Reinforced Inflatable Twin Eye Fender Ø 13 cm - White and Black

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Reinforced inflatable fender with double eyes for heavy loads and active use from Gibellato Forniture Nautiche. Boat owners buy fenders to serve as a kind of airbag that absorbs shocks during mooring and protects the hull from abrasive damage after mooring. They are also used as insulating buffers to protect the sides of two boats from collisions and friction - in this case, dampers are placed at the point of contact between two boats.

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BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly Diameter Ø, cm13 TypeCylinder-shaped fender Length, cm54
White and black
Diameter Ø, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
Length, cm
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Fenders with reinforced body parts with stronger eyelets and fasteners are suitable for

  • conditions of high loads;
  • continuous use at heavy seas;
  • moorings in solid and unequipped docks;
  • mooring to piers made of concrete and metals;
  • potentially dangerous maneuvering.

Shock absorbers are most often selected in such a way that the device covers 2/3 of the height of the yacht's side. Near floating docks and provided with fenders, they are mounted above the waterline.

At 20°C, the pressure inside the chamber should be 0.15 bar. To achieve this, the device is inflated using a boat pump or compressor. It is important not to inflate the fender too much, otherwise it will lose some of its protective functions - it should bend a little, about two to three centimeters when pressed. 

The middle part of the body is made of a more resilient and elastic alloy. The materials are resistant not only to mechanical stress, but also to oil products, salt water, temperature extremes and do not germinate with algae and mud.

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