Lagoon 65 Review

TopRik team details their own experience testing the Lagoon 65 catamaran at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022. The review is accompanied by numerous photographs and diagrams. This review also contains reviews of this cat published in popular yachting media. You will get the chance to see Lagoon Sixty 5 in motion with detailed video reviews.

Lagoon 65 Review

In our previous reviews we already assumed that the Lagoon shipyard has moved on to the creation of visually similar catamarans, both motor and sail versions. So here is Lagoon Sixty 5 - a direct confirmation of this assumption.

The uniqueness of the Sixty 5 is that it is the little brother of the great motorized Lagoon 77. A close relationship is recognizable at first sight: Lagoon 65 definitely inherited the DNA of the Lagoon's line. Its uniqueness lies not in inheritance though, but in the fact that the sailing double-hull is developed on the basis of a motor cat, and not vice versa, as is usually the case. First of all, the shipyard was in a hurry to meet the market demand for trawler-type motor yachts and only after that filled the gap in the size range.

Lagoon 77’s burgundy color for the hull is gone - in the case of the Sixty 5 naval architects and designers have chosen classic beige tones. What is remarkable, is that the VPLP design team managed to combine same comfort and performance on a much smaller sailing catamaran. Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy handling and seaworthiness, while guests will enjoy the luxurious feel of a superyacht.

It is not an accident that Lagoon 65 was nominated for Best Boats 2022. And this nomination is comparable in importance and recognition among professionals to an Oscar nomination in cinema.

Lagoon 65 Review

Features of Lagoon 65

  • Brand: Lagoon
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 20.55
  • Width, m: 10
  • Draft, m: 1.55
  • Displacement, t: 40
  • Air draft, m: 33.80
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 500
  • Exterior design (Architect): VPLP design
  • CE Certification: A:14 - B:18 - C:24 - D:40
  • Mainsail type: Fully-battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 170.5
  • Jib area, m²: 98
  • Engine, hp: 2 x 195
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 650
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Review of Lagoon 65 by TopRik Team

Our team tested catamaran Lagoon Sixty 5 while looking into double-hull sailing options for SimpleSail’s fleet. We, of course, could not attend the premiere in Annapolis at the height of the pandemic for obvious reasons, but we fully satisfied the interest in this cat at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022.

Lagoon 65 Review

First and Second Glance

Even from a fragment of this panoramic photo, it is clear why Lagoon 65 attracted the attention of our skipper. Firstly, our leader is a practicing yachtsman, and secondly, he strives to take into account the various preferences of clients, among which are both lovers of active sailing and those who want to go in for sailing in comfortable conditions. According to him, Lagoon Sixty 5 fulfills these requirements, which is clear from the first glance at the rig's capabilities and the visible vast spaces of the cockpit, saloon, bow and flybridge.

Of course, a second glance at the price tag makes one wonder if such an investment is justified for charter services and a yachting school. But, as our long experience shows, many owners of more luxurious yachts rent them out to recoup the costs. As a rule, these are busy people who cannot afford to devote much time to their favorite hobby or leisure. So, in the meantime, they rent out a yacht to trusted yachtsmen who relax with their families or gather a group of friends on board.

So, if you look at first glance, this sailboat looks very reliable. Its wide decks and vast spaces seem to provide safe movement and great fun on all three levels. Let's put it to the test...

First Steps

You can’t get into the cockpit right away from the pier - you have to overcome the rather wide first step of the gangway. Looking at the photo below, you can imagine the proportions, based on the fact that Lagoon 65 is 20.5 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Lagoon 65 Review

First steps to the side hulls and the platform between them are of impressive size. Together they form an archipelago of three islands for sunbathing and swimming. In confirmation of this, a folding ladder for swimmers and sunbathers is visible on the steps on the starboard side.

The platform can also be used as a little beach. If you lower it to the water level, you won’t even need a ladder to descend into the water.

Lagoon 65 Review

The area of the platform is quite enough to put all the available water toys and equipment for diving, spearfishing, windsurfing boards, kayaks, etc. on it during the anchorage. Or you use it as an open-air garage for a 4.5-meter-long RIB motorboat, as the guy in the photo below did.

