Excess 15 Review

We talk in detail about the experience of the topRik team with the sailing catamaran Excess 15 from transom to bowsprit. We also provide the reviews of yacht media correspondents who participated in testing the double-hulled sailboat, including being the members of the Boat of the Year competition jury.

Photos and videos will help you get a better idea of the catamaran, that is often compared to the Lagoon 50. Is the new Excess range from Groupe Beneteau a competitor to Lagoon catamarans, which have long been among the market leaders? Let's figure it out together.

Excess 15 Review

Introducing the new line of Excess catamarans a few years ago, the French company Groupe Beneteau explained the purpose of the cat under this brand. Excess Catamarans will design and build models for yachtsmen who want the ultimate in cruising comfort but don't want to give up the drive of real sailing.

As a rule, these are sailors who are happy to switch from sailing monohulls to multihull yachts. As our data shows, this trend is gaining momentum with each new season. It is quite clear that Groupe Beneteau, which is one of the recognized leaders in the production and sales of super-comfortable cats with its Lagoons, has also treated this category of yachtsmen with attention.

The result of that is the Excess range, which to this day has only included sailing double-hull yachts. Excess 15 is one of the flagship models of Excess Catamarans, which is considered inexpensive relative to other boats of this size and performance.

We think it would be a mistake to consider this cat a copy of Lagoon 50, as some reviewers say. Usually this judgment was expressed when the yacht just came out, when yachtsmen were guided only by the appearance, not being able to look inside, and even more so - to test the yacht on the water. We also note that it is difficult to rely on appearance to evaluate the innovations that were used to reduce the weight of the cat, increasing its performance, and by which methods were used by the naval architects and designers from VPLP design to achieve the ideal balance of the vessel. As you probably know, VPLP design is one of the most famous shipbuilding companies in the world, and they would never steal even from themselves. Excess 15 exterior design was developed by Patrick le Quément and interiors were taken care of by Nauta Design.

Let's start with the most obvious difference - the lack of a flybridge on the Excess 15. It’s a huge change - any person with an engineering mindset understands that such a difference entailed a complete redesign of the design to ensure a performance balance. In fact, this was the case, and we will definitely dwell on this in the following sections. Zuzana Prochazka explained this aspect especially well, her review is given below and we completely agree with her.

One of the significant differences is that the Excess 15 has electric engines instead of diesel ones. The catamaran has become a research laboratory for studying the effect of electric motors on mass-produced yachts.

Excess 15 Review

But before continuing, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the Excess 15, so that it is easier to compare with Lagoon cats.


Features of Excess 15

  • Brand: Excess
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 14.84
  • Width, m: 8.03
  • Draft, m: 1.4
  • Displacement, t: 19.05
  • Air draft, m: 27.9
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 240 & 2 x 175 (opt)
  • Exterior design (Architect): VPLP design
  • CE Certification: A: 14 - B: 14 - C: 16 - D: 30
  • Mainsail type: Square top
  • Jib type: self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, m²: 99
  • Jib area, m²: 55
  • Code 0 area, m²: 117
  • Engines, hp: 2 x 57 hp / 2 x 80 hp
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 520

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Review of Excess 15 by TopRik Team

Looking at photos from the Cannes Yachting Festival, the topRik team continues to wonder how the Excess 15 catamaran can be compared with the Lagoon 50 or even with the Lagoon 40, which also lacks a flybridge.


First Look

That’s how we first saw the yacht at the exhibition.

Excess 15 Review

Forget the flybridge, it is enough to compare the position of the mast, the double helms, the pointed stem, the shape of the chines, to understand that the Excess 15 was created almost from scratch. And the similarity of some structural elements, exterior and interior design is explained by the fact that the developers still strive to emphasize that the Excess 15 comes from the famous Groupe Beneteau family of yachts. The genotype of this family should be recognizable by all yachtsmen.

Excess 15 Review


Transom View

Since we usually examine boats at various yacht shows, where they are moored to the pier astern, we start the review from the transoms. On the Excess 15, the transom carries powerful dinghy davits. On the sides there are ladders with wide steps, especially the lowest ones, since they also serve as a swim platform or a little beach made of teak.

Excess 15 Review

In the photo above you see on such a teak beach on the starboard side a folding ladder for descending into and out of the water. This is a great place for diving and for anyone who enjoys snorkeling or other water sports.

