Efficient A-200 Watermaker


The energy recovery system of the Efficient A-200 yacht watermaker reduces power consumption by 80%. Portable or stationary, fully autonomous, it processes 200 liters of seawater per hour, producing quality drinking water with the taste of the finest mineral water. Buy the Efficient A-200 watermaker for installation on large yachts and other vessels - this is a guarantee of health and comfort on a long cruise.

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Performance200 l/h Power220V AC monophasic, 220V AC three-phase, 380V AC neutral three phase Watermaker typeStationary installation BrandEco Sistems
200 l/h
220V AC monophasic, 220V AC three-phase, 380V AC neutral three phase
Watermaker type
Stationary installation
Eco Sistems
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Water purification by reverse osmosis involves the use of a semi-permeable membrane that traps impurity molecules when water passes through it under high pressure.

Thanks to this technology, the economical and efficient Efficient A-200 has following features and benefits:

  • successfully cleans both sea water and polluted fresh water from salt and pollution, can be used for other household or industrial purposes;
  • has a pre-filtration system;
  • membranes also do not let through viruses and bacteria that exceed the size of a water molecule;
  • works from external power sources of alternating and direct current;
  • has 4 membrane filters;
  • can work in continuous mode;
  • hybrid type high pressure pump - can work as a hydraulic motor interacting with an electric motor, which saves energy consumption;
  • suitable for ships with a length of 15 to 30 meters and a tank capacity of 500 to 2000 liters;
  • provides all household, technical, consumer and hygienic needs of the crew and passengers of charters.

The main unit contains: high pressure pump, distribution system, pressure control system, control panel with microprocessors, high pressure containers with membranes. The main unit and other components can be distributed so as to provide convenient approaches for operation and service.

Buy the Efficient A-200 to desalinate seawater on a cruise and any contaminated water for a comfortable and healthy life.


Min. 14 m., land based use


200 l. / h.

Tanques de agua

Water tank






220V AC monophasic |

220V AC three-phase |

380V AC neutral three phase

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