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This is an overview of the new sailing catamaran Aventura 37 from our team - we used our own sailing experience and taste in our evaluations. We will also provide international sailing magazines’ reviews of the sea cruiser Aventura 37 - their opinion is trusted by thousands of yachtsmen of the world.

Here you will find not only technical specifications, but also comparisons of performance and comfort on board the sailing catamaran Aventura 37 with other similar size yachts from other manufacturers.

The review is complemented by videos, photos and blueprints confirming our high grade for the performance, maneuverability and comfort of the ocean-going cruising catamaran Aventura 37, including some nitpicks of ours.


Review Aventura 37

  • Name: Aventura 37
  • Boat type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 10.80
  • Width, m: 5.94
  • Minimal draft, m: 1.20
  • Light weight, T: 7.9
  • Upwind sail area, m2: 94
  • Water tanks, l: 2x250
  • Engine: 2x20 / 2x30
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2x250
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Aventura 37 review by topRik team

The STGi shipyard and its famous brand Aventura Catamarans have successfully passed the 20-year service milestone. A gift for the anniversary for all the fans of the cruising catamaran Aventura was the new Aventura 37 model. The catamaran made a splash among connoisseurs, became a nominee for a prestigious award (due to the pandemic, the International Multihull Show did not take place that year, as you remember), and in the very first days the shipyard received dozens of production applications.

We can honestly say that almost everybody in topRik team became a fan of the shipyard's catamarans, in particular - this excellent work of multihull sailing art - Aventura 37. This catamaran is one of the most in demand vessels right now - the true value king, considering all its features and the price. So it is only natural that we carefully studied its capabilities before offering it for sale.

Lots and lots of comfortable space

When we were first introduced to the Aventura 37, we all noticed the impressive hull shapes that taper towards the waterline. We were pleasantly surprised by the very large windows in the freeboards. I immediately wanted to check the illumination inside, but there is a time for everything...

Review Aventura 37

What impresses you immediately upon boarding the cat is the extraordinary, very comfortable space for work and life, with a vessel less than 40 feet long. You see the soft furnishings without stretches and wobbles and big comfortable bimini with barbecue sitting. And lots and lots of teak - stairs to the left of the cockpit, large table, shelves in the cockpit, furniture and cupboards.

Review Aventura 37

As we got inside the saloon and into the cockpit, we realized that this time the architects and designers of Lasta Design Studio did a great job of creating a multi-tiered space that is convenient for everyone - lots of light, everything fits nicely together and no sharp edges in the saloon too - everything is curved and safe. There’s a full size refrigerator freezer with tons of storage space and a built in TV in the saloon too - on a 37 feet vessel! Additionally to teak wood colors and creamy white you get some chrome fittings here and there, which really add to the overall visual experience. This cockpit looks really classy inside for a 268.000 euro starting price, that’s for sure.

Review Aventura 37

For all the cooking needs, there’s a cute little shiny sink, lots of cupboards everywhere, an oven and a table with a large window right in front of it, so you don’t have to cook in the shadows. There are two burners available - a big one and a small one. Everything is very well integrated and nothing really bugged us about the production quality.

The navigation devices are situated left of the cooking table with integrated burners with comfy cushioned sitting place.

Down the stairs - to the cabins

From the cockpit you go straight down to the cabins - each step is lighted by staircase inbuilt lights. It feels a little bit narrow here, but, considering the size of the catamaran, it’s justified. As you come down you notice the curved edges everywhere - it is really the language of the design all over the cat - and we are not complaining. The bulkhead edge near the bunk in the aft even has a soft cover - it would be quite a challenge to harm yourself here no matter how clumsy you are. Matte cover finish and gloss finish are top notch all over the place.

Review Aventura 37

So we got to the cabins. Our captain highly appreciated the owner's cabin, which he seized entirely for sole use. Why would he not - the cabin occupies the entire right hull and it is separated from the rest of the saloon with a sliding door. There is a double island bed, a wardrobe, lockers, an individual shower room and a toilet room.

The rest of the team did not complain either, they were freely and comfortably accommodated in two cabins with individual berths and bathrooms.

