Fountaine Pajot Power 67 Review

In this review we will tell you all about one of the latest additions to the power catamaran market – magnificent Power 67 from Fountaine Pajot. We conduct our own research and try our best to support it with appropriate photos, videos and reviews from other professionals in the field. Let’s begin!

Power 67 Review

As you can see, this yacht is nothing short of spectacular – blinding whiteness of the hulls combined with majestic curves creates a feel of the superyacht with two hulls. The excitement from just looking at it or walking along one of its decks is a testament to hard work of Berret-Racoupeau Design, who succeeded in achieving the balance between visual appeal, comfort, safety and efficiency at the sea. The structure is based on Alegria 67 sailing cat, but the absence of mast and sails allows you to fully appreciate the visual harmony of the hull, main roof and flybridge roof - thanks to their curved design the yacht looks very sporty and also avoids looking like a big cake, which cannot be said about some other yachts with similar layout.

Power 67 Review

Based on our experience, this is one of the most spacious and luxurious yachts the money can buy. Any person looks small when on board and for a good reason – it is almost 10 meters wide and 20 meters long with the resulting space well used and organized. It is not just the yacht for marina parties (although it can easily handle any amount of fun) – Power 67 is a cruising catamaran with the range of around 1700 nautical miles and CE category A, which allows it to commit to ocean crossings without compromising on performance for the sake of amenities.

In general, in our opinion, Fountaine Pajot decided to take no risks and cover all the bases for the yacht not everyone can afford – this vessel is available in owner and charter versions, providing balanced approach to life on board: it is not slow enough to be called a pure pleasure yacht and not sporty enough to be called a performance boat. It takes the best of two worlds and is very good at that.


  • Brand: Fountaine Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 19.69
  • Width, m: 9.84
  • Draft, m: 1.15
  • Displacement, t: 31.5
  • Water tanks, l: 1050
  • Exterior design (Architect): Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • Interior design: Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • CE Certification: Category A
  • Engine, hp: 2 x 296
  • Option engine, hp: 2 x 473
  • Fuel tanks, l: 4000
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Review of Fountaine Pajot Power 67 by TopRik Team

It is not easy to look away as you walk toward the yacht, waiting for you on the pier. And it’s not only us – the visitors at 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival were all looking over their shoulders and nodding their heads around it, giving their approval to Fountaine Pajot’s newborn child.

From a distance one of the best telltale signs of high-end luxury catamaran was already noticed by our team – the railing. It goes all over the board and foredeck, creating a reliable solid wall around this floating castle.

As usual, we start with the transom. Here’s official photo of the stern from manufacturer’s website:

Power 67 Review

It should be clear right away for you that the designers took a minimalistic approach here – no planchas at the swimming platforms can be found. Sure, you have a huge hydraulic platform, that can be used both for carrying a dinghy, for diving or as a sunbathing area, and the stairs are very wide, but overall, you got the steps, the platform and that’s pretty much it. The only unusual detail that we noticed is the solid gate, which you close behind yourself when you climb the steps– many yachts have a flimsy lifeline instead, so that’s a good touch. Let’s get to cockpit.

Cockpit? More Like a Restaurant

Immediately after entering cockpit, you understand why this boat claims that it can easily accommodate 10 people plus crew on board. Just look at it!

Power 67 Review

Doesn’t it seem like some kind of expensive restaurant at open air? The table alone is so big that it seems like there could be no place for it on a catamaran at all.

The photo above gives us the view of the starboard side after climbing the portside stairs. This huge table can be folded and its height can be regulated, so you can always turn it into a coffee table. Next to it you can see a wide lounge and next it a grill with a sink, storage space and refrigerator. Another lounge and stairs to the flybridge to finish it all off with an icemaker installed under the stairs to fully complete all your drinks. This is the view from the lounge.

Power 67 Review

At first glance it seems like the furniture is nothing extra, but this cockpit is not really about the quirky modern designs – it is about the size of these enormous sofas, the distance between different parts of the cockpit and amount of freedom that you get as an owner or a passenger when taking a meal or walking around the yacht. Besides, that shade that you see on the right, is dropped down remotely through a special mechanism. Another nice touch.

