Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67 Review

Shortly after its release in January 2019, the Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67 cruising sailing catamaran won the Best Multihull Sailing Yacht in Asia award, and a few months later was recognized as the Best Multihull of the Year at the international multihull show in La Grande Motte.

In this review, topRik team will try to figure out what caused such recognition and popularity. Why all the already manufactured vessels quickly sold out, despite their price, while the rest of customers in the queue were ready to wait for a year and a half to purchase this sailing multihull? We will present both personal impressions and assessments of our team, as well as the opinions of other reviewers after Alegria 67’s inspection and testing at the sea.

Alegria 67 Review

As many yachtsmen know, French shipyard Fountaine Pajot based at La Rochelle is far from new to the industry and was one of the pioneers in the field of cruising sailing catamarans. In its nearly fifty-year history, the company has accumulated vast experience in design, engineering innovation, technical support, knowledge of the market and its customers.

Sailboats have always been the main specialization of the company, but over time it began to produce motor catamarans, super-yachts, trawlers - the Alegria 67 is also available in a version without a mast and sails, called the Power 67. The boat itself is in many ways the successor to the Victoria 67 sailing model, but at the same time, according to the manufacturer, offers more luxury and convenience. Well, it's time to check it out.

Features of Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67

  • Brand: Fountaine Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 20.36
  • Width, m: 9.84
  • Draft, m: 1.7
  • Displacement, t: 35
  • Water tanks, l: 1150
  • Exterior design (Architect): Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 130
  • Jib area, m²: 100
  • Engine, hp: 2 x 110
  • Option engine, hp: 2 x 150
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1200
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Review of Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67 by TopRik Team

It looks like Fountaine Pajot and design studio Berret-Racoupeau have done their best to make this model a success. Alegria 67 is characterized by low draft, streamlined and strict lines, impressive dimensions. At the same time, with its 1.7 meters of draft, driving the boat should feel great in shallow waters.

The hull of the yacht is made of fiberglass with a basalt core, and the designers reinforced the bulkheads with carbon fiber, all this is impregnated with special resins for additional protection of joints and surfaces. The catamaran is certified for ocean sailing and is largely conceived as a yacht for long autonomous cruises for those clients who are not ready to put up with compromises in terms of comfort during sailing.

Alegria 67 Review

Until you get close, the boat does not seem to be the twenty-meter high-sided giant that it is. Once upon a time, Berret Racoupeau designed racing yachts and part of this experience was transferred to the swift lines and design of the boat, which is why you get such an optical illusion.

On the Transom

Two wide ladders lead to the aft deck, and between them the designers have placed an impressive aluminum platform with a hydraulic drive. There is a small keel block that helps to secure a tender 4.5 m long and weighing up to 450 kg to the platform.

Alegria 67 Review

It can also serve as a kind of a beach spot, a mooring and storage place for scooters, a platform for sunbathing and recreation, divers. Fishermen, spearfishers and kiteboarders will also find use for the platform.

From the platform there is quick access to the stern locker, which is really very convenient - you do not need to be on the deck and raise the seats of the sofas to get what you need, now you just need to stand up and reach out.

Alegria 67 Review

The sides at the stern are sloping, and in addition to aesthetic purposes, this will make it easier to get on the ladder while standing by the pier. The steps have comfortable strong handrails, there are folding ladders for descending into the water and the small platforms to the sides are covered with non-slip coating. On the right side there is a shower to wash off after climbing up. Powerful cleats and capstans with electric drive will make it easier for the crew to deal with sheets during mooring and sailing. Alright, got that, now let’s get to the good parts.

On the Cockpit

Climbing the steps, we found ourselves on a large aft deck, which creates a real wow effect due to its size and design. There is a large folding table for 12 people, several sofas, a large soft daybed and a galley in the fresh air. Thanks to the large sliding doorway, the saloon and cockpit can be combined into a single space if desired, without height differences and bottlenecks.

Alegria 67 Review

The galley in the cockpit incorporates a plancha with a cast-iron brazier and electric ignition, a refrigerator, a sink with a mixer tap, several cabinets, a cutting surface. After cooking the galley turns into a convenient table with a flat top, and if desired, you can also install an icemaker here.

A hatch located next to the table gives access to a spacious locker where a life raft, fenders and a bunch of other things can be placed. In addition to this large cockpit storage, there are many smaller lockers under the sun lounger and seating sofas.

