Leen 72 Review

Here we talk about the latest model from Leen Trimarans - almost 22-meter-long triple hull motorized trawler Leen 72. We provide the opinion on this trimaran directly from topRik team, since we periodically inspect new yachts to replenish SimpleSail’s fleet. The review also features reviews of the Leen 72 from leading yachting media writers who have tested the trimaran.

As always, the review is accompanied by photographs of the exterior and interior of the vessel, as well as videos that demonstrate the driving features of Leen 72.

Leen 72 Review

Leen 72 trimaran is one of the newest trimarans on the market and is taking the boating world by storm right now. This triple hull comes with a lot more customization options than most other yachts on the market.

Neel Trimarans and Eric Bruneel created a new company, Leen Trimarans, to develop a new direction - the production of motorized three-hull trawlers with hybrid power supply. Renowned naval architect and designer Bernard Nivelt was challenged with combining the greatest possible ship autonomy with high energy efficiency.

The trimaran Leen 72 is a trawler with a length of 21.8 meters, a width of 8.85 meters and a draft of 1.34 meters. The ship's hull consists of an aluminum composite superstructure. At the same time, the main part is made of a foam plastic composite, and the bottom of each of the three hulls up to the waterline is made of Kevlar. This provides a much greater impact resistance and stability of this trimaran, which has a total displacement of 41.5 tons.

As for the drives, the manufacturer offers a choice of 330 HP Cummins diesel engine or 400 HP Cummins engine.

Surprise: Cummins engine will be assisted by two 20-kilowatt electric motors, which together will allow the trimaran to cruise at 15 to 18 knots per hour, as well as reach a top speed of 20 knots per hour.

Surprise №2: if you choose to run the ship on electric propulsion alone, the trimaran will be able to travel at about 6 knots for about two hours before needing to start the generator.

There are three aluminum fuel tanks on board that allow the ship to carry a total of 5.000 liters of diesel fuel on board, giving the Leen 72 a cruising range of five to six thousand nautical miles at sub-cruising speeds. At a speed of 10 knots, the autonomy is 2.5 thousand miles with a fuel consumption of just over 2 liters. And when the speed drops to 8-9 knots per hour, you will be able to cover a distance of 3.5 thousand nautical miles without replenishing fuel.

Undoubtedly, Bernard Nivelt coped with his task.

Leen 72 Review


Features of Leen 72

  • Brand: Leen Trimarans
  • Hull type: Trimaran
  • Overall length, m: 21.8
  • Width, m: 8.85
  • Draft, m: 1.34
  • Displacement, t: 32
  • Water tanks, l: 1000
  • Exterior design (Architect): Bernard Nivelt
  • Interior design: Pierre Frutschi
  • CE Certification: Category A
  • Engine, hp: 330, Cummins QSL9
  • Option engine, hp: 400, Cummins QSL9
  • Fuel tanks, l: 5000

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Review of Leen 72 by TopRik Team

The skipper and topRik team leader has long wanted to add trimarans to his SimpleSail fleet. In the hope that a three-hull vessel will soon join this peaceful "squadron", we set off to explore the new Leen 72 trimaran from the Leen Trimarans shipyard.

Leen 72 Review


First Look

It made quite the impression at first sight! After all, we expected to see something like Leen 56, only 5 meters longer. We have already experienced the classy avant-garde look of Leen’s first-born back in the day, and thought that nothing would surprise us anymore.

But, probably, no one expected to see something even more avant-garde... Of course, this was not art for art's sake. In all these lines lies a precise calculation aimed at maximizing the sea performance that can be squeezed out of a motorized three-hull trawler of this size without compromising the comfort of its inhabitants.

Leen 72 Review

For example, the far forward bow of the vaka, as well as the location of all heavy equipment under the main deck in the central hull, significantly reduce rolling during rough seas. And sharp stems reduce the effect of water resistance on the driving performance of the trimaran. This design allows you to consume less fuel, since the wetting area is reduced.

Leen 72 Review

Of course, one cannot draw an analogy between a planing vessel and a trawler, but its architect Bernard Nivelt has extensive experience designing racing trimarans, offshore and pleasure yachts, also Beneteau Swift Trawler. When developing Leen 72, he made the most of his accumulated engineering and creative potential.

At the same time, the decision to move the bow of the central hull in relation to amas expands the possibilities of living space. The vaka forepeak can be equipped with an additional cabin or a storage compartment for the necessary things. Highly raised side hulls also allow for more spacious spaces below the main deck, where not only an additional cabin can be accommodated, but the main galley can also be moved there.

