Bow Docking System Protection

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If you are into construction of solid berths or pontoon marina berths, if you are the owner or tenant of such locations you have to think about how to ensure the safety of clients, their yachts and other vessels during mooring and unmooring. Your own safety is also just as important if you have your own yacht and berth for recreation. Buy the Bow Docking System protection supplied by Gibellato Forniture Nautiche to provide reliable protection for the bow of the boat and give the skipper the opportunity to conduct mooring and unmooring maneuvers on his own.

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We offer a whole range of protective fenders for solid and pontoon berths and various personal yachts from the world leader in marine equipment Gibellato Forniture Nautiche.

The benefits that you or your customers receive with Bow Docking System protection from GFN are clear:

  • eliminates the need to involve the entire crew or port workers in maneuvers, which saves time and money;
  • the vessel is located opposite the mooring finger, which excludes people falling overboard during disembarkation;
  • the bow is reliably protected from damage when berthing;
  • reliable protection is provided even in the presence of strong wind or current.

Airless damping chambers dampen vibrations, which contributes to the safety of contact surfaces. The anti-friction insert serves the same purpose, reducing the pressure force of the contacting parts.

Position stops are located at each end to securely hold the bow.

This Bow Docking System protection is size M and made for boats up to 15m, is made of EPDM synthetic rubber, which will not deform or lose its ivory color from UV rays, sea salt and temperature changes.

The berth part of the system is made of anodized aluminium. The metal for anodizing is selected taking into account the exclusion of galvanic corrosion. Connectors are made of stainless steel AISI 316.

All these features ensure a long service life of this protection equipment. Using only this type of protection for the bow, you can use it for both motor and sail boats.

Buy "Bow docking system" protection from Gibellato Forniture Nautiche with easy installation on floating pontoons.

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