Chiller range employs advanced technology, using brushless DC motor with inverter and environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant

Benefits include smooth start-up, 45% reduction in electricity consumption, compatibility with small generators, minimal compressor noise
and vibrations, compact size and stable water outlet temperature

Night mode feature limits maximum output power to reduce risk of power breakdown and allow use of small and quiet generator during

Modular design allows for multiple units to be combined for desired maximum cooling power, while meeting EMC 2004/108/EC directives

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Features of Inverter Driven Chiller i62 VSD

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The chiller range employs advanced technology, utilizing a brushless DC motor with an inverter that continually regulates the compressor's speed and output power (known as Variable Speed Drive). Additionally, the refrigerant used is R410A, which is environmentally friendly.

Benefits of the Chiller i62 VSD:
- Smooth start-up without current peaks
- 45% reduction in electricity consumption for high energy efficiency
- Compatible with small generators
- Minimal compressor noise and vibrations
- Compact size and light weight for cooling capacity
- Consistently stable water outlet temperature

The chiller's compressor ensures maximum comfort by adjusting its running speed and cooling power to maintain a constant water loop temperature, irrespective of fancoil power. This results in optimal air temperature stability and efficiency by continually adapting the cooling power to real needs. The compressor initially operates at maximum power to cool the cabins quickly, but as it approaches the desired temperature, it reduces power and energy consumption. Furthermore, the use of "brushless DC" compressors and variable capacity operation eliminates the typical on/off function of traditional systems, increasing the lifespan of all electrical and mechanical components, thereby increasing reliability.

Silence: The compressor produces very low sound levels due to its function and sound proofing cover, making it particularly useful during nighttime operation.

Night mode: With a simple button press, it is possible to limit the maximum output power to a preselected value (40% default). This feature ensures that the maximum current requested is not exceeded, reducing the risk of shore power breakdown in weak electrical systems.
Additionally, in double genset applications, the small and quiet generator can be used during the night.

Modular: Multiple units can be combined to achieve the desired maximum cooling power. For example, to obtain a maximum power of 250,000 BTU/h, installing four units of 62,000 BTU/h in parallel is sufficient. The units will regulate automatically to maintain the predetermined temperature value with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Inverter-VSD Uflex VELAIR chiller units meet the EMC 2004/108/EC directives.

For a complete installation, you'll require the subsequent parts:
• Fans for cooling
• Pump for seawater
• Pump for chilled water loop
• Components for seawater loop (strainer, intake, outlet, safety valve, and pipeline)
• Components for chilled water loop (fittings, insulated pipes, valves, accumulator tank, and glycols)
• Air ducting parts (dividers, insulated pipe, transition box, air grills)

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