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The cruising sailing catamaran, which we will talk about in today's review, is the premium yacht Lagoon Seventy 7 from the French shipyard Lagoon. The company is an old and famous player in the catamaran and superyacht market, with more than a dozen double-hull yachts available, ranging in length from 11 to 24 meters.

Review Lagoon 77
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The Seventy 7 has replaced the Lagoon 620 as its new flagship, with the company promising even more space, luxury and amenities. The predecessor was a real hit, which sold more than sixty copies. In the article, we will try to evaluate the changes and present the impressions of our team, as well as well-known journalists and observers of the marine world.

The company has always offered a wide range of vessels, with best value for the money spent, thanks to which Lagoon catamarans form the backbone of the fleet of many largest charter companies around the world. Despite this, Construction Navale Bordeaux, with its production facilities in the city of Bordeaux, began to produce another model - Seventy 7.

Review Lagoon 77

The project was developed by long-term partners of the shipyard from Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost, the authors of many previous successful models of cats, racing yachts and motor boats. This was done "as a response to the wishes of its customers" to provide a new technological level of comfort. Patrick Le Quement handled the exterior while Nauta Design took over the styling and interior design.

As a result, the yacht came out almost five meters longer than the previous model and one meter wider, with increased draft, sailing area, possible number of passengers and, of course, the price.

Features of Lagoon 77

  • Brand: Lagoon
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 23.25
  • Width, m: 11
  • Draft, m: 1.9
  • Displacement, t: 61.66
  • Air draft, m: 38.2
  • Water tanks, l: 1600
  • Exterior design (Architect): VPLP design
  • CE Certification: A:14 - B:18 - C:24 - D:40
  • Mainsail type: Square-top
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 205
  • Jib area, m²: 104/68
  • Code Zero area, m²: 210
  • Engine, hp: 2 x 175
  • Option engine, hp: 2 x 230
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2800
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Review of Lagoon 77 by TopRik Team

The designers have done a good job of giving the catamaran a streamlined silhouette with elegant lines, and with its superior dimensions, the boat seems more graceful than its predecessor. The line of the flybridge has changed a lot, the portholes have become larger, the bow floats have become smoother.

Review Lagoon 77

The catamaran came out really huge, although it is not felt until you get closer. But if you look at the mast as much as 36 meters high for a long time, you can feel that your neck begins to go numb. It is a serious carbon fiber structure that can optionally carry a genoa, Code Zero, a square-topped mainsail with a total sailing area of over 300 m². The yacht is really designed to sail a lot.

Lagoon 77’s hulls and most of its structures are made of polyester fiberglass, with reinforced bulkheads and wood trim. Below the waterline, the floats are already solid fiberglass, and he deck hull is reinforced with balsa core – based on our experience, such combination provides a lot of longevity. All these design decisions, together with the technical characteristics of the yacht, allowed Seventy 7 to receive certification for ocean voyages and circumnavigations.

On the Transom

The wide stern has two ladders on the sides, at the base of which there are two platforms. It is convenient to use them to go climb into and out of the water along the folding ladders, and standing on them you can take a full shower with fresh water. For this there is a shower hose through which warm water is supplied, as well as soap and shampoo dispensers.

Review Lagoon 77

Between the gangways there is a wide hydraulic platform that can carry a diesel tender, a jet ski or a large inflatable boat. The platform is lowered into the water through remote control and often serves as a kind of beach, as well as a platform that helps with diving, fishing, water skiing, kiteboarding, spearfishing and other water activities.

Near the left float there is a retractable hydraulic gangway with folding handrails for going ashore. The length of this bridge is three and a half meters, and the width is about forty centimeters. During mooring stern-to it facilitates boarding the vessel.

Engine Compartment

There are hatches in the stern of the ship through which the crew can access the engine compartments of the ship. As standard, the manufacturer offers two Volvo diesel engines of 175 hp, but here two John Deere 230 hp are installed, which will give more speed, but also increase fuel consumption, of course.

