Fountaine Pajot New 80 Review

In this article you will find out what the New 80 sailing catamaran is all about. We welcome you as the participants of the virtual testing walkthrough based on renders, photos and other information provided by the Fountaine Pajot shipyard.

As always, in our reviews there are many photos that help to see the yacht in detail, video reviews that allow you to see the boat in motion, as well as other reviews of the catamaran Fountaine Pajot New 80 from leading yachting media.

New 80 Review

TopRik team is always interested in novelties that can replenish our charter fleet or the fleet of our yachting school. Moreover, the SimpleSail’s fleet already has about a dozen boats from Fountaine Pajot, and we have seen that they are popular with guests of Croatia and Montenegro, as they provide a comfortable life on board during cruises of various durations.

The twin-hull sailboat New 80 caught the attention of team’s leader thanks to its impressive dimensions. Judging by the characteristics provided by the shipyard - design-wise, this might be the best vessel that naval architects and designers of the famous company Berret-Racoupeau have ever released into the ocean. We are talking about the ocean, since the catamaran’s CE certification A means it is ready for the transatlantic, which is not surprising, given its water, fuel and food capacity on board.

You can probably tell by the photos and renders that in this new model the Fountaine Pajot's DNA has really settled in comfortably. As well as an entire line of boats named after various islands, the New 80 also kept the nature of an offshore sailing cruiser. This can be seen from its sailing wardrobe, which in the hands of an experienced sailor and with the right wind can present a pleasant surprise to lovers of the wind in their hair.

New 80 Review


  • Brand: Fountaine Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 23.98
  • Width, m: 11.09
  • Draft, m: 2.1
  • Displacement, t: 9.5
  • Water tanks, l: 1600
  • Exterior design (Architect): Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • Interior Design: Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 200
  • Jib area, m²: 140
  • Engine: 2 x 175 HP
  • Option engines: 2 x 270 HP / 2 x 300 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2400
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Virtual tour

Review of Fountaine Pajot New 80 by TopRik Team

TopRik experts decided not to abandon the usual plan of testing a new vessel. We'll start with the first impression we got of Fountaine Pajot’s New 80.

New 80 Review

First Look

The similarity of the New 80 with all Fountaine Pajot island catamarans, ranging from Tanna 47 to Alegria 67, are visible to the naked eye. Despite the difference in size, mast position and sailing area, it is clear that all these two-hulled sailboats are close relatives. The New 80 is especially close in its exterior to the Samana 59 - the same reverse bows, the same dynamic hull lines, which are emphasized by the cabin roof hanging over the cockpit and the rigid flybridge bimini. Even the shape of the side windows is similar.

But due to the much larger size of the hull, it was necessary not only to increase the height of the mast, but also to move it almost to the center of the vessel. We love how the designers have played with this column running through the saloon. In all models, where possible, a bar counter is placed around the base of the mast, which brings an original flair to saloon’s interior. But we will dwell on this later, as we usually begin from the transom.

Transom View

It is hard to believe that this part of the yacht can attract attention for so long – but it is only to those who have not seen the surprises that each new model from Fountaine Pajot brings to yachtsmen. These surprises are always pleasant and delightful.

For example, like this hydraulic platform and a large transom sofa “looking” right at it.

New 80 Review

Together they make up the “Beach Club”, and the platform moves to any height up to the base of the sofa - that is, it practically becomes the part the cockpit deck’s flooring. When lowered, the platform expands due to the lower steps of the side ladders and turns into a huge area for sunbathing and swimming, as well as placing sunloungers, chairs and a table.

But only if you don’t have a jet ski or a motorboat hidden in the garage under the sofa. How to get them out of there though? Well, there is a special mechanism for this, which can be seen in sequential action on the photo below.

New 80 Review

After the contents of the garage are put on the platform, the hydraulic mechanism is activated, the platform is immersed in water, and now the jet ski or dinghy is swaying on the waves, ready to continue on its own.

And you can imagine how many other marine toys and water entertainment equipment will be marked here - surfboards, kites, scuba gear, canoes, kayaks, etc.

The platform and ladder have a non-slip yew surface, which is quite justified, although, of course, special mats can be used on the ladder if you are annoyed when seeing stains from salt water.