Power 67 Review

Saloon of a “Space Ship”

If cockpit surprised us, then saloon surprised us even more. On photos above you could already have noticed how enormous the sliding door leading to it is. Maybe, the designers made it almost two meters wide, accounting for all 10 people trying to get inside at once, and we wouldn’t even blame them – there’s a lot to enjoy inside.

Power 67 Review

Just beautiful. The beam in the center makes sure that you remember – this is still a boat, otherwise it would be easy to forget. Light beige colors mixed with grey, slick furniture designs, windows all around you and enough space for a corporate event.

Right away you can notice the skipper’s table with a comfy chair – here you have your advanced chartplotter, all possible indicators, autopilot controls etc. From the comfort of the saloon, you can easily take care of keeping the boat on course. If you want to grab a snack, no need to go far if you choose the layout with the galley up – in that case you get a picture like this:

Power 67 Review

This is a full-size L-shaped kitchen that even the pickiest cook will be happy with – refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher (yes, just like at home), double sink and a quite some table space, which is made by Fountaine Pajot themselves. You get a lot of lockers for all possible utensils, high-quality propane stove, which can be optionally replaced with electric one, convection oven and a special refrigerator just for wine. Any meal made here can easily make way over the counter to the cockpit through the sliding windows that you see on your left.

Power 67 Review

That TV doesn’t have to be there all the time. On the photo you can see it in the raised state, and, when you done with it, you can hide it inside the table that it came from. The sofa in front of it allows to chill when watching your favorite show without hurting your eyes from the lack of light as that’s definitely not a problem with so much natural lighting - even at the dusk there’s still no need to turn on the electric lights.

At the portside there is additional seating space for reading lovers. Next to it you can see another sign of luxury – direct access to the foredeck right from the saloon. On much less expensive and comfortable yachts you will have to go all around the side deck every time you want to get to the bow. Let’s see what Fountaine Pajot came up with in there.

Foredeck Unlike Any Other

Of course, the first thing you notice is an optional jacuzzi, which, surprisingly, becomes more and more popular in this market segment. Same comfy sofas as in the cockpit, various lockers everywhere and nothing superfluous. Another important thing – no more nets here, all the deck is fully rigid.

Power 67 Review

What is so unusual about this bow living area then? Well, we reviewed many yachts before Power 67 already and it’s quite shocking to see that door on the right at all. This door doesn’t lead to some small crew cabin, as you might have thought, instead it leads to the cabins! Sure, you can get there from the saloon, but it would be a crime to enter the cabins in such a usual way on this boat first time we are here. This access is so convenient when you think about it – like a personal secret pathway from your bed to the best balcony in the world and the other way around.

From the Bow to the Cabins

Immediately we head to the owner’s cabin, since we got the Maestro 4-cabin version. First, look at the overhead clearance. Yes, it is more than 2 meters – 2.13 m to be exact. Again, hard to remember that we are on the boat – pretty surreal feeling when you step inside.

Of course, you have a huge bed, very wide entrance, big portholes and a desk with additional monitoring system. The color scheme is very home-like, the lights are smooth and there is even room for plants. Often less expensive boats have to create a cascade of distracting surfaces above the bed for structure rigidity, yet here all you have one big box-shaped protrusion, which is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Power 67 Review

That’s how more usual ladder from the saloon looks from here. You can see a cute little sofa next to it (pretty unusual also) with a lot of storage space provided by lockers and shelves. There is another TV hiding in that wooden structure below the porthole, just in case the views are not enough for you. Every bed has lights and electric socket nearby. Above the windows there’s even more lockers.

Power 67 Review

Here’s the continuation of owner’s special separated area in the starboard hull – huge bathroom with two sinks and a big mirror with a wardrobe nearby and more lockers. The walk-in shower has a regular hatch and another hatch right above your head.

Power 67 Review

Other cabins are actually identical to owner’s but without that separated area, which must be extremely inviting for the guests – they will be given almost the same level of comfort as the owner himself.

We saved the best for last this time. Let’s visit the flybridge now!

You’ll Believe You Can Fly

It surely seems like you can touch the sky once you climb the stairs from the cockpit and look around from the flybridge for the first time. Since the boat is so wide and long, the sense of height is a little bit lost from afar, yet after getting here you remember what all that railing is for.