Review Lagoon 77

Lighting in bad weather and general power supply are provided by powerful generators from Cummins Onan. This is a good decision, the company has been on the market for more than 70 years, supplying its products even to warships. Power outages on the high seas are always more depressing, so it's good to have a reliable and trusted source of electricity. Seventy 7 is a power-hungry boat, it has all kinds of equipment, such as refrigerators, washing machine, dryer, air conditioners, lighting system and the like.

Review Lagoon 77

The rooms are spacious, a person can straighten up to his full height, carry out technical work without bumping into something, there is additional space for tools and shelves for them. In another compartment you have air conditioning system, electrically driven water supply pump, and Aquamatic reverse osmosis maker at 520 liters per hour with automatic control functions and water heating.

In the Cockpit

The aft deck on the Seventy 7 is simply gigantic - it's 40 m² of space with comfortable sofas, an al fresco dining area with a huge table. The couches on the starboard side have a ratcheted reclining back, on the port side they are fixed in place. But there is a large couch covered with an all-weather fabric, on which you can wallow even if you are just out of the water.

In total, there are more than 20 seats with a lot of free space for moving or dancing.

Review Lagoon 77

There are floor hatches throughout the cockpit that give access to lockers with outdoor gear, a chilled wine cellar, utility rooms with tools and accessories. The hatches are mounted flush, so that vacationers do not risk hurting their toes. From the stern, wide waists with railings lead to the foredeck, and a spiral staircase will help you climb up to the flybridge.

The entire social area is covered with hard roof from bad weather and bright sun, and if necessary, you can lower the aft curtain or even tighten the entire space around the perimeter with a vertical awning, which is usually folded in covers under the roof. Also on the ceiling of the dining area are rear-view cameras that help to view the stern from the helmsman's position, and a lot of evening lighting bulbs.

Review Lagoon 77

A huge hinged door leads to the saloon, it combines the stern and the wardroom into a single space, without differences in floor height between these areas, and also launches a lot of fresh air into the room. From the equipment here there is an ice maker, a refrigerator with drinks and a counter with a sink.

In the Cabin

In this layout option, the galley is located in the left float, and the entire saloon space has been turned into one large living room with high ceilings and large panoramic windows around the perimeter, providing plenty of natural light. With the exception of the navigator's seat, the rest of the room was given to the needs of passengers.

Review Lagoon 77

On the left side there is a folding table, where a large family or a group of friends can easily fit, but, if necessary, it can be turned into two comfortable coffee tables. On the starboard side, the customer installed a soft area with a horseshoe sofa around a small couch.

On Seventy 7, the mast is shifted back, so there is a column in the cabin, around which there is a bar with a refrigerator for drinks, a sink, and a wine cellar. Next to the bar, from inside the roof, a large TV screen is available. To its right there is a coffee station and a descent to the owner's cabin, which seems like a good solution. In the morning, after a shower, you get up to drink coffee and think about plans for the day in another small seating area behind the bar.

Review Lagoon 77

To the left of the door leading to the foredeck, there is a control station with engine control levers and multifunctional touch displays, thanks to which the helmsman can control the generator, ship lighting, watermaker, air conditioning system, anchor drop. All data on the state of the ship's systems, as well as the feed from outdoor surveillance cameras, are displayed on the screens and help the team always keep their finger on the pulse.

On the Foredeck

From the saloon, a door leads to the forward cockpit, where we are met by two soft corners on the sides of the passage and one of the most favorite (probably because it is forbidden fruit) places for vacationers - a trampoline net. The company optionally offers to install refrigerators for drinks, night lighting, additional sun loungers and a sun canopy next to the recreation area.

Review Lagoon 77

Next to the sofas there are lockers for fenders, outdoor equipment and a box with an anchor chain driven by an automatic winch. The side floats have large storage areas for supplies, but at the request of the customer, they can be converted into a crew cabin or laundry room with all the necessary equipment.

The two stays for the sailing rig are equipped with electrically driven furlers, which allows you to avoid the hassle of unnecessary manual labor. And although the yacht still requires a professional crew, thanks to the automation of many processes, it can be significantly reduced in size. The boat is equipped with a reliable spar and a rigid bowsprit for a gennaker or Code Zero. You can even fully climb the bowsprit, it is that strong, besides it has a special non-slip coating.