Alegria 67 Review

In general, there are a lot of pleasant little things like side windshields, a drop-down curtain from the sun, small bulbs for evening lighting and a pleasant atmosphere. An interesting addition is the stretch awning, which allows you to protect the entire cockpit from bad weather along the perimeter - now it is put away and stored in special covers on the ceiling.

Alegria 67 Review

Based on our experience with many other yachts, we can say that the technical component of the aft deck seems to be also thought out and implemented at a high level. There is a remote lever for controlling the engine from the stern, rear-view cameras that feed images to all chartplotters, fittings for connecting fresh water hoses for washing the deck and filling tanks. Connectors are conveniently assembled: for connecting an air conditioner and household appliances you have two for 220 volts and one for 110, there is also access to the platform control panel and fire extinguishing system.

Engine Compartment

At the stern there are two hatches in the deck that lead to the heart of the Alegria 67 - the engine compartment. Although in size they are more like small engine rooms. The yacht comes standard with two 110 hp engines, but there is an optional pair of 150 hp Volvo Pentas available.

Alegria 67 Review

The main feature of this engine is the reduced level of noise and vibration. The design uses the Common rail system in combination with piezoelectric injectors, and the Volvo Penta EVC control system allows you to control all parameters and integrate it with other ship systems.

Alegria 67 Review

The premises are very spacious for technical work and maintenance. The compartments are also equipped with a 17 kW Cummins ONAN diesel generator and a 220-liter Aqua base reverse osmosis distiller. Complete with a 60 kiloBtu climate system, fire suppression system, water pump and 1200 liters of fuel, the yacht will provide ocean autonomy for even a very large group of travelers. With a relatively low weight for a boat of such dimensions of 35 tons, we also get very economical fuel consumption even when traveling fully under engines.

On the Foredeck

A wide deck with railings leads us to a spacious foredeck, where, in addition to the social area, a jacuzzi can be optionally installed in the pit. Of course, the jacuzzi looks impressive, especially in the evening with colored illumination of both the water and the deck, but the practical value, in our opinion, is still in question.

Alegria 67 Review

Through a hatch near the resting area, the crew has quick access to a 2kW electric winch that packs a 400 kg anchor chain into a special compartment. A massive, tightly closing door leads to the saloon from the foredeck. It will withstand strong waves while cruising, and at the docking spot, when it’s open, the owner can connect the entire deck from the cockpit to the bow into a single space.

There are also two large rooms in the bow of the buildings. On this boat, one of these lockers has been converted into a crew cabin, but if you wish, you can arrange a warehouse or laundry room here.

Alegria 67 Review

The owner of the yacht we reviewed also had installed electric capstans for tightening the moorings and on the bow. The sailing wardrobe has a genoa with an electric furler, the drive of which is located right here, on the headstay pier, and no ropes stretch to it, which is very convenient.

There is a babystay for an additional sail and a powerful spar, in addition there is a bowsprit, that is, the yacht can carry a gennaker or Code Zero.

Alegria 67 Review

The trampoline net is divided into two parts, it is important for the safety and smooth running of the catamaran, but has long become one of the favorite places for children and those who like to sunbathe and at the same time feel the coolness of the sea.

The Saloon

From the foredeck, through a sliding door, we entered the saloon, which impresses with its size in itself - 39 m², and together with the cockpit, this is a whole 75 m² of seamless single space. Large panoramic windows allow you to admire the views, provide an excellent view to the navigator, and provide plenty of natural light during the day.

There is an optional version with a large galley upstairs, but we got to test an option where the saloon is converted into a spacious living room with a dining area and a bar. The bar is equipped with a refrigerator, wine cellar, sink and countertop made of artificial stone. A large-monitor TV extends from the leather-lined outer side pillar. Overall, the saloon of Alegria 67 looks just beautiful.

Alegria 67 Review

The saloon has two social areas - one with a small coffee table and a seating area, and opposite it is a more functional dining part of the saloon, which can easily accommodate a large family or a cheerful company. There is a folding table, the height of which you can adjust, as well as the size of the tabletop. Thanks to this, the table for 10 people turns into a large island bed.

Alegria 67 Review

The skipper’s table is equipped with a 22-inch chartplotter and engine control levers, a satellite phone is available for communication. There are also several multifunctional displays for monitoring readings and controlling all ship systems: autopilot, tanks, air conditioning, anchor drop and the like. Let’s check out the cabins next.