Power 67 Review

The views that open up from here can be compared to a view from some French villa’s balcony. At the flybridge you have C-shaped comfortable seating, a little solid wood coffee table, plenty of solar panels (which are very helpful on a long journey) and another cooking all-in-one, just like at the cockpit. But the control center of Fountaine Pajot Power 67 is this helm station, which is executed in very modern, sporty style and makes you think of an experimental racing car. Another comfy place for the skipper with a bench, helm shaped like a steering wheel, throttles, autopilot, joystick that allows for very precise maneuvers – everything you need is automated to the max using the most up-to-date software.

Power 67 Review

If you wish to enjoy the morning sun, the hardtop above you, obeying the button on the panel, slides out of the way, additional to another two manually managed covers. The overall area of the flybridge is 32 m², and that really puts things into perspective – apparently, the architects wanted the make every area on the boat accessible for the whole group of passengers on board at the same time, hence the mini-galley here. Ambitious goals were achieved yet again.


Before we talk about advantages, let’s get our nitpicking out of the way - the steps at the bow deck cut the available space into smaller segments. Some people at our team liked that, but some didn’t, preferring one huge open area instead, like on some other models. Whether you agree with them or not is for you to decide.

And here are the pros of Power 67:

  • Space. This boat is all about providing you with volume: there is always place to put you clothers, hide the fenders, take care of luggage of your guests. Compared to Alegria 67, more space is available, since you don’t have to think about storing halyard, furlers, spare rigging parts etc. Fountaine Pajot ensured that such a price tag is justified by the freedom that a 20-meter boat can provide on board.
  • Luxury. The materials are perfect, the furniture corners are rounded, saloon’s galley reminds you of a Michelin-rated restaurant’s kitchen. There’s nothing that escaped the designer’s keen eyes, whether its teak planks, meticulously put together, pleasant clicking of an opening drawer or the obedience of the helm at the control station. Everything serves the same purpose – positively separates you from the most boat owners out there.
  • Long-range cruising. This boat is not only made for marina parties. It is optimized for crossing the ocean in the most comfortable way possible and with additional equipment, such as watermaker, all you have to worry about is storing enough food on board to last long enough till the next resupply. That what all this storage and refrigeration are for – making sure that the group of passengers or guests on board will never have to worry about not getting their meal.
  • Capacity. In 5-cabin version this boat allows 10 people on board, without any restrictions of personal space. Many bathrooms and big cabins with high ceiling allow to turn this yacht into a floating moving hotel with constantly changing views from the window. It is certainly something to consider if you are into charter trade and wish to purchase another moneymaker.
  • Safety. Very often manufacturers try to lower the displacement of the yacht and its productions costs by putting lightweight lifelines instead of real railing. You can get away with this on less premium yachts, but not here. Fountaine Pajot knew that with such a price tag comes certain responsibility and made sure that even path to the swimming platform is guarded by a metal gate. Well done on this part!
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Reviews of Power 67 from Professionals

Let’s look at what other reviewers think about this yacht. We present to you the opinions of respected journalists in the field – Jeff Moser and Zuzana Prochazka.

The author immediately was surprised by sheer width of the vessel and is sure that the shipyard nailed the proportions. Lots of seating areas, large dining table in the cockpit, foredeck wide enough for a frisbee toss and a villa-themed saloon – this boat surely looks comfortable.

Hélène De Fontainieu, direction of communications at Fountaine Pajot told the author that usually the customers of monohulls want more space on board and many sailors desire to move to powerboats for more stability and seakeeping. Fountaine Pajot had a long-range boat in mind and thanks to semidisplacement pontoons, the boat can plane at 7 to 20 knots. At the speed of 10 to 12 knots it burns around 3.5 liters of fuel on average with a couple of Volvo Penta D6 (300 hp each). At displacement speed it has the range of 1700 nautical miles and can be easily used to hop from island to island in the Bahamas, for example.