No matter what the ladder steps are covered with, it's time to climb them into the cockpit.

In the Cockpit

This part of the stern shocks with its spaciousness. In here 12 people can be accommodated at a long dining table without limiting each other. But note that there is plenty more seating on the sofa around the coffee table on the opposite side.

New 80 Review

As you are counting how many people you can throw a party here, you discover another surprise from Fountaine Pajot - the cockpit extends to more platforms that are located on both sides. Designers called these cozy side cockpits.

New 80 Review

Upon entering this zone, you see the entrance to the premises located in the hulls. Just remember where these entrances are, because we will go down there later.

New 80 Review

And now, according to the plan, we check out the saloon. We get there passing a huge sliding door - another element of Fountaine Pajot's DNA.

In the Saloon

Usually, when entering the saloon from the cockpit, the first thing we see are the central windows of different sizes, depending on the dimensions of the yacht. The dimensions of this yacht make it possible to place an additional door leading to the foredeck. A loft deck with a through passage from the transom to the foredeck also unites almost the entire line of catamarans bearing the island names.

New 80 Review

Do not rush to the bow yet - we have not looked around in the saloon. To make it clearer, let's add another photo from the opposite angle.

New 80 Review

On the starboard side there is a full-fledged navigator's table – this is one of the control stations. The panel displays large chartplotters that give access to various navigation activities. On their screens you can also display the feed of the stern of the catamaran from the cameras, which is very important when mooring with such unusual dimensions, especially in a cramped marina. It is also important for controlling the sails when the skipper is not on the flybridge or deck. There is also a thruster, as well as an autopilot, so that the skipper can control the movement of the vessel without climbing to the helm on the flybridge.

The rest of the space of this huge building is occupied by different social zones. Large sofas around the coffee table are right next to the bar. In the upstairs galley option, a full kitchen can be equipped here with a modern stove with different modes, a dishwasher, a microwave, ice maker, refrigerators and a freezer.

In the saloon, you can equip corners for private communication with comfortable and stylish furniture.

New 80 Review

Panoramic glazing of the saloon will delight you with excellent visibility, as well as excellent natural lighting. For the previous models in the range, this natural light-filled interior was also common.

Now it makes sense to go through the saloon and out to the foredeck.

At the Foredeck

Well, hot tub on Fountaine Pajot New 80 will no longer surprise us, because we were amazed at the mini-pool over the sea, which we observed on the 20-meter Power 67. The absence of the so-called trampolines is also the common trait between these two yachts. Actually, this sailboat, like the motor Power 67, can be safely called a cruise trawler.

New 80 Review

In addition to (or instead of) a jacuzzi, this huge sunbathing area can be supplemented with sports equipment. Although it already looks amazing with these sofas, sunloungers and mattresses of various shapes.

This is a real foredeck with a pit structure, where you can have a great time in a big company or in a more intimate setting. Refrigerator together with a freezer for drinks and ice cream will brighten up your stay in this part of the yacht.

New 80 Review

And now we will climb the ladder covered in yew to the side deck.

Side Decks

We already examined part of it when we looked into “side cockpits” on reclining platforms. But even in the remaining unexplored part there is a lot of interesting things. We don't even have to go far from the foredeck ladder. Let's open this cover in the narrowest part of the hull - and we will find there an excellent roomy locker for all kinds of things, in this case, it's a SUP board, but there's enough room for some fenders too.

New 80 Review

The hatch further down the deck serves as the entrance to the forepeak, which can be used as a place for storage, or as a cabin for the crew.

And since we went out on deck, we will go around the saloon around the perimeter to make sure that there is sufficient number of handrails and will climb the stylish ladder from the cockpit to the flybridge.

On the Flybridge

Traditionally for catamarans of this line, the flybridge is clearly divided into working and social areas. Comfortable upholstered furniture promises very pleasant pastime in the social zone. There is a spacious lounge and a small double sofa on the starboard side with a dining area on the port side.

New 80 Review

The dining area includes a large horseshoe sofa and a table, as well as a mini galley. The latter includes a grill, sink, refrigerator and freezer.

