Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

In this review we tell you everything about the motor double-hull catamaran MY6 from Fountaine Pajot, which, like many of the yachts we review, is featured in our private fleet. So, we will share with you our own experience received during the inspection and testing of MY6 by the experts of the topRik team.

The review contains opinions and conclusions of well-known yachtsmen who have tested the power cat in different water areas of the world. The results of these tests have been published in the leading yachting magazines.

All information from the topRik team and yachting journalists is confirmed and supplemented with photo and video materials.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

This 44ft (13.4 m) motor catamaran from Fountaine Pajot started out as MY44, but was renamed MY6 in January 2021. Before name change, right after the world premiere to Boot Düsseldorf 2017 it collected many awards in various categories on different boats show:

  • 2017 BEST MULTIHULL POWER YACHT (Asian Boating Awards),
  • 2018 BEST PASSAGEMAKER (Motor Boat Awards).

With a semi-displacement hull, dynamic and sporty lines, Fountaine Pajot MY6 can rightly and deservedly be called a motor trawler. The catamaran is characterized by efficient fuel consumption and high stability at sea regardless of wave’s size.

The semi-displacement hull provides, in addition to stability, other outstanding seakeeping characteristics, including a large margin of autonomy, which is important for long passages. Unique technical and seaworthy characteristics are combined with the possibility of a refined and comfortable life on board.

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY6 is an ideal purchase for the discerning owner, as well as an excellent investment in the charter business.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

This is already confirmed by taking a look at the features of MY6. Pay attention to the engines’ characteristics. In the review, we will tell you in detail about the advantages of Volvo Penta engines with IPS 500 or IPS 650.


Features of Fountain Pajot MY6

  • Brand: Fountain Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 14
  • Width, m: 6.6
  • Draft, m: 1.1
  • Displacement, t: 16.3
  • Air draft, m: 4.25
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 350
  • Exterior design (Architect): Andrieu Yacht Design
  • Interior design: Andreani Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Engines: IPS 500 Volvo 2 x 380
  • Option engines: IPS 650 Volvo 2 x 480
  • Fuel tanks l: 2 x 1000

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Review of FP MY6 by TopRik Team

Motor catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY6 caught the attention of topRik experts back in 2018 at the pavilion yacht show in Düsseldorf. Only then this cat was named MY44, and under this name it was purchased for our flotilla. Why did this cat attract the attention of the topRik’s leader and several of its representatives present at the exhibition? We will talk about this, starting with the first impression.


First Look

It is difficult to effectively imagine a boat in a covered pavilion, they look much better at the pier, in their natural habitat - on the water. Our small team on that trip with some bewilderment looked at the occasional luxury motor boats that were flipped to the side in the pavilion. In this position, they lost a lot, giving the impression of boats washed ashore in the process of a shipwreck. Bad advertising.

But the motor catamaran MY 44 from Fountaine Pajot towered powerfully above anything else there, immediately attracting the eyes and hearts of visitors. The experienced sailors of the topRik team did not remain indifferent to this power. Well, who could resist!

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

As you understand, the long-awaited motor catamaran from Fountaine Pajot was not lost among the loud premieres of this boat show. Above, we have listed the most important and significant awards received by the cat in the most prestigious yachting competitions. And requests for the purchase started piling up immediately after the shipyard announced the production of a double-hull motor yacht of this size.

At the right moment, this beauty man found her place among the other yachts of the SimpleSail’s flotilla.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

We invite you, together with the leader and experts of the topRik team, to board it and take part in the next test. Let's start, as always, with the transoms, shall we?


On the Transom

In the photo below, it is easy to correlate the dimensions of the platform with the overall dimensions of the motor catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY6 to realize that it is huge. Of course, it will fit not only a PVC dinghy, but also a complete RIB with a motor and seats, since the area of the platform is about 9 m². By the way, be prepared for the fact that you we’ll mention various areas’ dimensions often, because they are that impressive on a boat with a length of only 13.6 m.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

And you don't have to strain to launch a heavy RIB into the water: just "flood" the platform - and the boat itself will find itself in the water.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

To be fair, the electric platform is an option. A stationary platform of the same size is provided as standard.

Of course, the same platform of any kind can be used for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. It will fit sun loungers and a small table or different water toys, ranging from a small jet ski to all kinds of waterboards for fun on the water.