Lagoon 65 Review

We have come to the unanimous opinion that our customers usually enjoy having a transom sofa above the platform, especially a transforming one. Depending on the desire of the passengers, it can be deployed "facing" the platform or in the direction of the cockpit. It's time for us to get up there.

Cockpit – 36 m² of Perfection

This is a perfectly organized space. If you continue the natural progress along the ladders from both sides, you will see a spacious refrigerator, a large freezer and plancha (or a grill - at the request of the buyer) on the sides of the transom sofa. And near the gangway leading to the flybridge, there is a small but well-equipped galley with a stove, sink and everything else you need for cooking. A great solution so that kitchen smells do not irritate others.

Lagoon 65 Review

Here, with all the amenities, you can fit a company larger than 12 people, declared by the shipyard. With a huge table, a transom sofa and large sunbeds, there is enough space for a crowded party, if the owner wants to invite guests from neighboring yachts while docked. And looking ahead, let's say that this is not the only place on the catamaran where your guests can be accommodated. As for a small group of friends or colleagues, this is a pleasant overkill.

Lagoon 65 Review

But this large sliding transparent partition in the depths of the cockpit, which can hardly be called a door, leads to an even larger space.

Saloon – 30 m² of Uniqueness

Now imagine that you just entered the saloon from the cockpit. We hope you noticed it right away too. The experts of the topRik team were already prepared for this decision by examining other Lagoon catamarans from the new line.

Lagoon 65 Review

We are talking about a through passage from the cockpit to the bow deck - after all, you see it to the right of the skipper's table in the photo above.

Yes, this is the famous Lagoon loft deck, which can be walked from the first step of the cockpit through the entire saloon to the foredeck without a single stop. And this loft-style main deck has become one of Lagoon's hallmarks, which can be seen in the predecessors of the Sixty 5 and which will certainly be found in all subsequent models of the line.

Lagoon 65 Review

The saloon is divided into several zones: the dining room includes a large table with a luxurious corner sofa, an even more luxurious sofa around a coffee table and a bar can be attributed to the relaxation area.

Working area is represented by a skipper's table, which can be equipped with all the necessary navigational aids and display indicators here to control the equipment of the catamaran. From here it will be possible to keep it steady using the B&G autopilot, allowing course corrections to be made without climbing to the flybridge controls.

Behind the backs of the sofas there are shelves with borders that prevent things from falling.

Sitting in the cabin, you have a great 360° view. Plenty of natural light comes in through doorways and windows. This allows you to avoid turning lights on until dusk. Double benefit: good for the eyes and efficient in terms energy consumption.

Galley Options

Looking at the saloon from all angles in the photo of the previous section, you probably noticed a few more non-standard solutions. One of them is the lack of a galley, which was usually located here in the old shipyard models. To accept or not to accept such a decision is in the power of the future owner. The galley, of course, is also available in this version, it's just moved below deck, to the hull on the port side, and this has its advantages, especially for those who cannot stand the smells of cooking.

Lagoon 65 Review

If you do not strive to ensure that the saloon resembles a home living room as much as possible, you can choose the option with a small galley in the saloon. But the topRik team loved the option that was featured on the boat we tested, which you can see in the photo above. For most of us, who usually perform the duties of a helmsman or his assistant, the quality and quantity of food cooked on a yacht matters. This layout inspires confidence.

This is a full kitchen with a well-equipped cooking area, a storage area for food at different temperatures and kitchen utensils, as well as a separate dining area. Four of us can sit perfectly at the table. And if there is a skipper among these four, he can continue to monitor the movement of the yacht on the chartplotter brought here, as well as the operation of the main equipment of Lagoon 65.

Lagoon 65 Review

Even the pickiest of our experts are pleased with the number of cabinets, drawers and lockable shelves in this well-equipped kitchen.

The skipper also drew attention to the fact that almost all furniture has rounded corners. As we have repeatedly noted in previous reviews, this is one of the sure signs of the true comfort of the boat. As well as the presence of handrails not only on the decks, but also in the interior. Rounded corners, handrails, leather and textile non-slip inserts, as well as a non-slip coating are the signs that Lagoon cares. Sixty 5 is about the safety and comfort of passengers and crew of the yacht.