The dinghy is launched using the davit control system. As you can see, they can easily support a three-meter hard-bottom boat (RIB) with a motor and will certainly withstand a simpler PVC motor dinghy.

Excess 15 Review

The ladder on the left side is a mirror image of the right. Looking a little further down the gangway, we see a mini bimini over the helm station and a large bimini that extends from the roof and covers almost the entire cockpit.

Excess 15 Review

Let's linger for a few more minutes on the pier and look at the bimini over the cockpit. This wonderful design turned the cockpit into a saloon-cabriolet. In the photo above you can see it open, which gives you the opportunity to watch the sails even while sitting at the table in the cockpit.

But if it rains, or it’s too hot, you can hide from rain or sun by pulling the top of the convertible, as in the photo below. As you can see, we are already in the cockpit section.

Excess 15 Review


In the Cockpit

Of course, our attention in the cockpit was immediately attracted by the control stations, placed both on the starboard and port sides. Large elegant, one might even say - graceful steering wheels, and behind them - the control panel.

Excess 15 Review

Close to the helm station on the port side are two winches, a throttle/reverse switch and a very large bag for storing sheets and halyards.

In the photo above you see the helmsman's seat folded. In its unfolded state it provides enough space for two people, as in the photo below, which shows the control station on the starboard side.

Excess 15 Review

A set of navigational equipment, indicators, a throttle/reverse handle, as well as winches - everything is conveniently located at arm's length or within walking distance. The photo below perfectly demonstrates not only the well-thought-out cable paths that do not get tangled when working with sails, but also the significant width of the deck.

Excess 15 Review

Sufficient width of the deck, its fencing with high rails, as well as handrails built into the edge of the hard bimini and saloon roof, ensure the safety of movement around the yacht. And in that white bag there is life-saving equipment - rafts, oars, raincoats, etc. If an accident happens, everything needed is at hand. Although we wish everyone reading this that they never have to use the contents of this bag.

Excess 15 Review

Before moving any further up the deck, let's go back to the cockpit seating area. Despite the fact that a significant area is occupied by the working area, there is enough space for passengers.

All who are not involved in the management of the catamaran can be accommodated at the large dining table, on the sofa along the transom or on the sofa opposite the dining area.

Excess 15 Review

Pay attention to the structure near this sofa. This is grill, sink and refrigerator – all in one. It’s so you don't even have to use the galley in the saloon for a quick al fresco meal. In the photo below you see the cockpit from a different angle, and by combining both images, you can easily find that more than 10 people can freely accommodate in the cockpit alone if a crowded party is planned.

Excess 15 Review

Well, the helmsman and his assistant are not ignored either. Even if they cannot sit down at the table, there will always be somebody kind enough to deliver drinks or something tasty right to the helm - after all, you don’t have to go far.

Excess 15 Review


In the Saloon

Looking at the photo of the cockpit, you probably noticed this wide opening, which is covered by a sliding transparent structure. Here we can say that the developers used sliding doors with windows, which are typical for most Groupe Beneteau cats. Such wide openings are considered not only a sign of Lagoon's DNA, they are typical for yachts with an increased level of comfort. This is how this sliding structure in the opening between the cockpit and the saloon looks from the inside.

Excess 15 Review

After sliding the glazed part to the side, the galley table can be used as a bar counter for serving drinks and dishes from the galley to the cockpit.

You can see for yourself how many guests can fit in here, and do not forget to add seats in the cockpit. Of course, we are not talking about sleeping places - most guests will have to go back to their yachts or apartments when the music stops. But pay attention to the folding table. If you use additional mattresses and lower the tabletop to the same level as the sofa mattress, you get a great sleeping place.

And in the corner of this sofa there is a place for the skipper. The top of the side table leans back, and if desired, it is possible to organize a full-fledged control station with a skipper's table, navigation equipment, communications equipment and indicators that will help control all the equipment on board.

Excess 15 Review

Assessing the size of the galley, please note that it is L-shaped on both sides of the entrance. There is enough space for kitchen equipment: stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and even a wine cellar. All other kitchen utensils can be placed on numerous cabinets and shelves. Although, some fans of cooking (and eating) from the topRik team thought that there was not enough space for storing kitchen utensils and products that do not require refrigeration and freezing. We’ll come back to this later.

