Top 3 Best Aventura Yachts Under 1 Million Euro in 2024

A few years after its founding, Aventura Catamarans, which until then produced sailing multihulls, creates a design office and presents the Aventura 20, completely designed and built on their own. With each subsequent model, the company increased the size of the vessels and presented multihulls that meet modern trends.

Top 3 Best Aventura Yachts Under 1 Million Euro

Finally, in 2017 Aventura starts a collaboration with the renowned design studio Lasta Design. The result of this alliance is the A34, which is nominated for the title of the best catamaran of 2019 at the Düsseldorf exhibition and is warmly received by buyers.

Following this success, the company begins to venture into the power cruising catamaran niche, their range of power multihulls inheriting all of Aventura's well known seafaring qualities and the company's experience in building catamarans. These luxury yachts are built for life at sea and meet the highest maritime standards.

We will consider the most curious models of the company, which are worth up to 1 million and have already become popular.


Aventura 37

  • Name: Aventura 37
  • Boat type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 10.80
  • Width, m: 5.94
  • Minimal draft, m: 1.20
  • Light weight, T: 7.9
  • Upwind sail area, m2: 94
  • Water tanks, l: 2x250
  • Engine: 2x20 / 2x30
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2x250

A larger and wider review by our team and test drives of this sailing multihull is already on our website - here we list the main advantages common to all types of layouts of 37 models and lines of the company's yachts in general.

The Aventura 37 is a 10.9 m (32.8 ft) sailing cruising catamaran with fiberglass hull, multiple passenger cabins and a draft of 1.2 m (3.3 ft). The yacht is CE (A) certified, meaning it is suitable for open ocean cruising. The underwater surface of the 37’s hull is made of monolithic laminated polyester, and the surface part is made of vacuum multilayer polyester laminate. 8 sealed chambers provide the necessary buoyancy to the vessel.

Full Review Aventura 37 »

The first thing that is alluring about this model is the more than affordable price for a 37-foot yacht and the level of comfort, speed and maneuverability offered. STGI, the owner of the Aventura brand, achieved this thanks to being able to cut costs significantly by moving catamaran production to their Tunisian yard while leaving development, design and engineering in France.

As a result, we received one of the most affordable and sought-after catamarans in the cruise class, and the shipyard received a huge number of orders literally on the first day of the presentation.

Aventura 37

Once on board, you immediately realize that the vessel is primarily intended for a pleasant pastime, because the cockpit and deck are equipped with a large number of places to relax. Sofa at the rear, double sunbed at the passage to the forecastle and another sunbed on the left side. And that's not counting the sunbathing areas in the bow and the trampoline. I must say that you will not find such a number of comfortable sofas and seats even on many forty feet ships.

Aventura 37

There aren't too many lockers in the cockpit, and their average capacity requires you to decide what you need in the stern first of all, most of them have side access, and the crew does not have to raise the sofa seats to use them.

At the stern there are now rigid and high-quality davits for launching ship rafts and dinghies - you can really feel the reliability and strength of the structure. Cleats and a winch for hoisting the dinghy are installed on the beams themselves.

The cockpit has a handy handrail built into the flybridge to hold on to when strong waves shake the cat. The bulkhead separating the cockpit and saloon is made of reinforced multilayer polyester.

In the aft section alone, there is a lot of space even for a large family with several children or a group of friends, and the common space with the cabin will not make more numerous charter participants feel cramped. And that's pretty cool for a 37 ft long catamaran.

Aventura 37

Let's go up to the skipper's post climbing the stairs of the left side and look around there. It is worth paying attention not only to the possibilities of management and its organization - the visibility for the helmsman on a catamaran is also very important during tacking and mooring.

On some ships of other brands, in our opinion, very unfortunate decisions were made regarding the placement of the control room leading to the skipper’s need for a lookout. Well, here are clearly no problems with visibility - the left float and the edge of the right float are perfectly visible, the left stern is clearly visible when looking back, and the right stern can be seen bending down a little. Convenient. Boom should easily pass overhead, especially during the voyage - when you set the sails, it rises a little more. In general, the skipper's place is safe.

A display, a tachometer and other instruments are installed on the steering console, electric winches are brought to the skipper - it is quite a pleasure to manage it all on your own. Sailing equipment is located in front of the cockpit superstructure, which is already familiar, and is controlled using Harken winches on the port side.