Review Aventura 37

The layout of other cabins depends on whether the purchase of Aventura 37 is intended for a family holiday, a cruise with a large group of friends or for organizing a charter. We'll talk about it below after you've seen all the benefits of an ocean cruiser.

The windows in all cabins are quite big, so you get a lot of natural light near the sink and counter. The berth to the left of the stairs has two windows - one on each side. The toilet and shower don’t have any exposed plumbing and is also very well lit thanks to multiple hatches.

Ok, let’s go back to the saloon. Only as we climb up, we notice that the stairs lack some fitting high-class finish on the edge, but nothing is perfect.

You can also start your acquaintance with the Aventura 37 from the transom, climbing higher and higher: into the cockpit, then into the saloon or even higher - to the flybridge. And don’t miss the opportunity to walk across the deck to the bow, where you can have a great time soaking up the sun.

The skipper will be pleased

Let’s get to the helm from the saloon now, which, interestingly, is placed on the port side together with the line-handling area. This way helmsman and crew do not get in each other’s way during maneuvers.

The decent performance and organization of the space for the crew on Aventura catamarans has been known for a long time - we are not surprised to find it here too. The impressive speed traditional for this line is combined with excellent maneuverability and stability of the boat with all the controls right at your fingertips as you climb from the saloon using curved (of course) stairs.

Review Aventura 37

The separate area for line handling has cushy seats, cupholders, robust Harken winches and very clear colors of different lines out of the box. The helm itself is big enough for two people. The steering wheel is very responsive and easy to control with one hand. As for devices - all the necessary stuff is there, but for extra charge you can get a Garmin chartplotter, which never disappoints. The view from here is pretty much unobstructed except for a small blind zone to the right of the wheel.

Review Aventura 37

Right in front of the helm you get your rigging - furling genoa with hole points on the cabin roof, lazy bag, double spreader. Optionally, you can get a symmetrical or asymmetrical gennaker, depending on your sailing taste. The jib is not self-tacking, so you will need to ease and reel it in at each tack, which is not that difficult thanks to electric winch.

You can get to the engines from the skirts by independent boxes and have access to large engine chocks and all the mechanical parts. 

Home comfort

Initially this model is intended for a couple or even for a family in the owner's versions with 3 cabins. The charter versions have 4 heads and 4 cabins. It’s only 37 feet, yet nothing really bugs you in terms of convenience and spaciousness of the saloon, especially in the aft, compared to similarly priced cats.

Review Aventura 37

As we get onto the fly lounge using the stairs next to the helm we are, again, pleasantly surprised - the sun pad for the vessel of this size is quite spacious too, with comfortable seats and pillows. You even have the front sunbathing spots at the foredeck and under the deckhouse near the cockpit, which all stay perfectly dry during sailing thanks to the high freeboard.

Review Aventura 37

We have already noted that the architects and designers perfectly planned the space. Thanks to their craftsmanship, a cruise catamaran has become, depending on its purpose, a floating comfortable hotel or a 37 feet long cozy home.

Regardless of the purpose for which you buy an Aventura 37, those on board will get a lot of the cruising options that superyachts provide. The difference is only in the number of passengers.

There are many cozy places for recreation and entertainment, as well as privacy if necessary. Overall, at your service are:

  • large deck saloon with natural light and excellent visibility;
  • roomy cockpit with dining table, sofas and grill;
  • spacious solarium in the bow, where mats and cushions can be placed;
  • U-shaped seating area with soft sofas above the cockpit;
  • sunbathing area on the cabin roof;
  • spacious master cabin and cabins for passengers and crew (depending on the layout - 3-4 cabins with 2-4 toilets).

Overall, we can say one thing - it will be difficult to beat this value king catamaran for quite some time now, considering all the features it has.

Benefits of Aventura 37

Multivariance - 4 possible layouts

This is a hallmark of the latest models of many shipyards. But in the range of 37-foot catamarans, the Aventura 37 is breaking records again. There are 4 options for cabins only:

Standard version - 3 cabins & 2 latrines

Review Aventura 37

Trio version - 3 cabins & 3 latrines

Review Aventura 37

Quatro version - 4 cabins & 2 latrines

Review Aventura 37

Charter version - 4 cabins & 4 latrines

Review Aventura 37

There are two optional packages with additions - Easy Sail and Comfort. Here you can choose options for sailing equipment, rigging and other yacht equipment.The choice of engines and electrical equipment, electronics, kitchen equipment, furniture and finishes is provided.


