Dinghy Gibsy model ALU-H 320

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Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) gibsy ALU-H 320 is the new product of 2022. Its difference from other representatives of the Gibsy line is a double aluminum-magnesium alloy hull with a V-shaped keel and inflatable sides made of rubberized fabric. After swiftly going on plane, the boat consumes fuel economically. With a light design, the carrying capacity is higher than that of rigid boats of the same dimensions. Buy the dinghy Gibsy ALU-H 320 for coastal sailing, fishing or diving.

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TypeRigid inflatable BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly
Weight, kg
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Technical features
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Rigid inflatable
Gibsy 320 "ALU-H"
Length, m
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Buoyancy chambers
Design category CE - С
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The Gibsy line is a great opportunity to choose a boat according to your own preferences. At the end of 2022, there are 8 series and almost 40 models of a long size range. Each series offers its own features. The Gibsy ALU-H 320 has:

1. Rubberized Neoprene fabric for inflatable boards - durable waterproof material that does not deform when inflated. Neoprene is not afraid of heat and cold, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation, sea salt, and its durability exceeds even the service life of PVC fabric boards under equal operating conditions.

2. Double V-keel metal hull is made of aluminum magnesium alloy. It has high fatigue strength, excellent weldability, and is not subject to corrosion. You won't have to deal with osmosis issues by having a boat with this alloy hull.

3. A common feature for all rigid inflatable boats is high stability and maneuverability with lightness and excellent glide. Gibsy ALU-H 320 weighs only 64 kg and carries 4-5 people.

4. Lightness is provided not only due to the combination of aluminum alloy hull and inflatable sides. This design provides excellent glide, which allows you to quickly pick up speed to bring the boat on planing.

5. Since the wetted area of ​​the bottom is minimal during planing, the boat does not experience significant water resistance and does not require a powerful motor.

6. The V-shaped keel helps to reduce the resistance of the oncoming water current by cutting it, and also provides obedience to the rudder, maintaining the stability of a given course.

7. Due to the inflatable sides with a diameter of 42 cm, the impact of the side wave is extinguished. Due to their size, the overall width of the boat and its stability on the wave are increased. The sides also act as a fender when mooring to a yacht.

8. Solid double bottom is not afraid of shallows, stones, snags. In addition, a small draft allows not only to come close to the shore, but also to successfully boat over the shoals.

9. The hard floor eliminates the effect of a trampoline when diving, moving, casting a spinning rod and other movement on board.

If you are into water tourism, diving, boating, hunting on water, fishing far from the coast - buy Gibsy ALU-H 320 and provide yourself with reliable water transport for any of these activities.

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