Leen 50 Review

In this review, the topRik team talks about the trimaran Leen 50, which the shipyard LEEN-TRIMARANS plans to release in 2023. This is a great opportunity for you to apply for its purchase, although the queue has already lined up a fair amount and moved on to the next year, 2024. Why is this trimaran so attractive, although no one has yet seen or tested a single model? This is what we will talk about using the renders provided by the shipyard.

Of course, when the opportunity arises, we will board the Leen 50 and confirm (or deny) in practice the information that in this article we present in renders, videos and reviews of the yachting media.

Leen 50 Review

LEEN-TRIMARANS shipyard was created by NEEL-TRIMARANS for the development and production of motorized trimarans. The NEEL brand in the minds of seafarers around the world has always been associated with luxury three-hull sailboats that are designed for a comfortable life at sea and meet the highest standards of seaworthiness.

NEEL-TRIMARANS did a demand study and realized they had to take a chance by launching a line of equally comfortable and luxurious yet powerful trimarans. For the development of Leen trimarans, the shipyard invited some of the most famous naval architects and designers Bernard Nivelt and Pierre Frutschi.

This amazing tandem achieved no less amazing success: trimarans Leen 56 with a length of 17.1 m and Leen 72 with a length of 21.8 m conquered lovers of comfortable cruises and long sea crossings. But after the 72-footer and 56-footer, a smaller trimaran, but with the same comfort, simply suggested itself. This was also signaled by requests from yachtsmen.

LEEN-TRIMARANS responded to the wishes of the sailors by announcing the launch of a new 50-foot (15-meter) trimaran. Interestingly, in appearance this three-hull will look more like its immediate predecessor Leen 72 with its avant-garde lines, and not the firstborn of the shipyard Leen 56. This avant-garde style was called “elephant-like” by one of the popular reviewers, and then the author of this epithet, with reference to the developers, explained that the greatly shortened side hulls serve to improve seaworthiness, in particular, wave stability and roll resistance due to improved balancing of the vessel. In addition, this form effectively solves the problem of usable space.

In the bow of this extended vaka (central hull) on Leen 72 is an anchor device with a double anchor chain. Judging by the renders, on Leen 50 the place for the anchor device will not change, yet the anchor will not be double.

Leen 50 Review


Features of Leen 50

  • Hull type: Trimaran
  • Overall length, m: 15.24
  • Width, m: 8.5
  • Draft, m: 1.15
  • Displacement, t: 23
  • Water tanks, l: 450
  • Exterior design (Architect): Bernard Nivelt
  • Interior design: Pierre Frutschi
  • CE Certification: Category A
  • Engines, hp: 2 x 110
  • Option engines, hp: 2 x 150
  • Fuel tanks, l: 3500

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Review of Leen 50 by TopRik team

After you have read a short "historical note" on the birth of the Leen range of motor trimarans and the characteristics of the latest Leen 50 model, it's time for a virtual review based on the renders of the exterior and interior of the yacht provided by the developers. Keep in mind that the exterior was handled by Bernard Nivelt, and the interior - by Pierre Frutschi.


On the Transom

TopRik team decided to go the usual route and start the virtual exploration of Leen 50 from the stern, or rather, from the transom. What do we usually see on the transom of a monohull or catamaran? In most cases, this is a ladder to the cockpit and a teak platform island if the size of the vessel and the strength of the transom allow it.

On the Leen 50 transom, we see not one teak island, but a whole archipelago of three islands of a fairly large area. The central one, for example, can safely carry all possible waterboards and other water toys. Above it are powerful stainless steel davits that can carry the RIB dinghy in inflated state, fully assembled with motor and seats.

Leen 50 Review

All lower steps of the ladders can be used for swimming, sunbathing, launching into the water for divers, spearfishers, etc. The ladders and the sides are equipped with rails, which, along with the non-slip teak coating, provides additional safety when moving through the trimaran.