With each new catamaran, the architects and designers of Aventura Catamarans demonstrate new achievements in quality. Aventura 37 was no exception. The sea cruiser was created using both proven materials and innovative technologies.

This latest model from STGI is completely built by pouring Airex foam, fiberglass and polyester into mother molds to create a sandwich matrix.
Among the materials that have been proven by many years of practice and used in the construction of a new cat are waterproof wood, epoxy resins, A4316ISI stainless steel.

The catamaran is equipped with electronic equipment from the leader in this field - Raymarine. Sailing equipment is provided by Elvström, mast equipment - ZSpars, yacht rigging - Spinlock and Harken.


Quality is directly related to safety. All the ideas of architects, constructors and designers are rigorously tested during the manufacturing process to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers in the most difficult sea situations, including bad weather and even solo sailing.

Review Aventura 37

Sandwich panel technology is the best choice for catamaran hulls, as the strength characteristics of sandwich composite structures are significantly superior to other options used in sailboat construction. The underwater part is also made in the form of sandwiches up to skegs, which were made using monolithic fiberglass. This design eliminates the osmosis process and significantly extends the life of the catamaran without repair.

As for safety of the crew onboard, we already mentioned curved edges, reducing risk of injury. What would be a really good addition, in our opinion, is somewhat higher railings to prevent man overboard situations.


The high performance of the new sailing catamaran of the Aventura range is achieved by combining the quality of the design and selected equipment.

Review Aventura 37

Sandwich design allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the boat without compromising strength characteristics - thanks to this design the boat can boast a good sail area over displacement rating - 24.1. This provides it with increased maneuverability and improves speed. At the same time, constructive innovations provide excellent balance and stability even with strong side waves.

The Aventura 37 has quite a high freeboard compared to something like Nautitech 40 or C-Cat 37 and really wins over both of them with a sailing area of 94 square meters. It has a fly lounge and the other two don’t - and at a lower price! The 37 has also quite narrow hulls in comparison - 10.90m by 5.94m.

The chosen technology for the manufacture of the body allows for almost ideal ergonomic characteristics of the Aventura 37.
In their own words, their philosophy is to combine the innovations in quality, safety and performance into a perfect mix.

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Reviews of Aventura 37 by professionals

Announced a year ago, the Aventura 37 is coming to market in a particularly neat version. This cruising catamaran advertised at an enticing price has the means to carve out a lion's share.

Aventura 37 became a surprise at the Cannes boat show. Not a surprise regarding the appearance of this new model which had already been announced for a long time, but a big surprise in terms of the quality of the model presented to visitors.

The Aventura Catamaran shipyard has nothing to be ashamed of for the quality of its service compared to other major competing brands. From now on, the Aventuras count and are very likely to make a good share of this multihull market.

The Aventura 37 stands out with its asymmetrical deck. To port, the helm station and access to the foredeck and its large sundeck. And to starboard, a gangway which is partially occupied by a sunbathing area aft, directly linked to the cockpit.

It's smart, because all these living or maneuvering spaces don't get in each other's way. In addition, access to the cockpit in front of the helmsman frees up maneuvering space which is thus always accessible. Note also the large space for sunbathing on the deckhouse. Belted for comfort and safety by backrests.

Inside, too, the layout is smart. We particularly appreciated the starboard hull proposed for an owner. While the berth is traditionally at the rear and the bathroom at the front, it was the good idea of housing a real dressing room in the central portion. It's smart and offers accessible and aesthetic storage for the occupants.

But more than the fittings or the organization on board, it is above all on the quality of construction and finish that the yard has really taken a step forward. The materials used, the quality of the gelcoat and the on-board equipment (including the Empire Bus digital switching electrical installation, fully controllable from the Garmin plotter).

All these details show the yard's desire to offer up-to-date and well-made sailboats. Especially with a base price that remains ultra-competitive in this size of catamaran. A good start for this model which targets the heart of the cruising catamaran market.

