Dinghy Gibsy model E 220

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Introduced in 2022, the E series is a new direction in the diversity of Gibsy boats. Rigid hull with the V-keel, 3 buoyancy chambers on the top of the hull - these are the key characteristics of the series in the Gibsy E 220. Design features allow you to develop high speed and stability during turning, excellent glide and maneuverability even when fully loaded. You can buy Gibsy E 220 both for fishing or hunting, and for refreshing boating trips.

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TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly
Weight, kg
Technical features
Item number
Rigid inflatable
Gibsy 220 "E"
Length, m
Width, m
Persons capacity
Tubular’s diameter, cm
Max. Motor Power, HP
3.5 hp
Incl. Motor
White / Grey
Buoyancy chambers
Design category CE - D
Stowed dimensions, cm
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Rigid inflatable boats (RIB) are boats with a rigid hull and keel, to the sides of which inflatable balloons are attached. Rigid-hulled inflatable dinghy combines the best features of inflatable tenders and rigid hull boats.

1. The V-shaped bottom allows you to increase speed up to 50 knots, quickly accelerate and go on a plane, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

2. The hard bottom provides a small draft, which allows you to come close to the shore and not be afraid to run aground, as long as you remember about the height of the keel.

3. V-shaped keel allows a sharp turn on the spot and an immediate stop even when the boat is fully loaded.

4. RIB is not threatened by bottom punctures due to snags and rapids.

5. Buoyancy chambers are not inflated to the point of ringing here, since they are not required to maintain structural rigidity. Their role is to ensure stability and keep afloat. They are also excellent at damping lateral waves. If a rigid-hulled inflatable boat is used as a tender, the inflatable sides act as fenders when loading or unloading while at anchor. When inflated, the sides increase the width of the boat, which also improves its stability.

6. Even with the chambers deflated, the Gibsy E 220 will stay afloat thanks to its tough special plastic body.

7. The rigidity of the body allows you to equip an awning to protect against sunlight.
RIB is much lighter than rigid boats with the same dimensions. The advantages of a rigid-hulled inflatable boat are evidenced by the fact that they are used by armies, rescuers, special services, and lovers of water recreation.

If you want a reliable boat that combines the advantages of buoyancy chambers and a rigid hull, buy the Gibsy E 220, which can be used for any purpose in sheltered waters or as a yacht tender.

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