Dinghy Gibsy model A 380


The Gibsy A 380 inflatable boat is equipped with an aluminum slatted floor, an inflatable keel, a rigid transom and independent air chambers of the hull with a diameter of 45 cm. With the dimensions of 3.8x1.7m, inflated chambers and a keel, the entire structure boasts a high degree of rigidity. This provides excellent maneuverability as well as strength, which allows you to install a 15 hp engine. Buy the Dinghy Gibsy A 380 for fishing, hunting, coastal boating and as a yacht tender.

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There is no trampoline effect when loading into a boat during fishing activities or because of gun recoil while hunting for waterfowl, since the Gibsy A 380 has a high mechanical rigidity. This is facilitated by the following design and material advantages:

  • its base consists of thick aluminum slats laid across the bottom using the spike-groove method, which ensures high bottom strength and is a reliable support for the inflatable keel;
  • one of the sides of the structure, a rigid transom, is made of very strong marine plywood - several layers with multidirectional fibers and Bakelite impregnation;
  • U-shaped hull consists of three non-communicating buoyancy chambers with a diameter of 45 cm, which, when fully inflated, together with an inflatable keel, an aluminum floor and a rigid transom, provide mechanical rigidity required for category C in the CE system, that is - for boating in coastal waters.

As a result of increased rigidity and the correct choice of the proportions of all structural elements, the Gibsy A 380 has an increased load capacity of up to 6-7 people.

The inflatable keel significantly improved the gliding and maneuverability of the boat, and it also affected the ability to increase the boat's speed. Even at high speeds, the boat maintains excellent stability and confidently keeps its course. These advantages allow us to recommend a more powerful motor - up to 15 hp. It is mounted on a motor mount located on a rigid transom.

All these advantages pursue a single goal - to ensure the safety of navigation. This is also served by the division of the body into three non-communicating buoyancy chambers. The fourth chamber is the inflatable keel itself. Even if the boat gets punctured, it will stay afloat.

The safety of navigation is provided by other measures to preserve the integrity of the boat. For the manufacture of the hull and keel, polyester fabric with double PVC impregnation is used. A flexible wide PVC tape acts as a fender welded around the entire perimeter of the hull.

Buy a Gibsy A 380 with a CE category C certification, which, under proper operating conditions, guarantees safe boating in coastal waters, no problems with the boat when fishing offshore and hunting in waters.

Features of Dinghy Gibsy model A 380

    G.F.N. SRL
    Weight, kg
    Thickness, mm
    Technical features
    Item number
    Gibsy 380 "A"
    Length, m
    Width, m
    Persons capacity
    Tubular’s diameter, cm
    Max. Motor Power, HP
    Incl. Motor
    White / Grey
    Buoyancy chambers
    Design category CE - C
    Stowed dimensions, cm
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