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France, La Rochelle, 4 rue Virginie Heriot, 17000

The trademark appeared when Neel Trimarans has announced the launch of its new range of powered trimarans. Neel Company Trimarans decided to develop a range of LEEN powered trimarans because the trimaran hull design principle is the safest and most reliable in difficult sea conditions.

Since then, the shipyard Leen Trimarans builds hybrid motor yachts and motor cruising catamarans. In the model range of the company - 3 models with a length of 15 m (49 ft) to 22 m (72 ft).

Leen range of power trimarans inherits all of Neel's well-known seaworthiness and the company's experience in trimaran building. These luxury yachts are built for life at sea and meet the highest maritime standards.

Leen trimarans are designed by one of the most famous architects Bernard Nivelt and renowned nautical designer and yachtsman Pierre Frutschi.

On the flybridges of both large catamaran models there are duplicate control posts, saloons with bars and sunbeds. From above , the flybridges are covered with rigid awnings with solar panels on the roof and retractable sun awnings. The company strives to provide customers with luxury, comfort and safe travel.

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BrandLeen Trimarans Hull typeTrimaran
BrandLeen Trimarans Hull typeTrimaran