Living Spaces

Fountaine Pajot offers a wide range of layouts and equipment for the Alegria 67 and in our case the galley was located in one of the floats and that is something special. There is a full-size refrigerator, two 90-liter freezers, a gas stove, a separate large oven, an extractor hood, a spacious sink, a dishwasher, a microwave, a lot of cupboards for dishes and supplies. In addition to all this equipment for the cook, a monitor is installed on the wall with controls for batteries, watermaker, and water supply. With such a kitchen, you can go across the ocean without any worries.

Alegria 67 Review

The company also did its best when it comes to sleeping guest cabins in terms of comfort and size. King-size beds 180x200 cm with soft upholstery and designer headboard, separate showers for each room, elegant decoration of the cabins, different types of evening lighting were able create a lasting impression – you definitely feel like you are welcome on board.

Alegria 67 Review

The windows let in a lot of light, there is a wardrobe, as well as a few extra storage spaces, and next to the bed you get easy access to charging sockets for phones and laptops. The aft cabin is slightly larger than the bow cabin, but otherwise everything is exactly the same.

But the owner's cabin is really something. This is an area of 22 m² of well-thought-out living space from both a practical and design point of view.

Alegria 67 Review

The room is very bright, spacious, with high ceilings and well ventilated. The bathroom has two washbasins, a large shower room, plenty of lockers, and is larger than some cabins on other boats. You have a bed is even bigger than those in the guest cabins, a huge panoramic window, soft chairs, a full-length mirror, a dressing room with several wardrobes, an office area with a table and a separate window, several lighting options. In addition, from the cabin there is access to both the saloon and the foredeck. In terms of privacy, convenience and comfort, this cabin is on a new level.

On the Flybridge

Through the saloon we climbed to the flybridge, which, like everything on this boat, is also impressive with its 28 m² area. Safety rails are installed around the perimeter, and behind them, solar panels are installed on the roof of the cockpit.

Alegria 67 Review

In the stern there are two double sun loungers, they are not covered by a bimini and are apparently intended for sunbathing.

The central part is occupied by a social space with couches, a sofa, a table for drinks and a bar, this seating area is already covered with an awning, protecting from rain or scorching sun.

Alegria 67 Review

Closer to the bow, two helm stations are symmetrically located with four electric winches between them, to which all the rigging is brought through powerful stoppers. The thruster, throttle levers, circuit counter, surveillance camera and other ship systems can be controlled from the comfort of your seat. We tested this design in practice and managed to easily control the sails on the high seas from the remote-control panel: it is possible to furl or unfurl the staysail or genoa and adjust the car body of the boom-sheet from here.

At the Sea

Unfortunately, we did not manage to fully test the boat: firstly, there was almost no wind, and secondly, the yacht was half empty and unloaded, without passengers and supplies. We were able to get a good speed on the engines, which was 7.9 knots at 1800 rpm and minimum fuel consumption and almost 10 knots at 2400 rpm.

Alegria 67 Review

The steering is especially worth noting - the yacht is really very obedient and maneuverable for its size. The pitching is practically not felt – thanks to the dimensions and design the cat goes calmly, like a train on rails. With a true wind of 3 knots, it was pointless to take readings under sail. As compensation, below in the article we provide test drives from reviewers of other publications who were more fortunate with the weather than us.

Advantages of Alegria 67

Well, let's try to sum up and list the advantages that caught our eye during inspection, swimming and conversations with the owners.

  • Of course, first of all, these are unusually comfortable conditions. Even on ocean voyages, thought-out living and social spaces of enormous dimensions are at your service. Living conditions are truly at the level of upscale hotels.
  • Multiplexed control of ship systems. All information about the state of the boat, equipment, engines, the situation overboard, fuel consumption comes from various sources and is displayed on several displays. Moreover, in addition to the helm stations, one additional console is located in the owner's cabin.
  • Automatic sail adjustment system. Electric winches for rigging and a remote control on the flybridge allow one person to handle all the sailing equipment at sea, and we are talking about a 20-meter-long boat with a total sail area of more than 200 m².
  • The flexibility of the configuration and layout allows you to assemble exactly the version of the vessel that the client requires, down to the smallest details of decoration and kitchen equipment.
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Reviews of Alegria 67 from Professionals

In this section we provide second opinion – unbiased reviews from the best in the industry.

