Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-0 - Ø 15 cm

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For side protection of boats 6-6.5 meters long, pear-shaped inflatable fenders with a diameter of 35 cm and a height of 48 cm are ideal. When the boat hits the pier while mooring or collides with the side of a neighboring boat when docking, the fenders dampen the sway and reduce the impact force. For passage in the narrow chamber of an old lock, the art of maneuvering does not always save the boat's hull from scratches. It is better to buy a pear-shaped inflatable fender for both sides than to spend money on repairs.

Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-0 - Ø 15 cm, Color: Black Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-0 - Ø 15 cm, Color: White Twin Eye Inflatable Fender NFD-0 - Ø 15 cm, Color: Blue
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BrandCastro Shipping fromCroatia Diameter Ø, cm15 TypeCylinder-shaped fender SeriesNFD-0
Black / White / Blue
Diameter Ø, cm
Height, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
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A supplier and manufacturer of reliable marine equipment, G.F.N. (Gibellato Forniture Nautiche) has developed a series of protective fenders for boats of all sizes. Almost all of them are presented on our website.

The pear-shaped inflatable fenders are multifunctional and are painted in the classic colors of the marine signal - white or orange.

  1. Inflatable fenders Ø 35 cm with a height of 48 cm do a great job not only with the protection of the sides. Suspended closer to the stem or bowsprit, if present, they will also reliably protect the bow of the vessel.
  2. When attached to the transom, the fenders will provide sufficient stern protection if mooring is to be done astern.
  3. Orange or white colors allow you to use the pear-shaped inflatable fender as a signal buoy for any type of scuba diving - diving, hunting, deep exploration, etc.
  4. Pear-shaped fender is also used for deadweight anchorage. It can be seen from afar, it can easily be lifted from the water with a gaff hook to attach mooring lines to the mooring loop.

If you have to moor stern-to or bow-to in a row of boats, you can combine different fenders. To protect the bow and stern, buy pear-shaped inflatable fenders, and for the sides - cylindrical fenders, which are also available in our assortment.

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