Aventura 50 MY Review

In this review, we will talk about the experience of the topRik team with the Aventura 50 MY motor catamaran on the boat show in Cannes and at sea. You will also find out what leading yachting media journalists and seasoned yachtsmen think about this unique multihull. Expert reviews are supplemented and illustrated with photographs and videos.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Shipyard STGI Aventura Catamarans presented its flagship, the Aventura 50 MY trawler motor catamaran, at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival. And six months after the world premiere, the competition jury gave it the title “Winner of the Multihull of The Year 2022” in its category.

Aventura 50 MY Review

On our own behalf, we add that at that time the unique trawler claimed several “best” nominations in several categories.

  • Aventura 50 MY catamaran was the cheapest among motorized twin-hull boats of this size.
  • Naval architects and designers from Lasta Design Studio provided the yacht's passengers and crew with the highest level of comfort among motor yachts in this category.
  • For the first time on a yacht of this size, 6 cabins are available, each with its own bathroom.
  • The hydraulic platform that lowers and raises - this is the only case of such a solution for a platform and cat of this size.
  • This is the only multi-deck power catamaran that can be navigated from transom to foredeck without encountering steps along the way.

But let's stop here and look at technical characteristics now, which are really pleasant for the price.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Features of Aventura 50 MY

  • Brand: Aventura
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 14.9
  • Width, m: 7.5
  • Draft, m: 1
  • Displacement, t: 17
  • Air draft, m: 22
  • Water tanks, l: 800
  • Exterior design (Architect): Lasta Design Studio
  • Interior Design: Nova Luxe
  • CE Certification: A12
  • Engines, hp: 2 x 320
  • Option engines, hp: 2 x 440
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 1500 / 1000
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Review Aventura 50 MY by TopRik Team

TopRik team had several goals at the Cannes Yachting Festival. First, we tried to explore as many new models as possible in order to talk about their capabilities, based on our own experience. Secondly, we selected yachts to replenish our "flotilla" for charters and training.

Of course, when we approached the stand of the STGI Aventura Catamarans shipyard, our attention was drawn to a motor catamaran with a possible 6 cabin version and at a great price. It is just perfect for a charter, as well as for renting out to a large family, a group of close friends or for corporate events.

With three decks, the catamaran does not resemble the house of her beloved aunt, who prefers the Victorian style in architecture. Rather, it is a harmoniously looking and comfortable three-story modern cottage, which suddenly got a motor and went out to the open sea. There is a terrace, and a veranda, and an attic with a nice balcony, and comfortable living quarters, and a backyard, the title of which can be assigned to both the cockpit and the foredeck. We have to admit, we spent some time in cottages, much worse suited for life on land. On Aventura 50 MY, you can even make Atlantic crossings, which, apart from us, was pointed out by many other experts.

First Look

The catamaran attracts attention at first sight due to this huge flybridge and an equally large platform.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Not only this platform can accommodate a full-fledged motor boat and a surfboard (for example) at the same time - there is also a garage with a transom entry, which will fit a couple of folding bikes.

The platform itself is unique - it is regulated by a hydraulic mechanism, and it immediately lowers along the entire length. It is the only hydraulic platform with this solution on trawler yachts of this size. Usually the middle part of the platform is lowered, and the side parts serve as ladder steps. Here you will have to walk a long enough distance to get to the steps if the cat is moored to the pier astern – quite a journey. Be careful though and don’t trip over the mooring cleats, a fold-out ladder for launching into the water, or dinghy holders if they are not lowered into the platform.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Please note that you can only enter the cockpit from the starboard side. A ladder on the port side will take you to the side deck, along which you can go to the bow and through the doorway into the saloon. That is, there are two ways to the saloon - from the cockpit and from the foredeck. In addition, under the folding steps of the left side there is an entrance to the engine compartment, where, in addition to the engines, other equipment is also located, which is convenient to maintain due to easy access.

Aventura 50 MY Review

You can see the entrance from the cockpit in a few photos above, and the entrance from the foredeck can be seen in the photo below. This photo confirms that it is possible to walk from the cockpit to the bow (and vice versa) without encountering a single step, as the shipyard representatives stated during the presentation of the cat.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Despite the significant dimensions and the presence of a large and highly located flybridge, the motor catamaran looks very harmonious, energetic and dynamic. And it doesn't just look this way. Let's finally go up the ladder and take a closer look at all the decks and rooms of the Aventura 50 MY trawler.