Aventura 37

In case of rain, the deckhouse is quickly covered by a bimini to protect the skipper from bad weather. Opposite the control post there is a rather comfortable sunbathing area with sun loungers and comfortable backs on the sides. Nearby are small lockers, where the fenders obviously will not fit - they are placed in bow tanks, deep and roomy. Perhaps, rigid handrails would look better and more respectable around the perimeter, but the developers decided to leave everything as same as on previous models.

Let's see what we can say about the saloon. Thanks to the designers from Lasta Design, the ship has an asymmetric deck saloon with large panoramic windows that allows you to control the environment without going out on deck and provide excellent lighting inside, the play of light creates a feeling of a large comfortable space.

Aventura 37

Inside is an equipped navigator's station, a campus with a full-sized refrigerator and freezer, as well as a sink and a stove with an oven, on which you can cook dinner for a family or a small company. There is also a TV installed - it is clear that the cook will not get bored. The floor and furniture are finished in light teak, but the company can replace it with another coating if desired. The dining table folds up and can be turned into a place to relax or sleep.

In general, the first impression is a wow effect and it will last throughout the cruise, if you follow the recommendation for the number of 6 passengers max. It’s already frankly cramped with eight people both upstairs and inside, even in a four-cabin version of the yacht - it’s worth considering this. Curiously, the maximum number of passengers for day charter version is declared at 28 people, but we are not sure one should actually try this, given how sensitive catamarans are to overload.

The shipyard produces the model in several configurations of cabins and showers. We have a choice of:

  • Quatro version - 4 cabins & 2 latrines;
  • Charter version - 4 cabins & 4 latrines;
  • Standard version - 3 cabins & 2 latrines;
  • Trio version - 3 cabins & 3 bathrooms.

The most comfortable version seems to be the one with large master cabin, a spacious shower room, a wardrobe and a dressing table, which occupies one of the floats entirely. At the same time, the floats on the ship are quite narrow to ensure good sailing performance of the ship. After all, we are talking about a boat, not a country house. However, inside you don't feel cramped at all in the standard Aventura 37.

Aventura 37

The flooring resembles a laminate, has tactile feel to it and looks very respectable in terms of quality. The large cabin has an impressive number of cabinets and shelves for storing things, which is not always found on other catamarans.

There are a lot of pleasant little things inside, which together create a feeling of comfort and respectability. Pleasant semi-circular corners and doorways, upholstered with soft fabric, a rain shower, a motion sensor that turns on the light when descending, well-designed bathrooms with a large sink and hidden plumbing pipes.

Involuntarily, you start to wonder: what's the catch? Everything looks too good for its price. Among the shortcomings, not very comfortable curtains or their absence can be noted, and the portholes in the bow cabin could be larger, like in the aft rooms, where the size of the windows allows for more light inside and opportunities to enjoy the landscapes. In the multi-cabin version of the model, one of the guests will have to sleep almost on the engine, which is located under the bed. They assure that its work will not affect a restful sleep in any way, but it is hard to believe in it.

Aventura 37

Although the forward cabins are advertised as doubles, it is unlikely that two people of high stature, broad shoulders or plus size will lie down well there. But for kids, it's just perfect. As a result, apart from some trifles, nothing could be found.

In conclusion, we can say that the developers from STGI were looking for a middle ground between 44 and 34 models, and it seems they found it. The boat has incorporated the best of both models, the company's experience in shipbuilding and modern production technologies, an approach to safety and comfort.

Aventura 37

Collaboration with leading manufacturers of marine equipment and accessories has provided excellent results: on the vessel you can find Raymarine electronics, Elvström sailing equipment, ZSpars mast equipment, Altuglass panoramic windows and yacht rigging from Spinlock and Harken. All this creates a feeling of quality, comfort, reliability and ease of operation.

Aventura 45S

  • Brand: Aventura
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 13.5
  • Width, m: 7.5
  • Draft, m: 1.4
  • Displacement, t: 12
  • Air draft, m: 22
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 400
  • Exterior design (Architect): Lasta Design Studio
  • CE: Certification A12
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 74
  • Jib area, m²: 51/85
  • Engines, hp: 2x45
  • Fuel tanks l: 2x350

At the recent La Grande Motte multihull show, STGI unveiled its new flagship - the Aventura 45S multihull. The first prototype of the boat is expected to be made at the end of 2023, and mass production will begin in 2024, yet the basket of orders is already beginning to form.