Here you can cook some barbecue, make hot sandwiches, as well as mix cocktails or get some ice-cream. Don't forget to share with the skipper and his assistant!

These two can comfortably fit at the twin helms, each with its own panel in front of it. Three winches are located between the helms and one more winch on both sides slightly behind the control posts.

New 80 Review

All navigation instruments, engine control knob, indicators are within arm's length. Winches are within walking distance. This provides comfort for the crew when driving. At the same time, the remoteness of the control stations from the social zone makes it safe for passengers to stay on the flybridge. They do not run the risk of getting tangled in the halyards or getting under the arm of the crew working with the sails. In turn, the crew will not have to limit themselves in their movements or make sure not to hurt passengers. All their attention will be given to the management of the catamaran.

Usually, after going to sea, the topRik team goes to inspect the cabins. We will not break the tradition and go down to the buildings.

Inside the Cabins

There are two options for placing a galley - in the saloon (above) or in the hull (below). The galley lowered below the main deck is a full, well-equipped kitchen, which you will not see in many city apartments.

New 80 Review

Fountaine Pajot’s designers offers several cabin layouts for the New 80.

1. MAESTRO version includes:

  • master cabin with large bathroom and insulated shower;
  • VIP cabin with private bathrom;
  • at the location of the galley below - 2 double cabins with their own bathrooms;
  • with the galley located above - 3 double cabins with their own bathrooms.

The owner's cabin is a full-fledged studio-style living area that combines a lounge area, study, and sleeping area.

New 80 Review

New 80 Review

The bathroom area is separated from the studio and includes, in addition to accessory storage cabinets, washbasins and a bathroom with isolated sufficiently spacious shower cabin.

New 80 Review

The VIP-cabin with its own bathroom is inferior to the master cabin only in the size of the total area, where the seating area with an additional sofa and a work desk did not fit.

New 80 Review

For those who prefer schematics, the first two illustrations show the options with a galley at the top and bottom.

New 80 Review

New 80 Review

2. VIP version with accommodation for 4-5 beds offers the following cabin layout:

  • master cabin with large bathroom;
  • when placing a galley below - 4 double cabins with their own bathrooms (see the picture below);
  • when placing a galley at the top - 5 double cabins with their own bathrooms.

New 80 Review

3. VIP version with accommodation for 6-7 beds offers the following cabin layout:

  • 6 double cabins with their own bathrooms each with a galley down (see the picture below);
  • 7 double cabins with private bathrooms each with a galley above.

New 80 Review

Considering that each bed is designed for 2 people, the New 80 can take 14 people on a cruise, and taking into account the folding table, with which you can equip a double seat in the cabin, even more.

Get the Cat of Your Dreams

Looking at various options, we found that the shipyard Fountaine Pajot leaves many layout and design issues to the future owner to decide on their own, of course, choosing from the proposed options, such as cabin and galley layout versions.

The same applies to the options for external and internal design. The owner can order teak flooring for the entire deck, a rigid bimini for the flybridge, solar panels for the roof and a bimini.

You can get a catamaran in which the entire interior trim is made of genuine leather. It is possible to choose a finish for the facades of cabinet furniture for different types of natural wood, order a colored or lacquered finish.

You are given the opportunity to choose the availability and options of some equipment, such as full or partial air conditioning, ice machines, refrigerators and freezers of various capacities.

Unfortunately, the hydraulic platform is also optional equipment. You will also have to pay extra for upgraded engines. All this should be taken into account, including the fact that the cost of Fountaine Pajot New 80 listed on yacht sales websites (including the marketplace topRik) is specified for the standard version.


The main advantage of Fountaine Pajot New 80 is its spaces that provide very comfortable movement, which means joy and safety for passengers and crew.

A clear division into working and social areas of almost all rooms also ensures the comfort and safety of not only life on board during a long cruise, but also during the management of the boat.

TopRik team also considers the advantages of the trawler type of marine architecture, which is used for this model. This is an additional guarantee of its stability even in heavy seas.

