Dinghy Gibsy model E 249


Rigid-hulled inflatable boat combines the best qualities of rigid hulled and inflatable boats. The Gibsy E 249 has a rigid hull that does not bounce when loading and during rapid movements, a V-shaped keel that allows a quick stop even when fully loaded, and inflatable sides that contain side waves. Buy the Gibsy E 249 as a tender for a yacht, competition on the water, speed trips, fishing and hunting in sheltered waters.

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BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly TypeRigid inflatable

The presence of inflated cylinders on the sides makes rigid inflatable boats (RIB) look like a PVC inflatable boat. But from the point of view of performance and operation, this is a boat of a completely different class, although of a similar purpose.

The proposed Gibsy E 249 has the following distinctive advantages due to the combination of a rigid hull, V-shaped keel and inflatable chambers on the sides.

Housing made of fiberglass GRP

  1. Reliability, wear resistance, moisture resistance, lightness of the material from which the hard case is made.
  2. Due to the lightness of the boat, it has a small draft, which allows you to go shallow without fear and come close to the shore.
  3. The bottom is not threatened by punctures when hitting a snag or stones.
  4. Rigid hull contours, which can not be achieved with an inflatable bottom, improve gliding and maneuverability, which allows you to increase speed.
  5. Even with increased speed and the ability to quickly get on plane, the Gibsy E 249 requires less engine power to provide better performance.
  6. The consequence of reducing engine power is fuel economy.

The V-keel made of fiberglass

  1. Rigid keel ensures course stability, easy handling without rolling to the side of the oncoming wave or movement at high speed.
  2. Helps to smoothly turn and maneuver on the spot.
  3. Reduces the shaking and intensity of water surface impacts.

Inflatable three-chamber boards

  1. RIBs are significantly lighter than fully rigid boats thanks to the inflatable sides.
  2. Inflatable boards serve as shock absorbers that soften the impacts of waves, including side ones.
  3. By increasing the width of the dinghy, the inflatable sides provide increased stability.
  4. The sides consist of three non-communicating air chambers, which are an additional guarantee of passenger safety in case of unforeseen situations on the water.

It is not surprising that in many countries, rescue services, coastal services and the army are equipped with RIBs, which ensure the prompt delivery of people or cargo even under adverse conditions in the water area.

Buy Gibsy E 249 if you want to have all the advantages of an inflatable PVC dinghy and a rigid recreational boat.

Features of Dinghy Gibsy model E 249

    G.F.N. SRL
    Weight, kg
    Technical features
    Item number
    Rigid inflatable
    Gibsy 249 "E"
    Length, m
    Width, m
    Persons capacity
    Tubular’s diameter, cm
    Max. Motor Power, HP
    4/5 hp
    Incl. Motor
    White / Grey
    Buoyancy chambers
    Design category CE - D
    Stowed dimensions, cm
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