At the boat show, the company presented the first renderings and made a number of announcements about the sailing performance, dimensions of the vessel, the number of cabins and the sailing area. The developers again were Lasta Design, who have proven themselves by working on previous models, and also provided STGI with popularity and sales.

Aventura 45S

Most likely, the model 44 will be used as a basis largely, but the newcomer will obviously gain weight -from 9.5 to 12 tons and will become half a meter wider. Additional weight, apparently, will be provided by a significantly expanded volume of the fuel tank - as much as one and a half times bigger! It will increase from 2x200 to 2x350, which will allow you to continue autonomous navigation for much longer. This is also indicated by the volume of fresh water reserves increased to 400 liters.

Engines have increased the number of horses, yet the technology of sandwich panels has not changed. After all, as the developers themselves say, sandwiches and powerful motors are the secret of their success and popularity. Sandwich-style composite structures really outperform other options that are used in the construction of sailing boats. The underwater parts are also made in the form of sandwiches up to skegs, which are made of monolithic fiberglass. This design significantly extends the life of the catamaran without repair and eliminates the osmosis process.

Aventura 45S

The bottom of the floats is quite narrow and they widen towards the surface - we can see the familiar side chine. This way we get better hydrodynamics and a wider living space at the top. The smooth slanting cut of the side at the stern facilitates the descent to the pier when mooring side-to. And it looks like they're still not going to add hard railings to the deck. A neat bridge in the front part will provide quick and convenient access to the bow beam to control the anchor of a slightly unusual form produced in Tunisia. This is not visible on the anchor render, but it is unlikely that they changed it.

Of course, I can't wait to see all this live - at the boat show the presentation of the model 45S also caused a strong stir, but for now we have to get by with computer graphics, pictures and diagrams.

Aventura 45S

Aventura 45S

Both the cockpit and saloon have been expanded due to the increase in the dimensions of the vessel, and the company says that the new dimensions will easily provide maximum comfort and convenience for 8-10 guests. Most likely, like the previous model, the electric winch machine is brought directly to the cockpit for faster access.

From the impressive number of sunbathing areas, sofas and sun loungers, it becomes clear that Aventura Catamarans is not going to undermine previous efforts and continues to provide customers with enough space for a pleasant pastime.

On the flybridge, bow and stern everything is lined with seats with backs and comfortable sofas. There is also more space at the tables in the cockpit and in the cabin - unlike the Aventura 37, this is already a catamaran not only for a large family with several children, but for a whole clan or a serious company of a dozen people. This is also evidenced by one of the possible charter configurations with as many as six cabins and four bathrooms. And the standard equipment with one master cabin, two regular and three showers seems to provide simply royal conditions.

Aventura 45S

We can only make assumptions about the state of the interior decoration of the residential cabins and the saloon based on what we have seen in previous models of the company, so we will refrain from making statements here. If they even just continue to show the same level of quality as before, then this will be more than enough. The diagram shows that the layout has changed, and the beds are different. Maybe other innovations and surprises await us - it’s just a guessing game at this point.

On the model of the skipper's post, it is noticeable that the developers have added another ladder and the ability to climb to the platform with the helmsman's seat not only from the cockpit, but also from the saloon - before that you could climb exclusively from the outside.

Aventura 45S

It is not clear if the increased size of the catamaran will interfere with the visibility of the helmsman, but given that the model has become only one foot longer, it is unlikely that we will face major changes, because there were no such problems on the model 44. The aft of the right float can be seen by bending slightly towards the saloon.

And just look at the number of coasters the skipper has. You will have issues drinking that many cappuccinos, not to mention something stronger than coffee. I hope this is for those who will sit on the sofas in the flybridge seating area. Winches and cleats are located further from the helmsman's station than before. And now, in order to fix something, apparently, it will be necessary to approach them.

All in all, the model looks very, very promising for its price, performance claims and the quality we're used to getting from Aventura Catamarans - the pre-order doesn't seem like a pig in a poke.

Aventura 14

And finally - the star of the past 2022 and the current flagship of STGI - Aventura 14. A completely unique product that, for its 14 meters (44 feet) offers six cabins with amenities and, probably, holds the record for capacity among yachts of this size. Unlike previous vessels in this article, this is a motor catamaran with a unique interior design and almost ocean crossing capabilities.