But everyone liked how the problem of natural light, visibility and ventilation was solved. Despite the fact that there are no skylights on top, the interior has panoramic windows, which provides enough lighting right until dusk. Sufficiently large opening portholes are mounted in the windows around the cabin perimeter, which, together with a large doorway, provides excellent ventilation without air conditioning.

The height of the saloon and the width of the doorway allowed our 2-meter wide-shouldered expert to walk without bowing his head or turning sideways. At the same time, there was enough free space above his head.

Let's check if he will feel just as free below deck...


In the Cabins

At the Cannes show, an owner's version was exhibited, provided with a luxurious master cabin and two guest (or VIP) cabins. Let's say right away that the giant expert from the topRik team did not feel pressure from the ceiling in all three cabins, and did not experience an attack of claustrophobia in the showers. He especially liked that the bathroom shared by the two guest cabins was almost the same size as the owner's.

So, the float, completely given to the owner, is divided into several zones: a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom. Let's start with the sleeping area, which includes an island double king-size bed, shelves along the partitions, as well as drawers under the bed. Opening portholes provide the cabin with natural light and ventilation.

Excess 15 Review

Now turn your back to the bed and look deep inside. You will see a living room with a large wardrobe where you can freely hang your evening dress or suit. Opposite the wardrobe, shelves and cabinets there is a soft sofa, on its sides there is a bedside table and a small table that can be used as a work or dressing table. A soft pouffe is an additional mobile seating area.

Excess 15 Review

Even further along the "corridor" is a large bathroom with a washbasin, latrine and an isolated shower.

Excess 15 Review

You can choose from several cabin options. We have shown one of them above. Here, in addition to the master cabin, there are two more cabins in the second building - each with a private bathroom and an isolated shower. The entrance to the cabins is from the saloon.

Another version of the cabin configuration is clearly shown in the diagram below.

Excess 15 Review

The 4-cabin version is suitable for both a large family or a group of friends who bought a cat together, and for a charter. Do not forget about the possibility to increase the number of beds due to the transformer table in the cabin.


In the Bow

It remains for us to inspect the bow of the catamaran, which is often used to set up a sunbathing area. Therefore, we were not at all surprised to see such a picture on the foredeck. True, the space in-between the sunbeds is not large enough for tables, but you can install holders for glasses and bottles there so you don’t have to get up to grab a drink.

Excess 15 Review

A ladder leads to the roof of the cat if you need to go up to the mast. The anchor chain safely fits in a special groove.

Excess 15 Review


Under Sail

This testing took place, of course, not at the Cannes festival, but later, during the haul of one of the Excess 15 models. We had the opportunity to evaluate the sailing rig option in the Pulse version Line with a larger sail area, a square top mainsail, a self-tacking staysail and Code 0. All this made sailing very fun, with a vivid feeling of responsiveness and the ability to use all possible sailing skills.


Advantages of Excess 15

We usually start with the shortcomings, but there’s only one, which we already mentioned, and then it was expressed by the only expert from the entire topRik team, present in Cannes in the amount of 4 people. But still: a lover of cooking (and eating!) noted that there is not enough storage space in the galley.

As for the advantages, we note the main ones:

  • a harmonious combination of seaworthiness and sufficient comfort;
  • the opportunity to practice sailing with the full dedication of the skipper and the excellent responsiveness of the catamaran;
  • excellent performance for autonomous navigation in terms of storage space for water and fuel;
  • safety of movement on the deck;
  • high stability of the vessel in rough seas;
  • electric motors that do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Excess 15 Review


Reviews of Excess 15 from Professionals

Here we provide you with the most respected opinions in the multihull world, coming from such experts as Mark Pillsbury (Cruising World) and Zuzana Prochazka (Sail Magazine).

The CW editor stated in the very first line of his review that the Excess 15 is a large, roomy cruising catamaran that is very easy to handle and extremely fun to sail. It is equipped with a powerful rig and the comfort and performance of this cat proves that there can never be too many good things.

Mark was on the Boat of the Year jury, but that year the winner in this category was Excess 11. Excess 15 was satisfied with the role of the nominee - also a high rating in the world of yachting, which means entering the top five.

Mark admits that he usually goes to sea in monohulls, as he appreciates the thrill of the moment when the lifelines are submerged in the water during a heel. He loves the feedback he gets from the helm and the speed of the water rushing past with splashes in his face from time to time.

