Compact Air Conditioning Unit for Boat – Compact 7

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VELAIR's Compact 7 air conditioning unit is a space-saving solution for boats of all types

Despite its compact size, the unit delivers 7000 BTU/h of cooling power

The unit features a stainless steel tray and fan body and can have 2 or 3 air outputs

The compact air conditioning unit is lightweight and includes an efficient and quiet brushless fan

Other benefits include a reverse cycle for heating, multiple air outputs, remote control via smartphone with WIFI connectivity, and Italian design and manufacturing

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BrandVelair Shipping fromCroatia
Air exit duct diameter, mm
Cooling capacity, BTU/h
Dimensions, mm
Maximum air flow, m³/h
Minimum opening for supply air grill, cm²
Minimum water flow, l/min
Weight, kg
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VELAIR has created a space-saving solution with their Compact 7 air conditioning unit.
This super-compact and self-contained unit with 43cm in length and 26cm in width, but delivers a powerful 7000 BTU/h of cooling power, making it ideal for installation on boats of all types. Model features a stainless steel tray and fan body and can have 2 or 3 air outputs with a 100mm diameter, without the need for additional T or Y dividers.

Benefits of the Compact 7 Air Conditioning Unit:
- Compact and lightweight unit
- Efficient and quiet brushless fan
- Maximum power consumption of 660 W (in cooling)
- Wall touch display included with 8m cable
- Reverse cycle operation for heating in winter
- Rotary compressor
- Refrigerant R410A - 0,93 kg
- Multiple air outputs
- Wired electronic box
- Stainless steel condensation tray
- Remote control via smartphone with WIFI connectivity
- Designed and manufactured in Italy

Woorking limits:
Seawater temperature in winter mode: > +5°C/+41°F
Seawater temperature in summer mode: < +40°C/+104°F

VELAIR's air conditioning unit now comes with a Wi-Fi module that allows users to monitor and adjust the unit through a dedicated app. The smartphone can communicate with the unit directly when on board, or via the internet when away from the boat, provided there is a Wi-Fi network in the marina or a router on board. This allows users to turn on the air conditioning or heat pump remotely to ensure a comfortable temperature upon arrival. The unit also comes with a wall-mounted touch control digital panel that can be easily installed without the need for a rectangular cut. Additionally, the prewired electrical box with a cable bundle makes installation a breeze, allowing for optimal positioning around the machine, and direct access to the terminal block to connect the power supply and sea water pump.

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