Interior Areas

Lagoon offers a huge variety in cabin layouts and options: three, four and five-cabin options with large double beds, bunk beds or a pair of regular berths. Some convert cabins into gyms, game rooms, massage rooms or work offices. We will consider the option with a galley in the left float and the owner's cabin in the right. In addition, there are three additional guest rooms.

The galley on Seventy 7 is a full-fledged chef's kitchen, which is simply crammed with equipment. There is a huge refrigerator, many freezers, cellars for wine in the floor, microwave, oven, stove, two sinks, dishwasher, a huge number of cupboards for dishes and supplies.

Review Lagoon 77

In addition, a monitor is installed here, which allows you to remotely control the watermaker, water heater, lighting and diesel generator. At the same time, one of the passengers or the team may well drop in here to have a bite to eat or drink coffee at a small table and watch TV.

The guest cabins are spacious, well-lit during the day and after sunset, and have multiple power outlets and USB connections. A large bed takes up a lot of space, but not all of it.

Review Lagoon 77

There are wardrobes and shelves for clothes, as well as separate bathrooms with showers, sinks, toilet cabinets with mirrors and bathrooms for each of the cabins. The stern and side rooms have approximately the same area in this version of the ship's layout.

In the forward part of the starboard side there is a huge room, similar to a suite. This is 35 m², where there is a giant bed opposite the porthole, a couple of sofas, a desk and a dressing table.

Review Lagoon 77

The room has a lot of light and fresh air inside. Optionally, the company offers to install a large hydraulic porch instead of part of the wall so that the owner can get his own personal "beach", but we were not lucky enough to see it live.

Review Lagoon 77

One of the doors leads to a spacious dressing room that will satisfy any fashionista, and the other leads to a large bathroom.

The Flybridge

The upper deck is visually divided into three parts: a zone of large comfortable sunbeds, a middle part with its own small galley, a bar with folding tables, and a helm station. The usual upstairs dining furniture can be replaced with sofas and couches. This place offers a wonderful 360° view, and the evening lighting system will allow you to have a good time at the top even at night.

Review Lagoon 77

The total area of the flybridge is a whopping 35 m² and almost the entire space is covered with a hardtop which has windows for viewing the condition of the sails, besides this design allows you to climb on it and work with the mainsail if necessary. In case of bad weather or during long-term anchorage, the entire flybridge can be covered with the same awning as the cockpit.

Review Lagoon 77

The helmsman's post here is duplicated and each side is completely autonomous, equipped with its own helm, engine and life management systems for the vessel, autopilot, thruster, touch screen monitor and everything else you need. Five automatic winches with electric drive, stoppers and couplings are installed between them.

Review Lagoon 77

Our skipper said that with its large weight, which is almost 60 tons of displacement, the boat sails 10-12 knots in a good strong wind. Under the engines, the catamaran develops a speed of 9-11 knots while consuming about 20 liters of fuel, and at 1400 rpm, the consumption decreases to 9 liters per hour, which is very economical for such a hulk.

Advantages of Lagoon 77

After all of our testing, we can tell you about the impressions that we received on the basis of our own experience and conversations with customers. A number of strengths of this model can be identified.

  • Even at the early manufacturing stage, we are given a huge opportunity to choose a layout, additional options and almost complete customization.
  • The opportunity to receive luxurious living conditions even a thousand miles away from civilization - a large amount of social and living space turn the yacht into a real floating palace.
  • Full automation of ship management allows reducing the minimum crew size at sea to just three people, this is also facilitated by the most up-to-date technology used for the vessel's systems.
  • Decent seaworthiness.
  • Reliability of design, stability and great autonomy, which allows you to make transitions over long distances and fully commit to ocean voyages.
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Reviews of Lagoon 77 from Professionals

Here are some second opinions for you – best of the best in the world of yachting journalism shed even more light on model Seventy 7.

Zuzana is a multi-magazine columnist and photographer, a member of prestigious awards committees, and most importantly, an experienced sailor and skipper. She visited an international exhibition in Miami and described her impressions and experiences during her visit to the ship. The seventy-seven-foot hull of Lagoon's new yacht dominated the Miami boat show that winter, with spectators and onlookers pointing fingers and opening their mouths.