We have repeatedly explored the Fountaine Pajot’s cats at sea and based on our own experience, we can say that the yard's claims of performance on engines and under sail are usually confirmed in practice. Based on this and analyzing the ability of the New 80 to stock up on fuel (2400 l), water (1600 l) and products, we can safely say that the catamaran will be perfect for long ocean crossings.

In addition, it is possible to choose not one, but two types of more powerful engines.

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Reviews of Fountaine Pajot New 80 from Professionals

In this section we present excerpts from the editorials of yachting magazines dedicated to the shipyard's announcement of the launch of this sailing catamaran. This announcement was made on the eve of the opening day of Cannes Yachting Festival 2022.

An authoritative yachting magazine headlined the news that Fountaine Pajot is building the New 80 -a new flagship. The authors of the report announced that it will be an innovative New 80 sailing catamaran with two side cockpits with platforms and space for a jacuzzi on the bow deck. The first planned one already got a buyer.

The article gives a full layout of the dimensions of the catamaran, it is mentioned that most of the area of the hard top of the saloon and flybridge will be given to solar panels.

The so-called Beach Club of the catamaran, in addition to a huge hydraulic platform, includes a large sofa facing it and two corner sofas. The platform can be lowered, combined with the two lower wide steps of the ladders, or raised to the level of the main deck.

The report details the social areas of the New 80 on the main deck, flybridge and hulls, with particular attention to versions with different galley placements, as well as options for completing cabins.

Editor in Chief of one of the most popular yachting media turned to the shipyard Fountaine Pajot with these words in the title: “Welcome to the big league”!

Citing the dimensions of the new model as an example, the MW editor notes that the release of this 78.7-foot cat marks a breakthrough for Fountaine Pajot to the world of superyachts. Remember – for a boat to be assigned this class, its hull needs to have the length of 24 meters. So far, the largest catamarans from the shipyard had been the motor Power 67 and the sailboat Alegria 67.

Emmanuel reported that the owners of yachts Alegria and Samana expressed their desire to have a catamaran of this size. Therefore, it is not surprising that Fountaine Pajot, like Lagoon, aims to meet this demand for production superyachts. After the presentation at Cannes Yachting Festival New 80 they shipyard plans to make from 3 to 5 of them per year.

The author noted that the design of the New 80 was developed by the same naval architects - Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, so it echoes the design of the entire line. Further, he reported on the layout options for the cabins.

New 80 Review

Video Reviews of FP New 80

Sometimes a demonstration of the yacht’s various features in video format can be the most eye-opening. It will be easier to make a choice thanks to these links.

Very well-made CG presentation, which showcases the incredible New 80 from all possible angles:

More great visual information, this time with helpful commentary:


The main conclusion that can be drawn about the purpose of the yacht is based on the fact that, based on our experience with it, New 80 does not require a large crew to operate it. If the owner is a keen and experienced yachtsman, he will still need an experienced assistant though, since the catamaran is too big to handle it alone, especially when it comes to night watches.

But why are we talking about the owner? Because this catamaran was created primarily for one person ownership. Of course, opinion might vary, but it seems too expensive to rent out.

Another thing is if the tenant is a proven yachtsman or if a company with a provided crew decides to use it for charter purposes.

Still, it seems to us that this is a boat is for those who like to live under sail for a long time at sea, and not just walk with a hired crew from marina to marina, dancing on the deck with a cocktail in hand. It still is an option, but only if you are not afraid to send such expensive boats on a charter cruise.

Price calculator

Where to Buy Fountaine Pajot New 80 at a Bargain Price

To buy Fountaine Pajot New 80 at a bargain price, you can contact the topRik marketplace’s experts right now. We will negotiate with the manufacturer or a reliable dealer and put you in a queue to purchase this catamaran.

In addition, on your behalf, we will draw up all the documents, including registration documentation, insurance, customs clearance, etc.

Our experts, experienced sailors, will check all the packages of the catamaran in order to exclude the purchase of unnecessary accessories or equipment.

After the catamaran is ready, we will drive it to the specified location. If necessary, topRik specialists will take the catamaran for maintenance (seasonal, preventive, winterizing, etc.).

All preliminary consultations are provided free of charge. Just use the phone above, send us an e-mail or use the website’s message system.

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