Leen 50 Review


In the Cockpit

On the render above and on the diagrams, you can see that a lot of space has been allocated for the cockpit. From there, a large opening leads into the saloon with a ladder leading to the flybridge. As you can see, you can set up a table and sofas here to arrange a traditional aft seating area - there is enough space. A grill and a refrigerator with freezer will also come in handy. And given that the doorway between the cockpit and the saloon is a huge retractable structure that allows for a wide passage, the saloon and cockpit dining area can be practically combined into a single space if the owner wants to host a party in the marina with guests from neighboring yachts. Based on our experience, it is also an excellent solution if the trimaran is intended for charters or cruises by large companies, when multiple buyers club together to buy a yacht.


In the Saloon

Actually, this is the main part of the trimaran, as its space is intended for the owner, his second half, family or, in case of use for a charter, passengers and crew.

This protected loft deck is divided by partitions into zones with different purposes. There is also a dining area with a galley, a master cabin, and a helm station. You will have to go below deck just to service the equipment, which is located mainly in the compartments of the central hull. The general plan of the loft deck looks like this:

Leen 50 Review

But there are nuances. Depending on the purpose for which the Leen 50 is purchased, this trimaran can be an ideal residence for a solo yachtsman or for those who like to travel with a significant other in comfort. In the latter case the entire loft deck will be your huge all-inclusive apartment, and its layout suggests a single island double bed in a single master cabin. Although, in fact, the master cabin in this version of Leen 50 is this entire deck.

Leen 50 Review

Without climbing any ladders, the owner can move in this space from the sleeping area to the control station, and then to the cooking and dining area. Next to the "bedroom" you have a bathroom with a separate shower and toilet.

Let's go through the suite together, starting from the sleeping area. Imagine that you just woke up in this large and bright apartment. And there is really enough light here, because your “bedroom” is not located below the deck, and the entire space above the deck has panoramic windows. Therefore, almost the entire wall of the “bedroom” on the starboard side is made of huge windows that flood the room with natural light and provide free ventilation.

Leen 50 Review

As you can see on the image above, the cabin has access directly to the side deck, and not just to the saloon. A large wardrobe with mirrored doors, bedside tables and lockers under the bed make it possible to take with you on a trip as many personal items and clothes as you need for complete comfort.

Opposite the bed is the entrance to the bathroom, which, together with a shower and toilet, occupies an area equal to almost half the area of the bedroom. After hygiene procedures, it's time to start cooking a meal.

To get to the galley, you will have to cross the dining area with a corner sofa and a large convertible table. You can change the level of the tabletop - the table is lowered and raised. This is an opportunity to come up with an extra bed for children on a family vacation.

Leen 50 Review

Look ahead and you will see the galley behind the partition separating it from the sofa. All the necessary equipment will help you quickly cope with culinary operations, and a sufficient volume of refrigerators and freezers will help you stock up on a large amount of food. It is difficult to judge from the render whether there are enough cabinets and shelves for storing kitchen utensils and those products that do not need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Leen 50 Review

If you follow further along the perimeter, you get to one of the two control posts. On this large sofa, there is enough space not only for the skipper, but also for a large company of assistants, yet most likely, it is still intended for the helmsman, in case he wants to lie down. Behind the helm is the navigator's table and a solid panel with instruments. Navigational instruments (compass, autopilot, thruster, etc.), communications equipment, chartplotters and other displays reflecting the operation of yacht equipment are placed here.

Leen 50 Review

The proximity to the galley allows the helmsman, practically without being distracted from control, to provide himself with hot tea, a soft drink or a sandwich.

The organization of this vast space can be adjusted if Leen 50 trimaran is to be purchased for a large family, group of friends or charters. The charter version provides for the possibility of creating berths for 10 people, including the crew.

Leen 50 Review

The layout of the beds is in the diagram above. Don't forget the double bed in the dining area. In addition, the forepeak can be converted into a double cabin for the crew.

And in the cockpit, saloon and flybridge there is even more space for more passengers. By the way, we should also visit the flybridge...


At the Flybridge

First of all, the flybridge is the location of the second helm station. It’s almost a complete copy of the post in the cabin, with the exception of the chart table. On the steering panel you will find the same set of navigation instruments, sensors and communications.