In the Cockpit

We certainly agree that 15 meters, which is approaching the length of the Aventura 50 MY, is not the smallest length for a catamaran. But what is impressive on board is the space that is literally expanding before your eyes. So we stood on the pier and were impressed only by the area of the platform, the cockpit did not make a huge impression until we boarded and the panorama opened up before us. You can’t pick another word, since all these volumes cannot be crammed into one frame if you do not have a panoramic camera. Therefore, let’s look at the cockpit, captured in several pictures. This is the view that opens when you just climbed here along the ladder from the starboard side.

Aventura 50 MY Review

And as you climb the steps, the volume and space at the aft part of the cat keeps growing. And if you cross the cockpit and turn around, you can finally fully appreciate this space, which gives freedom of movement and the opportunity to organize a great place to relax or to dine al fresco. A freezer that can be filled with drinks, ice cream and fruits will help you to have a great time on these comfortable sofas around a large table.

A hard bimini will cover you in the bright sun if you take a sofa on the port side, but will not interfere with enjoying the sun bath if you choose a transom sofa for relaxation.

Aventura 50 MY Review

You can appreciate the large open space where you can arrange a disco or take it with an additional bench if you are planning a party with a large number of invited guests.

By the way, once again when reviewing different yachts from different shipyards, we pay attention to how furniture corners are handled. On the Aventura 50 MY you will not bruise yourself on the corners because they are just not here. All joints and corners are either soft or rounded - this, as we have noted more than once, is one of the important indicators of the level of comfort on a cruise yacht.

Comfort or Performance?

Let's just say that Lasta Design Studio never puts the question that way. Naval architects and engineers had to solve many problems in order to combine comfort and performance without compromising on either.

They used pressurized epoxy injection sandwich structures to lighten the hulls. All of the yacht's heavy equipment has been distributed in such a way as to balance the center of gravity of the catamaran's stepped structures. A powerful hydraulic platform was also involved in the balancing process. This solved two problems at once: it improved seaworthiness and provided sufficient below-deck space for comfortable accommodation in cabins.

In the Cabins

Of course, could not explore all the versions of Aventura 50 MY. At Cannes, we saw first hand that the owner's version with three cabins is ideally suited for a sea voyage of a loving couple, a family with children or a group of friends who know each other well.

This version provides a master cabin, which takes the entire space of one float. Therefore, there is a large seating area, a living area, as well as a separate bathroom with an isolated shower.

All parts of the owner's cabin are well lit and ventilated. It receives both natural light and fresh air flows thanks to large portholes with opening "vents" and hatches.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Aventura 50 MY Review

With the help of the photo above, you, standing with your back to a large wardrobe with mirrored doors, can inspect the owner’s cabin from the side of the “bedroom”, where there is a large island bed with bedside tables and lockers, then there is a “living room” with a dressing table, sofa and storage space for personal things, and even further, in the bow - a bathroom.

For comparison, here is the bathroom in the master cabin and other cabins in the owner's version with 3 cabins in question.

Aventura 50 MY Review

As you can see, they are not much different, except that the master cabin's shower room is more spacious, with a large base.

Beds in guest cabins (or cabins for children) are also quite large, but there is less storage space, and there is no “living room”. However, natural light and ventilation are just as available as in the master cabin.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Aventura 50 MY Review

These and other versions, where up to 6 cabins with a separate bathroom for each of them, are available to the buyer, are presented in the diagrams below.

Aventura 50 MY Review

In the Cabin

And now you will have another reason to admire the thoughtful engineering and design, that is, the work of Lasta Design Studio. After inspecting the cabins, we go to the saloon, and again we observe this mystical expansion of space.

Aventura 50 MY Review

We entered from the cockpit side, and the exit to the foredeck seems very far away - well, isn't it magic! I just want to go out to the pier and look at the boat again to make sure that we are not in a cottage, but on a motor yacht. How do they do it? Are they Hogwarts graduates?

A through passage from the cockpit to the foredeck, huge windows, that glaze half of the cabin perimeter, add volume, natural light, and a constant supply of fresh air, also providing excellent visibility.

As you can see, the entire space here is strictly zoned: a dining area, a galley, a work area with a navigation table and a control panel.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Very comfortable sofas around the dining table can be complemented with pouffes or a soft bench if you plan to invite a large number of guests. And for a family or a group of friends, passengers of a charter, such additions will not be needed. A dozen people, for whom the catamaran is designed for sleeping places, will be accommodated here comfortably. Don't forget that there are a few more seats at the helm.

But on the way to the control post, this huge refrigerator and freezers will undoubtedly attract your attention - there is quite some space to load food during a long autonomous voyage. And cooking process will be very pleasant in this well-equipped kitchen, where even several chefs will not hit each other with their elbows.