A reviewer for the magazine was testing and evaluating the yacht off the Florida coast at Biscayne Bay, a popular regatta venue. He boarded the boat in the morning, with calm seas and a wind of 14-17 knots. Moreover, in addition to Fabio, there were more than twenty people on the ship! At the same time, according to him, he did not encounter them, it is such a big boat.

Alessandro, the ship's captain, reported that they had filled tanks full of fresh water and fuel before sailing, and his model was powered by two Yanmar engines of 160 hp each. Under the engines, they moved along the channel to the exit to the sea at 2000 rpm and reached a speed of 7 knots.

At this time, Fabio was inspecting the premises and cabins of the ship. He was impressed by the spacious saloon and how it blends into the cockpit thanks to the large sliding doors between them. He appreciated the jacuzzi, huge spaces, the number of lockers and wardrobes, as well as the convenience of sleeping cabins - according to him, this is a real five-star hotel under sail.

As a result, with all this luxury, they managed to accelerate to 9 knots with a company of thirty people and at an angle of 45 degrees to the wind. He also described the general impressions and his feelings from the control when he was at the helm.

The magazine published an article by Marco for The International Yachting Media on their website, in which the columnist described his experience and feelings from testing the Alegria 67 cruising sailing cat. The journalist noted that for all the luxury that we meet on catamarans, you usually have to pay with driving performance, but he claims that the yacht surprised him both in terms of performance capabilities and sailing close to the wind.

The tests took place in the waters near Miami, on a sunny day with a wind of about 10 knots. Before sailing, Marco busied himself with inspecting what the 20-meter boat had to offer. The ship had just returned from the boat show and was loaded to the max and stuffed with a bunch of equipment. The reviewer and attendant toured the giant owner's cabin, jacuzzi foredeck, aft dining area, huge galley, bathrooms and guest rooms. All this made a strong impression, after which they climbed to the flybridge, from where they planned to control the boat.

After examining the rigging and control using electric winches, they began to experiment. Under engines, the results were 7.6 knots at 1800 rpm in fuel efficiency mode and 9.5 knots at 2400 rpm. Then they set the sails, constantly changing the angle to the wind from 35 to 80 degrees. And here the Alegria 67 showed itself at a good level, and if we add to this the ease of control, it turns out that this cat, according to Marco, can be considered almost perfect.

Video Reviews of Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67

There’s nothing like well-made footage to get the full picture.

Let’s start with an incredible promotional video from Fountaine Pajot:

This is an almost 10-minute-long review with great commentary on various features:

Extensive walkaround tour at 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival:

More discussions and explanations regarding everything Alegria 67 has to offer:

Another no-commentary tour around the yacht:


Based on our own experience with Alegria 67, we can say that on a long autonomous cruise, when choosing between sailing feel, autonomy and comfort, you don't have to sacrifice anything at all. Well, except for the money - with a complete package and taxes, the acquisition of this yacht might put a dent in your bank account.

Alegria 67 Review

Perhaps, for starters, it is worth buying a charter tour on this vessel in order to make up your mind. At least the boat definitely looks like a good purchase for charter companies themselves. Low fuel consumption, ease of care and maintenance, reliability and safety, minimal crew make this catamaran very attractive from this point of view.

If you take the financial issue out of the brackets, then the boat is suitable for those who want to take everything from life at sea:

  • connoisseurs of big parties, companies or family holidays;
  • supporters of long voyages, visits to lagoons and shallow waters;
  • lovers of the conditions of a luxury hotel under sail;
  • those who prefer simple, pleasant and understandable management.

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Where to Buy Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67 at a Bargain Price

If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing Alegria 67, you can consult our marketplace staff for free and clarify all the necessary information. Our consultants are experienced yachtsmen and sailors who, when necessary, will provide an advice or warn you of some pitfalls, depending on your plans.

TopRik also offers its customers:

  • a wide range of options for equipping the boat - wider than packages list from the manufacturer;
  • search and purchase of a boat that exactly meets the requirements of the customer;
  • consultations on the most comfortable and profitable ways of payment for the transaction;
  • negotiating with dealers and manufacturers;
  • execution of all necessary documents, including customs clearance and insurance;
  • delivery of the boat to any place convenient for the customer;
  • training in our sailing school with obtaining an international skipper’s certificate.

To contact our specialists, you can use the phone number above, e-mail and other ways of feedback available on the website.

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