Leen 50 Review

The photo above shows a flybridge with a hard bimini, but this is an optional purchase. Without the bimini above the flybridge, the Leen 50 trimaran looks like this:

Leen 50 Review

In any case, the flybridge is an additional huge area for relaxing and sunbathing. Here you can place several comfortable sofas, a large table, as well as a refrigerator and a grill.

The roof and rigid flybridge bimini can be fitted with solar panels of sufficient power to provide domestic needs for the trimaran and its occupants during anchorage.

Pay attention to such a feature as covered side decks equipped with rails. This is a guarantee of safe movement on the outer parts of the deck. The bow of the trimaran, where the anchor installation is located, is also equipped with railings.


Advantages of Leen 50

The main advantage of the Leen 50, like any trimaran of this line, is its unprecedented stability even in rough seas. This indicator for trimarans significantly exceeds the stability of double-hull yachts, not to mention monohulls. The developers of the Leen 50 have increased the stability of the vessel by placing almost all the heavy equipment in the central part of the boat. Only engines are placed in the side floats.

Neel and Leen trimarans allow the experts of the topRik team to say that this three-hull vessel is the safest and most reliable way to travel at sea with children. The safety of Leen 50 was reinforced by the developers with high sides, railings, teak non-slip coating.

In the construction of Leen 50 only reliable, proven in practice technologies and materials will be used: composite sandwich, vacuum molding, carbon fiber as reinforcement.

Only PVC and PET foam is used as the core of the sandwich instead of cheap balsa, which is more sensitive to getting wet, affecting the quality of the core of sandwich panels and parts. Resins and protective layers of fiberglass (gelcoats) limit the release of styrene. All these measures are aimed at ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of the trimaran and increasing its service life.

Endurance is another of the Leen 50's great strengths. It is equipped with 3,500 liters of fuel, 450 liters of water tanks, and a pair of engines that can provide 110 or 150 hp each, depending on the choice of the owner.


Reviews of Leen 50 from Professionals

Based on the fact that the release of the first three Leen 50 trimarans is scheduled for the end of 2023, the editors of yachting publications have posted only small reports about this event. Not a single tester has yet set foot on the deck of this yacht, since the boat still doesn’t exist. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the information that the industry media provides - the message of the LEEN-TRIMARANS shipyard about the renewal of the range and the release of the first "batch" of the Leen 50 motor trimaran at the end of the year.

The editor of MW recalled that LEEN-TRIMARANS already produces the 56th and 72nd models of motorized trimarans. Now the same shipyard from La Rochelle has announced the release of the Leen 50, a new, more compact model in the range.

This new version of the trimaran contains the same basic settings as its larger relatives: offshore cruising with outstanding and impeccable sea qualities, maximum possible comfort at sea thanks to three hulls and a long autonomous cruising range.

The main feature of this trimaran is provided by powerful engines: the yacht is capable of traveling 1750 miles at a speed of 10 knots per hour, and this is not a usual characteristic for a vessel of this size. The author concludes that in the case of Leen 50 we are dealing with an ocean trawler capable of actually overcoming ocean crossings.

The editor noted the similarity of the exterior of the entire range to date, particularly that the Leen 50 has the same coated side decks as previous models. He announced that in the trimaran's interior, the emphasis will be on a refined and very neat style in finishing. He also said that the best materials will be used for this: first-class upholstery, high-quality carpentry based on solid wood, and for coatings - products of such firms as Bolon and Corian.

At the end of his message Emmanuel van Deth provides the specifications of the trimaran.

Yacht Style’s editorial brings to its readers in more detail the message by the shipyard LEEN-TRIMARANS about the release at the end of this year of a new model of the line - the 50-foot trimaran Leen 50.

The editors of the popular yachting magazine reported that the shipyard in La Rochelle is expanding its portfolio with a 50-foot model with solar panels on the roof and an owner's cabin located on the starboard side of the deck.

The authors of the article recalled that the predecessors of this trimaran were the 72nd and 56th models, where the numbers traditionally indicate the length of the yacht. All three models were developed by Bernard Nivelt (naval architecture) and Pierre Frutschi (exterior and interior design).

The editors reported that the construction company, which also produces Neel sailing trimarans, has already set up a production line for fifty Leen 50 trimarans. There is information that the first boats from this first pack will be launched at the end of 2023.