Main galley?.. There are also secondary ones? – you might ask. We will tell you more about this in the following sections.


On the Transom

This part of the vessel, like most trimarans, is hardly associated with the part of the stern familiar to us, which initially should be a vertical wall connecting both sides. But as we can see in the photo below, the Leen 72 has a fully open cockpit. And the sides even have a cutout at the deck level, so that it would be convenient to board the trimaran from a high pier when it’s docked side-to.

Leen 72 Review

Instead of a solid transom wall, this “fence” with gates can be installed here, as shown in the photo below. The cockpit can be reached by climbing one of the three ladders. The central one is the widest, as is the platform from which it starts, or to which it leads, if you go down from the cockpit.

Leen 72 Review

Don't you think that such massive ladders are overkill? After all, there are two more on the sides, in addition to this central one? And remember, we talked about the fact that Bernard Did Nivelt manage to use the additional volumes of the high-rise hulls? Yeah, it must make more sense now. And here is confirmation: this is not just a gangway, but also an electric garage door for a full-fledged motor dinghy.

Leen 72 Review

Rollers are equipped on the central platform so that when the dinghy rolls out, the teak coating is not scratched.

Well, you can estimate the size of this beach spot, which can be arranged on all three "islands" of the platform, even from the photo, focusing on the fact that the width of the trimaran is 8.85 meters.


In the Cockloon

Climbing up the ladder, you find yourself in a huge space, completely covered from above by a canopy, like the side decks, one of which is visible in the picture below. At the table, on a soft sofa and chairs, as our research showed, 6 people can freely accommodate, and if you install a transom sofa, then even more.

Leen 72 Review

There is a grill here so you can cook freshly caught fish or something from your frozen stock in the fresh air.

This is such a large space that the ladder to the flybridge is not at all steep, as it is on smaller boats.

Why are you staring so intently at the next table in the photo? No, it's not a reflection in a mirror. This is the table in the saloon, which is visible through this huge opening, which is covered by a sliding transparent structure. You see it assembled to the right of the opening.

Now you guessed it - this is a continuation of the famous cockloon, as the combined cockpit and saloon in Neel and Leen trimarans are called by the founder and Neel Trimarans’ manager Eric Bruneel. This is what cockloon looks like of Leen 72, when viewed from the side of its second component - the saloon.

Leen 72 Review

Most of it is given over to the dining area with a large corner sofa and a folding table with an electric drive. Opposite to it is a niche that can be used for shelves or a TV panel. Plenty of storage space in the cabinets, in the niches behind the back of the sofa and in the lockers under the seats. There is an electrical panel at the entrance.

The rounded corners of the furniture are a pleasant detail. As our long experience of sailing on yachts of different models shows, this is one of the unmistakable signs that manufacturers and developers are serious about providing passengers with sufficient comfort and safety.


Loft Deck

In fact, we have been on this deck since the very first step we took from the aft ladder to the cockpit. Now all this huge space can be bypassed without using any ladders or steps.

Leen 72 Review

So, we have already passed the cockpit and saloon. Behind the dining area, which is quite logical, you can find the galley. It is spacious enough for the cook and assistant to move freely here, which can be either the owner with his other half, or a hired crew or just a couple of friends (underline the option that suits you or add your own).

Leen 72 Review

To the right of the galley, two ladders are visible in the photo - for descending into the hull and ascending to the flybridge. And the galley and other areas that we are now exploring are, as we have already said, on the same level.

The galley is equipped with a stove with an induction hob, an oven, a refrigerator, a freezer and other necessary and modern household appliances. Enough space for storing kitchen utensils and non-perishable products in cabinets and on shelves protected by snap doors. Please note that in the galley area there is an opening porthole above the stove - a natural hood.

You can install a dishwasher, another refrigerator or freezer in a free locker.

Leen 72 Review

Opposite the galley is the door to the owner's cabin. As can be seen from the diagram above, the master cabin occupies an area almost equal to that of the saloon. Actually, in the version for the owner, this entire deck can be called the master deck, since here everything is designed so the owner, for whom all this luxury is intended, feels like the main character on the Leen 72 trimaran. Although in any version, the master cabin remains unchanged in terms of location, comfort and abundance of storage space.

Leen 72 Review

This is just the sleeping area with king-size double bed with convenient access from three sides, an opening porthole in a huge window and a large wardrobe with mirrored doors. You get natural lighting, natural ventilation and the opportunity to admire the open spaces of the sea without leaving the cabin.

