Dinghy Gibsy model ALU 250

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The ALU series is a type of rigid inflatable boat (RIB). The Dinghy Gibsy ALU 250 has a rigid aluminum alloy hull and PVC thermo welded fabric inflatable sides. The boat with a length of 2.5 m weighs only 38 kg. This lightness and contours of the hull provide excellent seaworthiness and low draft. Category C in the CE system certifies the boat for boating in coastal waters. When you buy a Gibsy ALU 250 you get a stylish boat with excellent features.

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Rigid inflatable
Gibsy 250 "ALU"
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The advantages of the Dinghy Gibsy ALU 250 have been appreciated by yacht owners who want to get a spectacular and high-performance tender, lovers of high-speed boating on the water, as well as fishermen and waterfowl hunters.

The main differences in RIB design are a rigid hull with contours and ledges and inflatable sides of a significant diameter. For the body, fiberglass is usually used or, like the Gibsy ALU 250 - painted aluminum and magnesium alloy. Inflatable boards with a diameter of 42 cm are made of thermo welded PVC fabric MEHLER with a thickness of 0.9 mm.

As a result, RIB Gibsy ALU 250 has the following features and benefits:

  • with the same length, it weighs much less than boats made entirely of aluminum alloys or fiberglass;
  • lightness of the hull and sides provides excellent gliding;
  • excellent glide helps to develop high speed even with a low-power motor;
  • a quick set of high speed from the start helps to quickly get on plane, and this ensures fuel economy;
  • the contours of the hull and the ledges of the bottom, along with the lightness of the design, allow the boat to glide almost on top of the water surface when planing, easily overcoming the resistance of the water, which ensures excellent maneuvering and stable keeping of the set course;
  • light weight means low draft, which allows you to come close to the shore and not be afraid of shallows, which is important when hunting from a boat in the reeds;
  • the hard floor does not spring, does not vibrate and does not cave in during landing and disembarkation, which prevents injuries;
  • the rigidity of the floor is very important for both fishermen and hunters - they can actively move in the boat without fear and lay out their gear and hunting accessories on the floor without possibility of damaging it;
  • practically unsinkable thanks to three inflatable chambers.

A light floating hull and the chambers in the inflatable sides provide a huge margin of buoyancy if one or even several of the listed elements are damaged.

Buying a Dinghy Gibsy ALU 250, you get a reliable rigid inflatable boat for yachting, fishing or cruising at speed in coastal waters.

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