Francois Xavier Ricardou (yachtsman, Bateaux.com journalist, 11.10.2021)

In Rohan Veal’s words, LASTA Design studio has outdone themselves once again, changing the game. Even though it’s less than 40 feet long, it has all the ingredients of cruising catamaran and also decent performance unlike cats with similar price tag.

With the length of 11m the space wasn’t ignored - it has a 260 lt fridge, dishwasher and many cupboards. Fitted wardrobes are present in every cabin and the master cabin has a dressing room. It’s easy to organize all the equipment thanks to large chests.

What’s unique about performance is that Aventura 37 has the sail control pit with HARKEN winches and fittings separated from the helm station.

Thanks to the sailing area of 94m2 it will easily outperform most 40’ cats and with comfort too - it has a lot of relaxation areas such as rooftop sun deck, plancha site and outdoor saloon which can fit eight people.

A37 completes the range inserting itself between the A44 (nomination for the 2020 Catamaran of the Year) and A34 (which was nominated for 2019 European Boat of the Year).

Aventura 37 is available in four different versions, including with 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms, which is very unusual in this size.

Rohan Veal (Sail World Cruising journalist, 28.04.2020)

Video reviews of Aventura 37

The catamaran sales team accompanied the first sea trials and checks of the ocean-going cruising catamaran Aventura 37. You can watch the first exclusive onboard tour that this team filmed on this new multihull from the Aventura range.

You will also see the first miles under the asymmetric spinnaker cruising catamaran Aventura 37 at Canet en Roussillon with journalist and yachtsman Philippe Echel.

The selection also includes representative video reviews, which give you enough information about comfortable life and sailing control on board the Aventura 37.

Some words about the creators of Aventura 37

Whether you are a passionate newcomer or an experienced sea wolf in the yachting world, you might not be very familiar with relatively new bright brands like Aventura Catamarans. We think it makes sense for us to give a little information about the people behind the model 37.

Aventura Catamarans since its creation in early 2000s were focused on construction and composite design and began their path from making light coasting catamarans. What propelled the brand to the highest level was Aventura 20 - the first model entirely designed by them. The next hit came only three years later and was called Aventura 33. And with Aventura 43 the brand truly solidified its place in the multihull world.

In 2015 the huge boost to production was achieved as the brand's manifacturing shipyard acquired a new modern factory in Menzel Bourguiba near Bizerte to satisfy growing demands of their clients. Since then the shipyard greatly extended their range and now provides models Aventura 37, 34, 44, 10 and 14 Power.


We have detailed all the features of the latest ocean cruiser from STGI shipyard. Well-known testers, yachtsmen and journalists were involved as witnesses. It remains to summarize and draw conclusions.

Review Aventura 37

In our opinion, the Aventura 37 cruising catamaran has the excellent qualities of a comfortable floating hotel or cozy home for a very affordable price. Moreover, comfort extends to both passengers and crew members. Although in this case the team may be limited to one person, the cat is still simple and obedient to manage.

You can safely buy an Aventura 37 catamaran for the following purposes:

  • family holidays - with the layout of the cabins Standard or Trio;
  • cruising with a large group of friends - Trio or Quatro cabin layout;
  • organization of charters - with the layout of cabins Charter.

Regardless of the destination, all passengers and crew members aboard the Aventura 37 will feel the quality of the build, will appreciate the lack of sharp corners, great material coating and a lot of light. Everybody gets the maximum freedom of movement while relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, during some “me” time solitude, as well as while sailing - and all that at comparatively low price. The value of the purchase is really remarkable. Well, done, Aventura Catamarans!

Where to buy Aventura 37 at a bargain price

The topRik marketplace connects manufacturers and buyers of yachting industry products around the world.

To buy Aventura 37, you just need to use the Buy button in the link or through the contacts on the marketplace, we will do the rest ourselves:

  • we will help you choose the optimal package depending on what the purchase of a catamaran is intended for;
  • provide favorable payment terms;
  • we will deliver the catamaran to the destination;
  • we will pick up and deliver all the necessary accessories (mats, pillows, fenders, etc.).
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The topRik team is a team of passionate sailors. We are doing everything to ensure that there are more like-minded people in this world. If buying an Aventura 37 catamaran is your first step into this passion, we can help you get it right. And if you are already an experienced cat fan, we are ready to help you successfully and profitably master new miles on this endless journey.

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