Leen 72 Review

By the way, you can leave the owner's cabin (as well as enter it) both from the saloon and from the side deck.

Behind the ladder to the side deck in the master cabin is a bathroom with two washbasins, an electric toilet and a shower.

Leen 72 Review

It is impossible not to showcase this spacious insulated shower that even our 2-meter-high crewman would appreciate. He was absent during this testing, but even without him we were able to make sure that the rooms on the loft deck are not only spacious, but also high, filled with light and air.

Leen 72 Review

And of course, a significant area of the main deck is given over to the skipper's working area in the center of the bow. As we have already said, from here the skipper can go down the ladders to the engine room or go up to the flybridge, which is very convenient and does not require detours on the deck.

Leen 72 Review

Here he can lie down to rest on a large luxurious sofa, which occupies a good quarter of the area of this working area. But, of course, the main place here is the control post, located on the starboard side.

Leen 72 Review

Comfortable dual seats are adjustable for the height and needs of the helmsman. The helm has a classic look, not the shape of a car steering wheel. The control panel contains all navigational equipment: two large chartplotters, an autopilot, a radar, an automatic thruster, a compass, etc. Indicators of all equipment that ensures the trimaran's vital functions are also displayed here. All the necessities - means of communication and a gas-reverse switch lever.

Leen 72 Review

Glass in the cab - tinted, excluding glare. The helmsman can observe the water area even without sunglasses.

Leen 72 Review

So, we have completed the study of the main deck of Leen 72. Next, we have two paths with the ladders leading us away from the working area: to the flybridge or down to the hulls. Since we have already described the master cabin, let's check out what Bernard Nivelt has to offer for guests of the owner and crew members, also many will be interested in the charter option with the ability to accommodate 12 berths on a trimaran. Well, let's go down a few steps.


In Hulls below Deck

The developer of the trimaran Leen 72 offers different options for the layout of the cabins. As mentioned above, the master cabin in terms of accommodation, comfort and parameters remains unchanged.

The owner can stop there. Or he can order other layout options - with three and four cabins located in the hulls. Let's start with a variant, the features of which the topRik team can confirm with their own experience. This option includes two more cabins below the main deck - in the forepeak and in the port side ama.

Leen 72 Review

In the 4-cabin version, the starboard ama, which shared a toilet and shower room, is also given over to a double cabin.

But there is another option for a 5-cabin charter, in which an additional cabin is located in the place of the boat garage.

Leen 72 Review

In the five-cabin option, you will have 12 double berths. How do we count that, you ask? Don’t forget that the table in cockloon can transform. By lowering it to the level of the sofa seats, it is possible to equip berths for two more passengers or crew members, although usually the crew prefers to occupy the forepeak.

But even with so many cabins, located in the hulls, which we called narrow at the beginning of the review, the sleeping places are spacious enough, and there is enough headroom to feel free.

Leen 72 Review

This unusual feeling of freedom is also facilitated by the flow of natural light and fresh air. It is clear that the "window" during movement should be opened with caution.

Leen 72 Review


In the Engine Room

Since we're down below deck, we can't get past the engine room. Yes, yes, on Leen 72 it's not just the engine compartment – it’s a whole room. For the perfect balance Bernard Nivelt has located almost all the equipment that provides the life of the yacht in the center of vaka. As you can see, you do not have to perform acrobatic somersaults to get to the engine, the generator, which also controls the electric motors, the desalination plant and other equipment located here. You can stand here at full height and there will still be enough space above your head.

Leen 72 Review

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, there are lithium batteries, an air conditioning system, and plenty of space for tools and anything you want to store here.

The floors and bulkheads of this compartment are treated with special foam to provide sound insulation. Our data shows that the trimaran is surprisingly quiet even at 10 knots.

Under this compartment is a tank for 5000 liters of diesel fuel.

And now we return to the cockloon, and from there we climb to the flybridge.


On the Flybridge

It was difficult to get our tech savvy skipper out of the engine room, but, having climbed into the cockloon, he gravitated to the helm station on the main deck. Until we found out that the flybridge also has a helm station.

Well, it's probably here somewhere...

Leen 72 Review

TopRik team experts were impressed by this huge seating area. Luxurious sofa, large dining table… And what is that on the left? Exactly - a grill and a bar counter. Great place and roomy enough for a party!

And here’s that helm station we mentioned.