In the shipyard's report, Leen 50 is described as a three-hull trawler for the high seas with beam of 26 feet (8 meters). The main equipment is located in the central hull, and the engines are in the side hulls. The narrow center hull improves hydrodynamics and provides a more economical use of materials, which reduces the overall cost of the trimaran.

The developers claim that the trimaran, equipped with two 110 or 150 hp engines, will reach a cruising speed of up to 10 knots. At the same time, fuel consumption will be less than 2 liters per mile. This means that it is capable of covering 1,500 nautical miles with 3,500 liters of fuel at a speed of 9 knots. The maximum speed is declared within 14 knots. It is not yet clear if the shipyard will use a hybrid propulsion system using electric motors. The research on this issue, as stated by the manufacturers, is still ongoing. Note that the company successfully implemented similar solutions before.

To power operating systems during anchorage, solar panels are provided, which can be located on the front of the roof of the cabin.

Three ladders from the transom platforms lead to the aft cockpit. Different optional packages are available for this part of the trimaran. From here you can access the foredeck through transitions blocked by hanging parts of the roof from both sides.

The interior design uses innovations that have been proven on the Leen 50 predecessor – recycled biomaterials for interior design. When decorating the interior, leather, furniture and other carpentry made of solid wood, flooring and partitions by Bolon, Corian, etc. were used.

The review describes in detail the owner’s version of the trimaran. When describing other versions, it was noted that in the central hull below deck, there are two guest cabins and a common bathroom for them. In this charter version, the aft cabin has a double bed, while the forward cabin can be fitted with a double or bunk bed at the buyer's choice. The forepeaks can also be equipped with single cabins, the entrance to which is accessible from the main deck.


Video Review of Leen 50



The conclusions in this section are made by the experts of the topRik team based on a study of all the information received and also based on significant practical experience in trimaran sailing, including models from both NEEL-TRIMARANS and LEEN-TRIMARANS. Despite the fact that the Leen 50 trimaran is intended primarily for owners, manufacturers have also provided other versions that significantly expand the circle of sailors for whom this high-speed ocean-going three-hull trawler with powerful engines is intended. Among such potential buyers are the following categories of yachtsmen:

  • lone skippers who prefer to be alone with the ocean, but do not want to part with comfort;
  • lovers of long autonomous sea crossings, either alone or with a group of friends;
  • explorers of the coastal waters of distant islands;
  • those who want to provide their family with real comfort and complete safety on a sea cruise;
  • lovers of speed in the open spaces of the sea;
  • seekers of solitude together with a loved one;
  • families, including those with children, who prefer to live on a yacht in the most comfortable conditions most of the year.

Such a fast, comfortable and reliable yacht is a godsend for entrepreneurs who provide charter services or rent out boats. The trimaran will be in demand both among those who want to rent a boat for a long time for personal use and among fans of a short rest on the water with a small company led by an experienced skipper from outside.

Leen 50 Review


Where to Buy Leen 50 at a Bargain Price

If you want to get an answer to this question, just call, write or contact the experts of the topRik marketplace through the feedback system of the website. Our employees are practicing yachtsmen who, due to their work and passion, are well aware of all known types of yachts, including trimarans, and continuous participation in sports competitions, organizing charters, sailing yachts on behalf of clients all help to expand our knowledge.

Therefore, when contacting us, you will receive the most comprehensive consultations, including those related to the purchase of the Leen 50 trimaran, although it has not yet been launched. We will help you:

  • find out how you can buy Leen 50 at the best price;
  • negotiate with the manufacturer or reliable dealers;
  • register in the queue for the purchase of a trimaran;
  • draw up all necessary documents, including customs, if necessary;
  • drive the trimaran to the designated location.

If necessary, we will complete the yacht with equipment and accessories that are not provided in the standard package or options list from the manufacturer: sea watermaker, ladders, rugs, dishes, tools, table textiles, bed sets, etc.

At the request of our clients, we can take the boat for permanent maintenance at SimpleSail with preventive, repair and seasonal work, including conservation of the yacht for long-term storage.

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