Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-3 - Ø 26 cm

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Inflatable fender from Castro in black, white and blue. Cigar-shaped, with double eye and a smooth glossy finish, 71 cm long and 26 cm in diameter.

Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-3 - Ø 26 cm, Color: Black Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-3 - Ø 26 cm, Color: White Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-3 - Ø 26 cm, Color: Blue
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BrandCastro Shipping fromCroatia Diameter Ø, cm26 TypeCylinder-shaped fender SeriesNFD-3
Black / White / Blue
Diameter Ø, cm
Height, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
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The fender is made of durable and flexible PVC - this allows it to withstand abrasion and frequent use. Chemically inert when in contact with salt water, gasoline, diesel and machine oil. Immune to temperature extremes and weather conditions.

The damper is molded as a whole piece, without seams and joints, it is also equipped with a waterproof plastic valve. Mounting rings are hollow, additionally reinforced, 22 mm in diameter.

They are used as a shock-absorbing buffer between the hull of the boat and other surfaces such as walls of docks, locks, other boats, mooring piles. Most captains would rather have a set of fenders than pay for damage repairs later - save their nerves and money. One fender is hung every two or three meters of the side and in this way a series of protective pads is created on one side or around the entire perimeter of the hull, and before sailing they are lifted aboard.

Mounted fenders are so popular for a number of reasons:

  • they are easy to store, move and mount;
  • do not require rigid permanent fastening;
  • placement height is freely adjustable.

Attachments are usually selected in such a way that the length of the damper covers up to 2/3 of the freeboard height when mounted vertically. Often a lot of attention is given to the style, color and design of the product to emphasize the individuality of their vessel.

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