On the Foredeck

We return from the galley to the saloon and go to the foredeck. This is a great place to relax in the evening with a glass of cocktail or a cup of coffee. Here you can also equip a sunbathing area, using mattresses or turning them into sunloungers by raising and fixing the backs.

Lagoon 65 Review

Lagoon 65 Review

From the previous photos, you can judge the width of the side decks, and this, in turn, implies significant underdeck space. And since we’ve spent quite some time on the foredeck, let's check what the developers offer to accommodate the crew.

That hatch in the very bow of the port side leads to the small cabin that is traditionally reserved for crew members.

Well, since we are talking about cabins, it's time to consider various layouts on the Lagoon 65.

The Cabins

You can have 4, 5 or 6. Their area can be 9.5 m² or 12 m². We will describe the 4 cabin option in detail based on the topRik team's own experience.

Lagoon 65 Review

This version includes the owner's cabin, which occupies most of the starboard hull, as well as three guest cabins, two of which are located in the bow of both hulls, and one in the central part of the port hull. Recall that in this version the galley is located in the float of the left hull.

Please note that all cabins are located not along the course of the catamaran, but across, facing the windows. According to our survey data, charter passengers respond positively to this type of bed arrangement.

The owner's cabin is divided into several zones. In the "bedroom" there is a large double bed, a table with an ottoman, shelves, bedside tables and a niche where a TV panel can be installed.

Lagoon 65 Review

Next comes the dressing room with a large wardrobe and a lot of lockers, and even further - a bathroom with two washbasins and a spacious shower.

Lagoon 65 Review

From the bathroom there is an exit to the cockpit, which allows, under favorable circumstances and at the request of the owner, make this bathroom public domain, so to speak.

Lagoon 65 Review

Although this is unlikely to be necessary with the version that topRik team investigated, since all three guest cabins have quite roomy bathrooms. And the cabins themselves are not much inferior to the "apartments" of the owner - same large double beds, same high ceilings.

Lagoon 65 Review

Well, except perhaps there is less storage space, there is no table, and the morning sun doesn’t light up the room as much.

Lagoon 65 Review

The 5- and 6-cabin versions are designed for the owner with a large family or large group of friends, as well as for charter use. There’s no master cabin in these options.

But nevertheless, they all have their own bathrooms with a shower, washbasin and toilet.

Lagoon 65 Review

Lagoon 65 Review

Lagoon 65 Review

Lagoon 65 Review

Starboard aft cabins can accommodate two single beds or bunk beds for crew or charter passengers.

Lagoon 65 Review

Although children love to occupy bunk beds, there will be enough space for them in these forward cabins, including storage for clothes and other personal items.

Flybridge – 30 m² Between Sky and Water

If you decide to forego the roof over the flybridge, you indeed get the experience of flying. And this makes sense if you want to control the mast and sails from that height. And this again makes sense if you are going to operate a Lagoon Sixty 5 alone. But if you are supposed to have at least one assistant, and even more so - a whole crew, the roof will not interfere in any way, but on the contrary, it will protect from the sun and rain.

In addition, the manufacturer offers to install solar panels on the roof, the charge of which can be used for domestic needs. But enough talk, let's finally get up here to understand what those talks were about.

Lagoon 65 Review

So, if you were to climb the flybridge from the cockpit ladder during a charter cruise, you could find yourself in a company like in the photo above or below, which one is up to you.

Lagoon 65 Review

Epicureans will choose a dining area (or a recreation area, or a social area). Everything is ready for them here - a soft wide sofa, on which you can arrange a natural solarium for sunbathers, a large table with extra chairs, and most importantly - a well-equipped galley, so as not to run to the cockpit for food, or even more so - to the cabins, when everyone has already gathered and are waiting…

Here you can store drinks, ice cream and food, and use the latter to cook something tasty.

True, the skipper will still have to be distracted by managing the catamaran. But there are some skippers who seem to care more about the helm than any food out there (a sidelong glance towards the leader of the topRik team).

Lagoon 65 Review

Looks great, right? But still, it doesn't look like a real, working environment. Maybe it's better like this?