The Seventy 7 is 4.5 meters longer than the company's previous cruising sailing flagship, but that stat is misleading. Not only is the new boat radically larger and the main deck has the size of a tennis court, it is also on a whole new level in other respects, so the price of $4.6 million is not a surprise. In addition, the shipyard expects the owner to have a professional team on board, both for charters and for owners. So, the reviewer believes that the are not much people out there who are lucky enough to afford it.

Unlike the standard two 180 hp engines, this model was equipped with a pair of John Deere 230 hp and V-shaft traction. In this situation, the boat showed an approximate cruising speed of 9.2 knots using engines alone, and under sail she can reach speeds of up to 12 knots in a 20-knot wind.

The author of the review visited all the cabins of the ship, examined the flybridge, saloon, cockpit, owner's cabin and was very impressed. Huge open spaces, comfort and luxury of residential areas and places for socializing and recreation, Lagoon’s stylish design and creative solutions will leave few yachtsmen indifferent.

A columnist for a popular YouTube channel flew to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands to appreciate Lagoon's 77-feet cruising sailing catamaran called the Tellstar. According to the captain of the ship, Jack, Seventy 7 is one of the best models that the shipyard has ever produced. He has been running the vessel since 2019, and before that he managed to try five boats from the company, although not so huge. He also shared his thoughts on why the cat is such a success in the charter business and the team's impressions.

The group were lucky with the weather, there was a lot of wind in the morning, to the south of their location there was either a hurricane or a tropical storm. Their boat was powered by two 230 hp John Deere N5, and for sailing in light wind or tailwind they had a Code Zero. This sail is used here more often than on other ships - it is functional, goes well both with the wind and against it. With this sail in winds between 15 and 20 knots, it is easy to get a catamaran speed of 10 knots. The flybridge has a skipper's station with double rudder and the sails are steered by huge electrically powered Harken winches.

The boat had a five-meter tender with 90 hp Yamaha mounted on a hydraulic platform. The captain claims that it was specially selected because it’s easy to maintain, is really fast and reliable.

In addition, Ryan made a tour of all open areas of the vessel, recreation areas, guest cabins. In the cabin, he was impressed by the lighting, the interior, the amount of free space and the manufacturability of the room. He also appreciated the LED lighting at night, which makes every square centimeter of the outer deck come to life after sunset.

Video Reviews of Lagoon 77

We made a list of the most helpful and informative videos on Lagoon Seventy 7 out there.

The inspiring teaser from Lagoon Catamarans shows off the main features of the yacht:

More in-depth walkthrough from Wiley Sharp:

Even more interior footage:

The most detailed review and sea test of Lagoon 77:


This cruising catamaran from Lagoon fully manifested all the qualities that make the boats of this company so popular. VPLP design, Patrick Le Quement and Nauta Design have put their decades of hands-on experience into the Seventy 7. The effort was a must, since the yacht is not cheap at all.

Review Lagoon 77

The model has a lot of customers and a certain target audience, the boat is great for:

  • connoisseurs of long journeys in luxurious conditions;
  • those private owners who want to become architects themselves and build their own unique boat;
  • a great holiday with a family and/or a group of friends;
  • like-minded people who themselves can serve as a crew or hire a team for a season;
  • renting or charter businesses;
  • those who want and can afford to travel a lot and do business on board.

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Where to Buy Lagoon 77 at a Bargain Price

If you contact the topRik marketplace, our experts will provide the necessary information and all possible assistance in purchasing this sailing catamaran at a bargain price. To get a free consultation, please contact us via the topRik website feedback or send an application by e-mail, you can also call the specified phone number.

Our company offers:

  • search for the best offer and the most convenient payment method;
  • negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer;
  • recommendations on picking the optimal configuration of the interior and technical equipment that exactly matches your goals when buying a boat;
  • fulfillment of requests for the supply of any accessories and tools for a comfortable and safe life at sea;
  • registration of all necessary documents, including insurance and customs documentation;
  • maintenance of the catamaran, including seasonal preventive maintenance in accordance with your schedule;
  • delivery of the catamaran to any location convenient for the client.

Our employees are not just salespeople, the team has many years of practical experience in sailing and ocean crossings.

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