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Germany, Seelze, Immengarten 10, Hannover, D-30926

Excess is a new brand of the world leader in the yachting industry Beneteau Group, it brings together a collection of sailing cruising catamarans in a composite hull starting from 11 m (36 ft) long. The presentation of the Excess 15 by the young French shipyard took place in September 2019, and the boat immediately won the title Multihull of the Year according to British Yachting Awards and Excess 12 won Boat of the Year 2020 title according to American Cruising World.

Excess shipyard is located in Germany, in the city of Seelze, where the company produces its line of sailing cruising catamarans. In the model range of the company there are 4 models with a length of 11 m (36 ft) to 15 m (49 ft). In general, the whole group of Beneteau plants works on Excess catamarans, including the CNB facilities in Bordeaux with a production area of more than 100,000 sq.m. The brand has an extensive network of dealers in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

The first models of sailing catamarans Excess 12 and Excess 15 are the result of a collaboration between VPLP design (nautical architecture), Patrick le Quement (exterior design) and Nauta Design (internal design).

In general, Excess boats claim to win the glory of cruising catamarans with a sporty character. The sail area/displacement ratio of the Excess is higher than that of standard cruising catamarans. The displacement of the mast towards the stern and the reduction in the length of the boom made it possible to use an automatic staysail, which increased the efficiency of maneuvers and ease of control of the vessel.

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BrandExcess Hull typeCatamaran
BrandExcess Hull typeCatamaran
BrandExcess Hull typeCatamaran
BrandExcess Hull typeCatamaran