Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-1 - Ø 18 cm

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Inflatable mooring fender with double rings, manufactured by Castro using the method of one-piece seamless moulding. Available in black, blue and white.

Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-1 - Ø 18 cm, Color: Black Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-1 - Ø 18 cm, Color: White Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-1 - Ø 18 cm, Color: Blue
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BrandCastro Shipping fromCroatia Diameter Ø, cm18 TypeCylinder-shaped fender SeriesNFD-1
Black / White / Blue
Diameter Ø, cm
Height, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
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Due to their high quality and recognizable design, Castro products are in demand in more than seventy countries around the world.

These particular NFD-1 series fenders have elastic and resilient PVC walls, reinforced eyes and a plastic waterproof valve.

Usually fenders are used as a means of protecting the surface of the side from damage during mooring and docking at the pier. A strong tidal wave or inertia of the course can lead to a collision with the walls of the pier or sides of another vessel. Therefore, both private boat owners, yachting athletes, and those whose work is related to the sea, use various types of shock-absorbing buffers.

Once ship fenders were made of rubber, wood and aluminum, even rope baskets stuffed with garbage were used, but now they have been replaced by PVC, which has a set of qualities so beloved by the captains:

  • it withstands high loads and constant friction;
  • does not give in to rotting and mold;
  • is resistant to temperature changes;
  • is immune to ultraviolet and sea water.

Before installation, the device is inflated using a compressor or a hand pump until the necessary pressure is created inside the chamber. It is important not to overinflate the fender so that it does not reduce its shock absorbing capabilities and periodically check the amount of pressure bars. For example, when moving from a warm climate to a colder one, it may be necessary to pump it up a little.

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