But some of his favorite adventures, the author writes, took place on double-hulled boats. Here, too, there are advantages: relaxing on a comfortable yacht at anchorage, the opportunity to take family or friends with you on a trip, experiencing the power of a boat moving from island to island, private cabins, a lot of space for general meetings... What can you not like here?

Mark made such an introduction to admit that Excess 15 is a synthesis of these two worlds. The catamaran is spacious, can be equipped with various options, and everyone on board will want to get behind the helm.

The author claims that the Excess 15 is downright sporty to drive, especially with the Code 0 deployed.

Mark appreciated the location of the dual helms on this catamaran. Their placement on both sides, offset to the transom, provides an additional advantage. He assures that when he steered catamarans from the flybridge or from the helm at the helm station raised above the deck, he felt cut off from not only the water, but also the rest of the crew, if the crew gathered in another part of the boat. On the 15th model, interaction with others on board is more like a monohull vessel: everyone is in the cockpit, everyone can be seen and heard.

The reviewer admits that she had her doubts when she saw the 11th and 15th Excess models at the very first show. Zuzana Prochazka at first perceived them as tracing papers from Lagoon 40 and 50. But over time and with a closer acquaintance with the Excess line, her doubts were dispelled.

The structure of this range is vacuum cast using balsa for the deck core and hull above the waterline. Excess 15 consists of 3 sections, like Lagoon 50, but the outer parts of the hulls are different. The developers significantly reduced the weight of the 15 compared to the Lagoon versions mentioned . This was achieved not only by eliminating the flybridge, but also thanks to new internal design.

Zuzana has shared that no XCS model will have a flybridge as the lineup is geared towards sportiness under sail.

Describing control stations, Zuzana Prochazka advised to use the opportunity to equip both panels with all navigational devices, so that it would be convenient to moor using either side, bow or stern.

The author said that before testing at sea, she checked the view capabilities. The shipyard representative assured her that this problem was solved with the help of vertical windows in the saloon at the front of the wheelhouse. The author admits that she questioned this assurance, but according to the results of testing, she admitted that the XCS really improved visibility, and the helmsman at the helm can see the entire cabin and further to the very tips of the bows of both hulls.

Exploring the cabins, Zuzana said she would ditch the sofa in the master suite and add more cupboards. She expressed hope that the 15th with six cabins will someday appear, as the boat meets all the requirements for charter businesses.

With irony, the author noted the absence of skylights in the cabin: during the heat, it can be hot here, despite the fact that the aft part of the cabin has a large opening.

Zuzana stated that the designers created a new aesthetic that worked in the interiors of the new line. They simplified the woodwork to make new boats lighter. But the ceiling hatches should have been worked on.


Video Reviews of Excess 15

There’s nothing like an alluring teaser from the manufacturer to start with our video reviews list:

If you inspired but want to know more, here’s a great walkthrough from the manufacturer also:

Yachting World never disappoints with their high-quality video reports:

Great walkthrough and test of Excess 15 at sea:

Another test at sea – lots of amazing footage:



Fast and comfortable sailing catamaran Excess 15 offers a high level of comfort for life on board in harmony with the possibilities of not so glamorous sailing. Therefore, the yacht in its two versions with 3 and 4 cabins is perfect for:

  • yachtsmen who want to combine comfort with the opportunity to practice sailing during crossing;
  • wishing to provide the family with a safe and comfortable long-term vacation on the water;
  • those who like to spend a lot of time on board on the high seas;
  • for getting away alone or as a couple;
  • for organizing charters or renting yachts out.

Excess 15 Review


Where to Buy Excess 15 at a Bargain Price

Everything you want to know about this, you can find here. To buy Excess 15 at a bargain price, just contact the topRik marketplace experts. We will start with free consultations, and finish the job by delivering the cat of your choice to the agreed location.

Between these two actions we undertake:

  • negotiations with the manufacturer or reliable dealers to buy Excess 15 at a bargain price;
  • registration of documents of sale and customs (if necessary);
  • control over the complete set of the catamaran in exact accordance with your requirements.

You can entrust us with maintenance and preventive maintenance of the Excess 15 during the sailing season or between seasons.

If necessary, the marketplace staff will complete your catamaran with equipment and accessories that are not provided in the standard and optional equipment list from the manufacturer: fenders, anti-slip mats, dishes, bed and table textiles, tools, spare parts, etc.

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