The skipper and his assistant or any passenger of the yacht, sitting next to the helmsman at the chart table, will feel the most free in terms of accommodation. There are two huge seats, which are also adjustable in height - you can control the boat both sitting and standing.

The helm resembles the steering wheel of a car. Actually, for driving a motorized cat, the ability to drive a car is only a plus. If you are into cars and don’t mistake your left hand for your right hand, consider yourself almost ready to drive a cat and totally ready if you have moved to a motor boat from a sailing boat. A beginner will have to master the most important skill - to feel the catamaran’s volumes and perimeters, so as not get damage or to cause damage when mooring near someone else's boats.

Aventura 50 MY Review

The helmsman when mooring, as well as when driving on the high seas, will be helped by the devices located on the control panel: thruster, autopilot, gas/reverse lever. Navigate the high seas with a compass, radar, communications, and a marine display that can combine chartplotter, radar, and sonar functions.

In addition to navigational instruments, the helm panel displays indicators of all equipment that ensures the life of the yacht. So, the skipper can control his ship either from the saloon, or from the captain's bridge, which is placed on the flybridge.

Behind the Helm on the Flybridge

The control station on the flybridge is practically a copy of the steering wheel from the panel in the cabin. We will give his photo at the very beginning of the section to make it easier for you to compare with the previous one.

Aventura 50 MY Review

The only significant difference between these two posts is the lack of glazing on the flybridge: in front of the helmsman, there is an almost circular view of all 360°. This is very important for a vessel of this width when mooring, leaving, maneuvering in a narrow lagoon or when passing through locks.

In practice, the topRik team made sure that it is equally easy and comfortable to control the boat both from the saloon and from the flybridge. Very obedient boat, despite the impressive dimensions. Setting off and mooring do not cause any problems - the view of the entire cat from the flybridge is excellent. We didn't aim for maximum speed on purpose, but 24 knots per hour can be reached quickly on Yanmar engines, unless, of course, you don’t feel like wasting fuel for the sake of speed. But sometimes it is necessary to avoid a storm or to overcome a powerful rip current.

Now get ready to see the flybridge in all its 27 m² splendor.

Aventura 50 MY Review

What? You expected more? So here’s more to you.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Aventura 50 MY Review

That’s right - this is a galley with a grill, sink, refrigerator for food and a cabinet for storing kitchen utensils.

If you are still not satisfied and do not see the claimed 27 m² here, what can we say? Only that you are right! Because there is still a spare area where you can place a solarium, a gym or even a jacuzzi... Just when calculating fuel consumption, keep in mind that the weight of exercise equipment or additional water mass can significantly increase it.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Our research of the Aventura 50 MY power catamaran ends at the bow, although this is illogical, given that from the saloon we immediately get to the foredeck, and we ended up on the flybridge. But the ways of our skipper are inscrutable - he was eager to compare two control station, and we, of course, followed in the fairway. Until we got to the foredeck.

On the Foredeck

And this is still a real fordeck, and not just part of a flat deck in the bow area. As expected, part of the deck is recessed. On the dais there are sun loungers with backs and mattresses, and in the recess there are tables. A great place to relax and sunbathe.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Well, it seems that we went around and explored all the nooks and crannies of this comfortable floating cottage, and it's time to sum up... Oh, no, we forgot that the flybridge roof also performs more than one function here. In addition to protecting her bimini convertible from rain or sunlight, it is also a platform for solar panels with a total power of 6.6 kW with an output of about 25 kW/h.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Advantages of Aventura 50 MY

One could start with the shortcomings, but against the backdrop of the advantages of the Aventura 50 MY, the shortcomings that some topRik experts wished to state seem to be just minor niggles, such as the insufficiently wide passage between the bed and the side bulkhead in the master cabin or the cramped shower cubicle in one of the guest cabins. Considering that the last claim came from our friend, whose height is 2 meters, we can assume that most passengers should not be that worried.

Benefits reflect the already established priorities for STGI Aventura Catamarans.