To descend into the water for swimming, folding ladders are provided that can be installed on the starboard, port side or on either side of the platform.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Before moving from the platform to the cockpit, you can wash off the salty sea water by using the fresh water shower built into the transom baffle.

And now it's time to climb the side ladders into the cockpit. Pay attention to how the ladders have a different configuration, but the steps are always wide, comfortable and safe. For safety reasons, the steps, like the platform, are covered with teak. For greater safety, anti-slip mats can be placed on them.


In the Cockpit

From the cockpit on both sides of the catamaran, hatch covers for entering the engine compartments can be found, which, as you understand, are located in both hulls.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

As you can see, access is quite convenient, you do not need to display acrobatic dexterity. In the compartments, you can also freely approach the equipment, place on the shelves the necessary tools for servicing engines, batteries, generator, control systems, etc.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

A locker with rescue equipment is also located in the cockpit. There are inflatable rafts, oars and a gas cylinder.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

The stern sofa is located along the entire length of the transom. A large table with side chairs just asks for it, so that the whole company can dine outdoors. Although it's also a great dance floor if the owner or charter organizers feel like throwing a party.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

The photo above shows that under the mattresses there are lockers where you can hide a lot of useful things.

To imagine our further movement from the cockpit, take a look at main deck’s layout, which shows the location of the platform, cockpit, saloon and sunbathing area in the bow of the MY6, in order to have an idea of the area they occupy. Let's say right away that the saloon overall occupies an area of 20 m².

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Since we have completed the inspection of the cockpit, let's first go to the bow of the catamaran, and then we will go into the saloon and go down to the cabins. Follow us!


On the Foredeck

We will go there from the cockpit along the wide side decks. The photo below allows you to evaluate these passages in comparison with all the volumes of the catamaran.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Of course, attention is first of all attracted by a huge place to relax - this is a real foredeck with a recess for tables. The mattresses that you see along the edges of this recess can be converted into loungers with raised backs.

Forepeaks, the location of which is marked by darkened plastic hatches, can be used to store all yacht utensils, including fenders. There is so much space here that they can also be converted into a crew cabin or nursery.

Having circled the catamaran along the main deck and making sure that the railings reliably protect us, we finally go to the saloon.


In the Saloon

We propose to estimate the width of the sliding structure at the entrance, which can hardly be called a “door”, since its width is 2.3 meters.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

You can see how conveniently one of the galley tables is located - this is a ready-made bar counter in case of a party. Yes, 20 m² is solid: just take a look at this perspective view, which opens from the entrance to the windows in the bow of the saloon. The distance seems impossible for a cat of this size.

But let's go in and take a look.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

As you can see, for this we had to take two shots from different sides of the cabin to create a panorama effect. The entire saloon is divided into area with soft sofas. One of these areas is the galley. If we include refrigeration and freezing equipment here, then we can say that it is located on both sides of the entrance.

On the starboard side there is a cooking and storage area for products that do not require refrigeration and freezing, as well as kitchen utensils with cabinets and shelves. On the left side there is a large refrigerator, a freezer and a so-called wine cellar, but in fact a refrigerator that maintains the required temperature for storing wine.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

The dining area is a folding table and a corner soft sofa. Table with electric control, it can be lowered and raised to the required level. The disassembled tabletop and lowered to the level of the sofa with the help of additional mattresses can turn into a spacious bed.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Panoramic glazing, a huge entrance opening, portholes in the “windows” provide the interior with an influx of natural light and fresh air.

And yet the main zone here is the work area. The control station is moved to the starboard side, from where you get an excellent view. The helm looks like a car steering wheel - it's still a motorized catamaran, and the helm panel is equipped with all the necessary equipment to control the yacht, laying the course and monitoring it. Marine displays are located here, including the role of a chartplotter, autopilot, throttle and reverse stick, thruster controls, as well as communications equipment. The indicators for all the important equipment of the yacht are available here.

The helm station is equipped with a very comfortable chair for two people, which is adjustable to the needs of the skipper. The control post is duplicated - the same one is installed on the flybridge, where we have not yet been. But before we go there, let's go down to the cabins first.