Leen 72 Review

The control panel practically repeats the one that we saw at the main helm station, in the saloon, with the same set of equipment and indicators. Great view and wind in your hair, and, of course, good company nearby. The skipper will definitely not be left without refreshments here.

Keep in mind that you can enter here not only through this ladder, but also through the ladder from the cockpit.

Leen 72 Review

This is the ladder we will descend to pay attention to the side decks and this amazing bow of the trimaran Leen 72.


To the Bow

Wide decks with seating for admiring the beauty of the sea did not surprise us too much. This simply confirms that the width of the side decks ensures comfortable movement and safety. High sides and reliable handrails serve the same purpose.

Leen 72 Review

From the very first glance, we appreciated that the decks are covered along the entire perimeter of the trimaran. Pay attention to the teak coating, which prevents slipping even in heavy rain. The hatches are sealed flush, so you can not be afraid for the safety of your toes.

Leen 72 Review

Undoubtedly, this is a completely exclusive exterior, aimed primarily at the high seaworthiness of the catamaran. The topRik experts are well aware of the purpose of this avant-garde look. But you must admit that in addition to the utilitarian purpose, there is also an aesthetic side. In this trimaran, these properties are in perfect harmony.

Leen 72 Review


Advantages of Lean 72

As always, Leen Trimarans and Bernard Nivelt remained adherents of the main positions, which are the advantages of the Leen 72 trimaran.

  • Quality of the materials.
  • Safety on board with great flooring and rails all over the place.
  • Performance – whole 3 engines on board.
  • Comfort thanks to wooden furnishing, both minimalistic and home-like feel.
  • Autonomy – 5000 liters of fuel, large water tanks and tons of food storage.
  • Exclusivity – there’s nothing like it on the market.

Reviews of Leen 72 from Professionals

Author of the popular yachting magazine Motoroat & Yachting tested Leen 72, setting off with his team from Port des Minimes, La Rochelle. If this information interests you and you want to know more, just follow the link to this article.

Phil Draper is the yachting journalist who noticed that there is something elephantine about Leen 72. Anyone would agree if, like Phil, saw this trimaran next to yachts up to 15 meters long. In addition, the author noted that it seems that you are on board a much larger boat. This impression is created by deep bulwarks, spacious decks on each side, protected by a canopy, and other exterior details. He also admitted that it was difficult for him to stay on the bow of the ship and not repeat the scene from the Titanic.

Describing the interior of the trimaran, Phil called it a real spaceship. He paid special attention to the hybrid drive.

The author noted that Leen 72 resembles a cruise ship in its ability to cross oceans. Even with one main engine at a speed of 8 knots, the possible cruising range makes it possible to cross the Atlantic autonomously, and if the speed of the trimaran is less than seven knots, then it is possible to cross the Pacific Ocean too.


Video Reviews

These videos might will help you to better understand what kind of a beast this yacht is.

First, 3-minute overview of Leen 72 doesn’t waste time and demonstrates best features:

Next, the tour from Neel Trimarans themselves – incredible production quality:

Luxury Empire showcases both interiors and exteriors of the yacht:

Finally, extensive 28-minute review of Leen 72, that doesn’t leave any questions unanswered:



In all honesty, this yacht is designed for the owner to a much greater extent than for charters. She is extremely comfortable for driving and life on board and does not require sailing skills from the skipper . Based on this, we can distinguish the following categories of sailors for whom it is ideal:

  • lovers of comfort in sea cruises;
  • those who prefer to travel alone or with a loved one;
  • lovers of a safe family vacation in complete comfort;
  • adherents of autonomous navigation;
  • organizers of charters for small groups of close friends, families or corporate events;
  • those who want to take a break from sailing, but do not want to part with the sea and the wind in their hair.

Leen 72 Review


Where to Buy Leen 72 at a Bargain Price

Call or message topRik marketplace experts and you will no longer have to think about where to buy Leen 72 at a bargain price. All our employees are seasoned yachtsmen who have sailing experience on all types of boats presented at the marketplace. You will receive comprehensive and professional advice on all issues of interest to you, and completely free of charge.

After our experts find out what configuration you have in mind for your trimaran, we will sign an agreement for the following services:

  • search for a boat that exactly meets your requirements;
  • negotiating with the manufacturer or dealer;
  • preparation of all documents, including insurance and customs clearance;
  • control over the complete set of the boat;
  • driving the trimaran Leen 72 to the agreed delivery point.

If necessary, the topRik team will take in your trimaran for a full maintenance for preventive inspections, conservation, etc.

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