Volt 4 Efoil

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Impressive 2.6 kWh battery for 140-minute ride time

Range of board sizes, discreet design, enhanced comfort

Water-cooled ESC, diverse mast and wing options, advanced remote

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Manta Foils
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The VOLT 4 offers an impressive battery with a capacity of 2.6 kWh and 50 Ah. Leveraging automotive industry-grade components for electric vehicles ensures top-tier reliability and durability. It boasts a remarkable 140-minute ride time, a maximum speed of 45 km/h, and a range of 45 km.

MantaFoils caters to riders with a range of board sizes, from the 150L DISCOVERY for the beginners to the 50L ABSOLUTE designed for experts, along with intermediate sizes like the 75L ELITE and 100L EXPLORE. 

The upper deck remains free of any elements, with no latches or loops in sight. Everything is discreetly tucked beneath the board, offering enhanced comfort and control for the rider.

Designed and rigorously tested in high-temperature environments, the Volt 4 features a water-cooled Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) to ensure dependable performance during extended rides. Its low-temperature electronics guarantee consistent power output and elevate system reliability. Water naturally circulates into the board's compartment, aiding in battery cooling. The Volt 4 mast head incorporates ball valves that facilitate water drainage while in flight.

Choose from two mast lengths:

The 65cm mast is ideal for beginners and calm waters, suitable for most riders and perfect for inflatable boards and heavier riders.

The 85cm mast is tailored for intermediate and advanced riders, especially those with carbon boards, offering stability at high speeds and in choppy waters.

To cater to diverse riding preferences, four wing sizes are available:

RACE WING 800cm²: Geared for higher speed and aggressive carving, recommended for advanced riders.

GLIDER WING 1350cm²: Enhances top speed and range but sacrifices lifting power; not ideal for sharp turns or carving.

FREERIDE WING 1600 cm²: The standard choice for most riders, enabling stable low to medium speed flights, long-range capabilities, and smooth turns. Suitable for heavier riders.

LIFTER WING 2150cm²: Designed for heavy riders, providing stable low-speed flights, long range, and smooth turns. Recommended for riders above 100kg.

You can choose from the wide range of paints and finishes such as: Matte finish (Gunmetal) or Metallic finish (Firecracker Orange, Jet Blue, Stellar Purple, Volcano Red, Phoenix Yellow and Green Hornet).

The Volt floating remote control boasts an improved design with a large display for clear speed and data readings. It supports wireless charging and offers various functions, including customizable displays, GPS speed display, max speed display, estimated distances, low battery warnings, and real-time electronics status updates (power, motor efficiency, temperature, etc.).

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