In the Cabins

The 3-cabin version, where one occupies the port hull, is shown in the diagram below. This is the so-called owner's version. The cabin in one of the buildings belongs to him, and the remaining two accommodate guests or children if this is a family cruise.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

The master cabin is quite spacious, with a large island bed, plenty of storage space for clothes and personal belongings, a table, bedside tables and a large closet.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Further towards the bow of the hull is an isolated bathroom with a toilet and a shower.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Guest cabins have private bathrooms, and although they are smaller, the beds are also double and king-size. In the cabin, located in the bow, the bed narrows somewhat in one direction. But there is quite enough space for two adults, and for children it is more than enough.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

There is also a 4-cabin charter version. In it, the guest cabins and bathrooms of the Maestro version are mirrored in the left float. Do not forget also about the possibilities of forepeaks and a folding table in the saloon. Using all the listed possible sleeping places, the catamaran can take on board 12 passengers and crewmen during a charter voyage.


On the Flybridge

The flybridge area is 12 m² total - huge area divided into a working area and a relaxation area. The flybridge is protected by the hardtop from rain and sun.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

But if you want, you can move the screen and let the sun in here. A large table with sofas, a huge sunbed and a refrigerator create great opportunities for a relaxing holiday.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

In the working area, as we have already reported, there is a control post with a helm and a steering panel. Luxurious seat for two, which is also adjustable at the request of the helmsman.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

The panel at a convenient distance practically repeats the set of instruments and sensors on the chart table and the panel in the cabin.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

An excellent all-round view opens up in front of the helmsman from the flybridge, which is of particular importance when mooring a catamaran.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Well, it's time to set sail and check how the Fountaine Pajot MY6 catamaran behaves on the water. Before unmooring, we will tell you about one more feature of this motor cat. It is equipped with IPS engines, which, based on our tests, greatly simplifies maneuvering when mooring. Using the joystick, the helmsman can make lateral movements, turns at any angle, and can even make a full turn on the spot.

Unmooring now!

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review


At the Sea

After testing the MY6 power catamaran at the sea, the topRik team confirmed that it lives up to Fountaine Pajot's claim that the yacht was designed for exceptional performance on the high seas.

We also confirm efficient fuel consumption, although we did not test this indicator at maximum power precisely in order to save even more fuel and not wanting to leave a hydrocarbon footprint in the sea for no specific reason. Our boat has a pair of engines with 435 hp each.

Checking the cruising range, we moved along the coast of Croatia at a speed of 8-10 knots, the cruising range was 1620 miles. At the same time, we maintained the most pleasant fuel consumption rate - 1.23 liters per mile with a reserve of 2000 liters.

Acceleration time to 20 knots was 9.5 seconds. After reaching this speed, the skipper transferred control to the autopilot.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

It was quiet and comfortable in the saloon during the movement - the catamaran was moving calmly, without yaws and jumps, in calm water the propellers worked without noise and cavitation. Fuel consumption at this speed was 6 liters per mile.

On the high seas and during mooring, the IPS system was tested, which helps to control the vessel with a joystick.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review

We were impressed with the ease of handling the catamaran, especially when it came time to moor. After using this product, we concluded that for maneuvering in a narrow lagoon, a cramped marina or an old lock, the IPS system is indispensable, since it allows very precise settings that are inaccessible to the most experienced skipper otherwise.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 Review



The motor catamaran MY6 is one of the safest and most reliable yachts that the experts of the topRik team have ever sailed on.

All conditions are created here to enjoy a boat trip, a cruise or a longer voyage. Moreover, both the skipper and his family or guests receive the same pleasure, since the helmsman does not pay as much attention to management compared to a sailing catamaran.

Fountaine Pajot MY6 is the perfect balance between the comfort of life on board and the excellent seaworthiness of a catamaran.

Its design is close to the principles of a trawler, so the vessel has increased stability even in heavy seas.

The volumes of refrigeration units, tanks for water and fuel, along with excellent seaworthiness, make it possible to make long autonomous navigation without entering marinas.

You don’t need a crew to drive the MY6 catamaran - one helmsman can handle it perfectly and simply, even when mooring in a cramped marina, since the cat has engines with the IPS system.

