamarans according to individual orders up to 46 m (150 feet).

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BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
BrandLagoon Hull typeCatamaran
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