  • Quality. It is enough to list the companies supplying the marine equipment and engines to understand that quality is an essential requirement for all components of the shipyard's yachts. Names such as Raymarine, Yanmar, Nanni speak for themselves. The same applies to the materials used - stainless steel A4 316 ISI, marine wood, natural materials for interior design.
  • Safety. This feature of Aventura boats comes from the first point and is supported by the use of the most advanced technologies in boat manufacturing. All models before going on sale are tested by experienced offshore yachtsmen with careful record of the issues, which are then eliminated.
  • Performance and comfort. The power of the Aventura 50 MY is provided by engines from leading manufacturers, but the developers did not stop there. They lightened the yacht as much as possible and raised the main deck to provide maneuverability with excellent stability and comfortable movement in the cabins. This cat is easy to manage, it’s also easy to navigate its decks and enjoy its living spaces.
  • Versatility. All of the above benefits ensure that the Aventura 50 MY catamaran is in demand by various representatives of the maritime community: from businessmen who are engaged in rentals and charters, to yachtsmen who want to provide a comfortable and safe cruise for the family.
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Reviews of Aventura 50 MY from Professionals

Here are the testimonials of yachtsmen-journalists of the leading yachting media who first got acquainted with the Aventura 50 MY catamaran during its world premiere.

The author began his short review from a historical perspective into the history of the shipyard. He recalled that 20 years have passed since the first sailing yacht built in Tunisia, and the shipyard already has a line of not only sailing, but also motor Aventura catamarans.

Studio Samer Lasta in La Rochelle developed the Aventura 50 MY catamaran with stepped planing hulls for the shipyard. The author noted an important advantage of the new model: a fairly good cornering speed with modest power, as well as a significant range, which is provided by fuel tanks with a total volume of 3000 liters.

Alan settled on a method of building hulls in which the lightness of a foam sandwich construction is insured by the strength of epoxy resins.

The author's expectations were justified, and the interior, located between the buildings, really turned out to be light and spacious. He noted that here the efforts of the developers have focused on a large galley on the port side and a dining area on the starboard side, where 10 passengers can take seats at the table at the same time.

Alan noted an alternative dining area in the wide cockpit. He was also not disappointed by the space below deck, which is often cramped, yet the shipyard developers made it very hospitable.

He stated that with twin engines of 320-440 hp, the motor catamaran has a top speed of 26 knots.

The author of the popular yacht project Chloé Torterat, like most observers and experts, noted that the shipyard offers several versions and design options for the Aventura 50 MY Power. At 13.6 m at the waterline and 7.5 m in beam, this imposing catamaran offers a variety of layouts to suit both the private owner (3 ensuite double cabins) and the charterer (up to 6 ensuite cabins).

An 800-liter water tank, 500-liter fuel tanks and 602-liter refrigeration equipment provide the necessary autonomy for a cruise of several days.

She also took some time to point out all the beauty and comfort of the flybridge with its grill and storage space, 360° view and full-size hard-top. The author was just as impressed with the saloon, which is so extra that it even has a wine cellar as an option.

In the end Chloé concludes that this vessel has all you need for long vacation on the water and calls it a real floating home.

Video Reviews of Aventura 50 MY

The best confirmation of the experts' opinions is the videos showing off the properties of the Aventura 50 MY motor catamaran. As you’ll see, they fully coincide with the information given above.

First, let’s start with Multihulls World’s short review of this yacht:

If you are more of a visual person, here’s a CG turntable of Aventura 50 MY, which shows all of its main volumes:

The yacht is fairly new - there’s not much videos in English, yet this extensive review in German gives you ton of footage of the yacht’s interiors:


We have seen in practice and hopefully convinced you that the Aventura 50 MY motor catamaran is a powerful and comfortable boat both to manage and to live on board.

Its versatility is manifested in the fact that, as our data have shown, it is in demand among almost all representatives of the maritime community:

  • those who wish to provide the family with a safe and comfortable vacation on the water;
  • lovers of water and underwater hobbies and entertainment: spearfishing, diving, fishing from the stern, etc.;
  • those who prefer to retire to the sea with a loved one;
  • lovers of cruises with a large group of friends;
  • travelers and explorers of coasts and islands;
  • entrepreneurs who organize charters or rent out boats.

Aventura 50 MY Review

Price calculator

Where to Buy Aventura 50 MY at a Bargain Price

Good news for you: we are already here to help you buy Aventura 50 MY at a bargain price. Just contact topRik marketplace experts and all you have to do is express your wishes. We will take care of their implementation. TopRik marketplace specialists are practicing yachtsmen, maritime businessmen and yachting school teachers. We are well aware of the price level in the catamaran market, we will contact the manufacturer or reliable dealers to get you the best bargain. We will negotiate and draw up the necessary documents too.

Your motor catamaran Aventura 50 MY will be shipped to the agreed location. If you express a desire, our employees will complete the kit with equipment and accessories that are not provided in the package from the manufacturer.

Call the specified phone number, inform about your desire to buy Aventura 50 MY at a bargain price via e-mail or use the feedback on the website. All initial and current consultations are free of charge.

You can also apply for the maintenance of your catamaran or training in our yachting school SimpleSail.

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