Reviews of Fountaine Pajot MY6 from Professionals

Motor catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY6 has aroused the interest of many of the top yachting journalists of the best yachting magazines. We give reviews of only two luminaries of this genre - Zuzana Prochazka and Kevin Green speak about the features of the MY6 catamaran. For obvious reasons mentioned at the beginning of our review, they call this cat MY 44.

A popular author and experienced yachtsman, tester of numerous models, compared the breakthrough of catamarans to the boat market with a storm. This breakthrough was started by sailing double-hull boats, which were advertised by charterers, and now the turn of motor boats has come.

The number of motor catamarans presented at the shipyard's boat show is growing every year. These yachts attract the interest of numerous crowds, as Zuzana puts it, as they offer space and comfort that other boats cannot offer. The author compared motorized boats to a large and luxurious second home, which has an added benefit - it can move you at over 24 knots per hour, just like the new motor yacht Fountaine Pajot MY44.

Designer Pierangelo Andreani and naval architect Daniel Andreieu have succeeded in their cooperation to make the MY44 similar to a 50-foot trawler in terms of its capacity and fuel economy. But unlike trawlers of this size, it can reach a marina while fleeting from the storm much faster than any of them.

Kevin also began his review by explaining the reasons for the popularity of powercats, as he called motor catamarans. To the reasons that Zuzana Prochazka mentioned in her review, he added having two independent and widely spaced transmission systems that make the yacht much easier to handle. He believes that this is the perfect explanation for why first-time buyers are so willing to shell out for powercats.

Still, Kevin thinks that the main reason for their popularity is the unprecedented living space, especially on three-level boats. That is exactly what the MY44 is with its five cabins. The catamaran is suitable for both owners and organizers of charter voyages. He recalled that shortly before the launch of the MY44, Fountaine Pajot merged with Dream Yacht Charter.

The reviewer noted that engines designed specifically for the IPS system provide not only power, but also make it much easier to control. The rounded shape of the hulls with slender tips and pronounced chines provide more space above the waterline.

The rather modest displacement of the MY44 at 14.9 tons was achieved, among other things, due to the design, which uses a balsa vinylester core, with solid fiberglass only around the keel.

He noted that any mechanic will appreciate the huge space in the engine room, including overhead, as well as to move around the IPS 400 and gearbox here. All other equipment located in the technical compartments also has excellent accessibility.


Video Reviews of Fountaine Pajot MY6

Let’s take a look at MY6 in motion. Here are the most interesting and informative videos we could find.

First, the teaser from Fountaine Pajot themselves:

Next, a 15-minute review from BoatTEST:

More beautiful shots of the yacht by Asia Yachting:

9-minute silent walkaround by BoatTube, high-quality footage of what’s on board:

And another 14-minute review with some more explanation on various features:



After our research, we were convinced the motor catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY6 demonstrates excellent driving performance, the ability to make long sea passages with a comfortable life for passengers and the skipper. Therefore, it is in demand by the following categories of yachtsmen:

  • lovers of sea travel at speed and without much hassle;
  • those who want to provide their family with a safe cruise in complete comfort;
  • people fond of water sports: diving, fishing, spearfishing, etc.;
  • lovers of solitude in the ocean;
  • organizers of charter voyages.

Where to Buy Fountaine Pajot MY6 at a Bargain Price

To buy Fountaine Pajot MY6 at a bargain price, just contact topRik marketplace experts. You will be carefully listened to, all your requirements for the catamaran of your dreams will be recorded and immediately they will pick the unit from the manufacturer or reliable dealers at an attractive price.

All preliminary consultations are provided free of charge. Our consultants are yachtsmen with extensive experience in sailing and motor yachting. They are well aware of the features of all popular models, they themselves participate in their testing, teach our customers how to operate, move them to a specified location for our customers.

We know exactly how a new yacht should be equipped. Therefore, you do not run the risk of being left without the necessary equipment or accessories. At the same time, you will receive only what you ordered - and nothing extra.

We will negotiate for the best price, draw up sales documents, insurance, customs, etc. We will check the complete set of the catamaran in strict accordance with your wishes. We will equip the cat with equipment and accessories that are not provided by the manufacturer: dishes, bed and table linen, rugs, tools, etc.

To buy Fountaine Pajot MY6 at a bargain price, just call the specified phone number, send a request to the e-mail address or use the website's feedback system.

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