Lagoon 65 Review

Here, it looks more realistic. And then many yachtsmen will doubt that the winch area can be so clean, given the height of the mast and the sailing wardrobe of 270 m².

After the topRik team has experienced the Lagoon 65 in practice, they can say that this catamaran is really easy to manage if the skipper has considerable experience and at least one, even inexperienced assistant. In our case, everyone had enough experience, but the skipper needed help only when unfolding the lazy-bag and maneuvering in a cramped marina. We do not recommend repeating this alone at home.

The maximum speed we were able to achieve with a wind speed of almost 9 knots was 11.5 knots. We were heading 50° to the true wind. It wasn't hard to maneuver. The sensations, of course, are not as bright as from the control of a single-hull vessel, but no one expects this from trawler-type catamarans.

On the engines, a cruising speed of 8-9 knots was achieved at 1800 rpm, fuel consumption per hour was 20 liters.

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Advantages of Lagoon 65

The quality of manufacturing materials, design reliability, safety and comfort for passengers and crew - these are the main advantages of Lagoon catamarans in general and Lagoon 65 in particular.

As our tests have shown, the Lagoon catamaran Sixty 5 meets all the requirements that the most demanding sailor or traveler can make for a boat. Everything is thought out here, from ease of operation to the organization of life on board in autonomous navigation with a range of up to 600 miles.

Lagoon 65 Review

Reviews of Lagoon 65 from Professionals

Here we give short excerpts from reviews about Lagoon by Herb McCormick of Cruising World, as well as a Multihulls World editorial with links to these materials.

Herb McCormick is a Cruising World editor-at-large and he tells how he participated in testing Lagoon Sixty 5.

By the way, he was able to open the eyes of some of experts of the topRik team, who, before reading the review by Herb couldn't put up with having a flybridge on cats at all. As McCormick writes, while testing several Lagoon cats, he realized that his dislike of the flybridge was a matter of perspective. When you look at the flybridge from the pier, its beauty is questionable. Its magnificence is revealed when you are on the flybridge and you have a 360° view of these open waters from all sides.

The author of the review noted the ease of control and maneuvering, the reliability of the design and the features of the materials and technologies used in making of the hulls. He dwelled in detail on the features of the catamaran control system and equipment that provides comfort on board.

In conclusion, Herb admitted that he had always dreamed of experiencing what it is like to operate a huge liner, which allows endless ocean vistas. After sailing on Lagoon Sixty 5, he was impressed with the yacht.

“Life at sea, better than in a hotel!” – the Multihulls World immediately identified the target audience for this double-hulled sailboat.

The participants of the described testing went on two voyages on this catamaran aboard the new one from La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast of France under different weather conditions.

Authors describe all the nuances of testing both on engines and under sails, and also compare the Sixty 5 with its predecessor.

At the end of the review, the point was made that, having in its arsenal two sailing and two motor models of cats more than 20 meters long, Lagoon did way more than just step into the major league...

Video Reviews of Lagoon 65

Let’s dive into some exciting footage of this boat – outside and on board.

No better place to start than Lagoon Catamarans’ own YouTube channel:

Concise and extremely helpful walkthrough of the yacht:

Part one of another tour around the boat by the Catamaran Company:

Part two of the review, the exterior:

Another no-commentary tour around the yacht:


Let's be honest: Lagoon Sixty 5 is intended primarily for the owner or group of owners who club together to buy it.

It is capable enough to please sailing enthusiasts and comfortable enough to meet the needs of discerning travellers.

Lagoon 65 can also be recommended for charters or corporate events.

This is the ideal boat for those who wish to combine sailing with the comfort of life on board.

Lagoon 65 Review

Price calculator

Where to Buy Lagoon 65 at a Bargain Price

Here in the topRik marketplace, our specialists will help you buy Lagoon Sixty 5 at a bargain price. They will also provide all services related to this purchase, which, in addition to free consultations, can include at your request:

  • negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer;
  • registration of all necessary documents;
  • control over the complete set of the yacht;
  • hauling the catamaran to the agreed location.

In addition to these services, you can conclude a contract with us for permanent or seasonal maintenance.

If necessary, we will complete your catamaran with equipment and accessories that are not even included in the optional package. Additional equipment is provided only at your request.

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