In that large saloon you have well-equpped large galley with a lot of storage and great refrigeration. You can get to the foredeck through the door in the saloon. As for helm station, lower helm doesn’t have a wheel, only autopilot and throttles. It is only meant to adjust the autopilot on long-range voyages, whereas the flybridge helm station is meant for close-quarters maneuvers. You have cameras at both locations though.

The reviewer starts by acknowledging the Fountaine Pajot’s quest to build the groundbreaking platform for all marine luxury lovers. On Power 67 the flybridge with its 105 m² is unusually roomy and the foredeck even has a spa tub. It makes sense for those, who want more out of their vessel.

This boat’s range makes globetrotting an available option and you will not be cramped while at it: even in 5-cabin charter version there’s a lot of room for passengers thanks to 118 m² of space at the cockpit and space that is enough for 10 people. You can judge the high comfort level based on such pleasant features as sliding sunroof at the flybridge, as well as wet bar module.

Foredeck offers more than just a spa: it can easily house 6 people at once and can be accessed right from the saloon. The seating area here can be transformed into a dancing floor if the party goes wild.

With its three layouts you can have choice between luxury for the owner and charter capacity. The owner’s cabin is executed in posh Italian style, with a separate dressing area and takes up to 60% of starboard hull. Galley location is not set in stone and is also a matter of preference.

As for engines, if you upgrade to 435 hp engines you can greatly boost your average speed – up to 18 knots at 2500 rpm while cruising, which will allow you to hit all the route checkpoints much faster even with more than 45 tons of displacement when fully loaded, this will help a lot.

After taking a look at Power 67, Zuzana Prochazka is sure that there’s not much that the yacht can’t do – it is exceptional for both entertainment while driving along the shore and really long voyages around the globe.

Video Reviews of FP Power 67

Now let’s take a look at some informative walkthroughs and high-quality outside footage.

First, the one from Fountaine Pajot themselves:

The beauty and performance of the yacht captured in motion:

Inspirational footage, again from the shipyard:

No words needed on board Power 67:

And, if you don’t have much time to spare, this 3-minute video captures the essence of the vessel:


When you try to sell such an expensive yacht to seasoned yachtsmen or chartering businesses, the stakes are really high. A lot of effort is put into developing a new design, planning various layouts, thinking through possible additional packages.

With Power 67 Fountaine Pajot delivered a truly unique yacht that covers all the bases and provides excellent long-range capabilities without any technical hassle. Some people might associate long-range cruisers with less comfort on board, large engines, more noise, more hardships. The shipyard tried to get away as much as possible from such stereotypes, neatly tucking away the 4000 liters of fuel and 480 hp engines inside the hulls and leaving the views of the ocean to everybody on board.

Power 67 Review

It is always risky to try and create the jack of all trades – there is a chance that by trying to cover all bases, you will compromise on quality. But we tried comparing this boat to sporty ones – and the number of knots that Power 67 gives you makes it a solid case. We tried comparing it to slow, high-class vessels, that are completely focused on life on board and here also this boat didn’t lose at all.

Maybe the skipper is unhappy with something? Well, that depends. Of course, sailing and manual control lovers better look at Alegria 67 – the sailing version of this boat (we already reviewed it also). Yet if you are one of those, who just need to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible, this boat will allow you to forget about all the manual hassle and easily control it without any assistants, which is usually needed on large sailing boat.

In general, this yacht is very well balanced. Its main goal is still cruising, but we can definitely see people buying just because it’s Fountaine Pajot and because its 20 meters long and has a jacuzzi on the bow. When you pay this much money for the boat, you are not just buying functionality – you are buying status, proof of your net worth that everybody can witness. And it is difficult to find a better way to increase your reputation than buying a full-size ocean cruiser fit for a chartering agency. That is quite the flex indeed!

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Where to Buy Fountaine Pajot Power 67 at a Bargain Price

Our marketplace provides the best possible price on the market. We always try to negotiate the best deals not only the vessel itself, but also all additional equipment that you might need – fenders, watermakers, batteries, dinghies etc.

We will take care of all the documentation and for hauling the yacht to specified location if needed. Our experts have a lot of experienced with various yachts and all kinds of marine equipment, they will answer all possible questions regarding possible options and packages that are included in the price list.

Feel free to contact us at any time using the phone above or through website’s feedback system.

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