Aventura 14

Judge for yourself: a yacht can be equipped with two Yanmars of 320, 440 or even 550 horsepower, in the latter case, the maximum speed is up to 27 knots, and the cruising speed is up to 17-18. It's really amazing. The boat carries up to 4 tons of fuel thanks to two 1.5 t tanks and a possible option of an additional tank for another ton of diesel fuel. With such a reserve and at low speeds, this catamaran is quite suitable for offshore travel with maximum comfort.

The Aventura A14 model from Nova Luxe suggests making the catamaran hybrid or even electric, where a powerful solar battery located on the flybridge provides a lot of electricity generation. It is expected that it will produce more than 7 kW/h and will not use the fuel generator for the needs of passengers. It is also planned to install a number of additional electrical equipment, which, in combination with solar chargers, will ensure adequate operation of all household appliances and eliminate the need for diesel fuel for energy-intensive work on board on sunny days.

Design, space optimization and equipment variability are also made at the highest level.

Aventura 14

The steps leading to the cockpit are hinged and we get quick and easy access to the engine compartment and engines, wide solid rear hydraulic platform allows you to use several rafts, boats or jet skis at the same time. Also, in the stern there is a very spacious locker-garage, which can accommodate two bicycles or a compressor with scuba gear and other diving equipment.

The width of the catamaran reaches 7.5 meters, and of course, this affected the size of the rear cockpit with a boarding table for 16 people. Keep in mind, we are not talking about a super-yacht, but about a boat that is 44 feet long and is quite affordable. A huge swing door leads to the saloon from the aft. The designers were able to summarize and create a large unified space that includes a sunbathing bow area, a large saloon and a roomy cockpit, all located on the same level without steps and height differences.

When you go up to the flybridge, prepare to be surprised by its size - it is 26 square meters. Indeed, very spacious. There is also another large table, a kitchenette with a grill, a sink, a small refrigerator and a lounge area for around 15 passengers.

The control post is equipped with modern navigation and communication equipment and is duplicated in the cabin.

Aventura 14

Just below the skipper's post is another large sunbathing area for the whole group. By the way, instead of sun loungers, a jacuzzi can be installed in this place, yep. But, of course, then you will have to forget about a speed of almost 30 knots, as this is an extra three tons of water. It may not be a bad idea if you fill and heat water in it when the weather turns bad, but it still looks like a moot point.

If we go down and cross the saloon, we will find ourselves in a recreation area on the bow cockpit with two small tables and large comfortable sunbeds. There are no problems with lockers in the seats and on the floor, and the latter can easily fit two gas cylinders of 16 kilograms (35 pounds), which is enough for almost for the whole season. There is also an anchor box with quick and convenient access.

Aventura 14

The saloon on the Aventura 14 is a large and spacious with a table for 12 people, which is electrically operated and can be lowered to the level of the seats - that way you get a spacious bed. In the salon there is a full-fledged kitchen with a huge 620-liter double door refrigerator and a large freezer. There is also a dishwasher, a large gas stove, a wine cabinet and a microwave oven. And someone will have to wash it all after the party!

Aventura 14

After descending into the floats, we find ourselves in the living space of the master cabin and other sleeping quarters. The manufacturer claims that the boat allows you to have six cabins, but experts and experienced shipowners advise owners to get the version with one large cabin and four guest cabins.

The master cabin has a huge double bed, large, spacious closets, additional light sources, large portholes and plenty of air. The table and sofa, located right next to the bed, can be used as a workplace or a dressing table. The company can install a large mirror, a TV or make another porthole opposite to it. It is stated that the master cabin can even be made for the entire length of the float, and then the manufacturer will further increase the bathroom and add a corridor equipped with furniture. Perhaps this will seem redundant to some.

Aventura 14

Each standard guest cabin has its own bathroom with rain shower, toilet, mirror and sink. And also, an actual double bed and not just a wannabe, next to which there are enough mezzanines. Opposite of it there is a hatch for admiring the scenery and additional lighting.

Aventura 14

As a result, the magic of STGI and Lasta Design will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if you remind yourself that you are on a 14-meter motor yacht, although you will not always find such flybridges and cabins on boats 50 feet long. And if the sailing models of Aventura Catamarans have quite a lot of worthy competitors, this latest model of a motor boat from the STGI shipyard sets a very serious bar for all the manufacturers and designers in this price category of vessels.

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